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Dj Kozik - EnErGY BeAT (26.03.14).mp3

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Dj Kozik - EnErGY BeAT (26.03.14).mp3

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Dj Kozik - EnErGY BeAT (26.03.14).mp3
  • Kaori Yano Psychic Energy
    "The Psychic Energy The R-3 Machine leads me to the enemy. The Psychic Energy leads me to the dream world. The R-3 Machine I get power in the sky. The Psychic Energy I get a chance"
  • Ugly Duckling Energy Drink
    "Are you ready (Like a Duracell I be energized) --> Grandmaster Caz (Go berzerk) Now have you ever been out at the party spot And you start feeling tired at 11 o'clock? If stayin up's what you'd like"
  • Die Antwoord Beat Boy
    "Yo DJ Hi-Tek Drop the motherfuckin' beatbox dog Bring that next-level shit Uh, yo, for real That's what I'm talking about Check it out Totally psychic, open your mind quick as the vibe kicks Moederfok"
  • Shakaya Mr Dj
    "Chorus Mr DJ DJ, Playin' this song Mr DJ DJ, All night long Mr DJ DJ, We get along Mr DJ DJ, We can't go wrong I gotta lil somethin' for ya I gotta lil somethin' for ya DJ DJ (x2) Verse 1 (Naomi) DJ"
  • Amanda Blank DJ
    "DJ, play that song a little louder I gotta, gotta get him outta my head Gotta dance the pain away Cant go to sleep just yet My baby, he left me high and dry Cant be the man for me Said he cant tell me"
  • Jamelia Dj
    "Youre gonna rock to this Youre gonna drop to this 10 oclock Weekend, bout to head out to the garden of eden Got my shelltoes and my kangol Before I hit the door I got to grab my cellphone Bout to call"
  • Spax Rock the beat
    "DJ Mirko, DJ Stylewarz am Set mit Style, um diese Typen einzuholen, msst ihr euch mchtig beeilen. Turntablism und Lines, die Skillz vereint, das Zusammenspiel getimed plus meine Raps auf Cuts sind tight."
  • Evergreen Terrace Bad Energy Troll
    "his is a curse the flies are out for their feast of shit cant hardly see with the swarm so thick how can I love anything and everything in a world so quick to piss all over anothers plate? how can I"
  • The Buzzcocks Energy
    "Energy (oh oh) Well in my mind - yeh Energy (oh oh) Wasting so much time - yeh Energy (oh oh) Walk in a straight line - yeh Energy (oh oh) Killing off my mind and Wasting so much time And energy, energy Killing"
  • Keri Hilson Energy
    "I wish i could rip out a page of my memory Cause i put to much energy in him and me Can't wait till i get through this phase Cause its killing me To bad we can't re-write our own history Such a mystery"
  • Baby Bash Energy
    "(feat. Natalie) Energy, digging on your energy Energy, digging on your energy Energy, digging on your energy. energy Boy, I'm digging on your energy (Energy) And I'm digging what you telling"
  • Temper Energy
    "Becoming one with your demise I had to run away I'm not the one to compromise My own security Security Too far gone, lost your way You have wasted my time and energy I have no sympathy You have wasted"
  • Natalie Energy
    "(feat. Baby Bash) (Baby Bash) Energy, digging on your energy Energy, digging on your energy Energy, digging on your energy. energy (Chorus 2x) Boy, I'm digging on your energy (Energy) And I'm digging"
  • Nusa Derenda Energy
    "Energy Oh what you do to me Your rhythm runs right through me You're my destiny My whole life Is one big fantasy And yet the closer that I get You're further away Energy I feel such energy Electric"
  • Masterboy Energy
    "Let me lift you high Up to the sky To wonderland my magic-friend The stars are shining oh so bright On our journey in the night To new horizons we are bound Atmosphere set me free Take me there energy I"
  • Collective Soul Energy
    "Mother and childI'm such a man for a short whilePromises beThe world just spins faster than me(Come on, come on, come on)And all of your friendsI hear are whisperingI think you left me for the governmentAnd"
  • The Apples In Stereo Energy
    "And the world is made of energy And the world is electricity And the world is made of energy And there's a light inside of you and there's a light inside of me And the world is made of energy And the"
  • Alexandra Stan Energy
    "One is for power Two is for energy Three is for droid Pull a little bit of energy Yeah, you know You turn me on I think I go crazy Fill me up with your energy Yeah,you know You turn me on I think I go"
  • Lisa Germano Energy
    "You never wanted this to last You'd always rather feel bad Who hurts most? is what you wonder Who had the hardest day? I have to ask you "What's your problem?" I don't believe that you love anyone ? ?"
  • Even Vast Energy
    "Touch me with your hands now Let me feel these things I never felt before Look me in the eyes now Let me see these things I never saw before Walk with me forever Yeah, walk with me forever I don't want"

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