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Do Vive nie a sign

  • A Sign - Morgana
    "La di da di da da Baby gimme a sign La di da di da da Only you by my side La di da di da da I don't wanna be cruel Don't gamble with my heart So you'll never get fooled Do you know how hard"
  • Viva - opm
    "Sometimes the groove is so hard the needle never gonna come of this track Sometimes it feels so good you can't wait for it to come back Sometimes shit gets buck it don't matter what you do Most of the"
  • Viva - Angela Baraldi
    "Prendimi cosi con le cose che non ho prendimi così sono fragile e mi butto giù per le cose che non ho io mi butto giù devi prendermi tu non ti voltare mai no non ti stancare Prendimi a metà con l'amore"
  • Vive La - Santana
    "In this world there is so much anger Our lives are in danger We are all living in fears We've got to stop the tears Chorus: Life is for living So why must we wait We all need some loving So then why do"
  • VIVA JUGGALO - WilkoŁaki
    "Od dziś jestem klaunem, który jak katana łby tnie, a po wszystkim krew tryska jak fontanna w Sidney, zbij więc, moja wartość dla nich śmiechu warte, więc ciekawe czy do śmiechu będzie im z podciętym gardłem, mam"
  • Vive - Kabah
    "Ah, ee, Ah, ee Ei,ei,ei,ei, ee Aaah, Aaa Corre de prisa que el mundo no deja de girar sin descansar, los das se van, y nunca regresaran eterno cuento sin final de aquel recuerdo que no ira a ningn lado, Maana"
  • Vive - Bobby Pulido
    "Vive todos tus dias Como si fuera tu ultimo dia Porque no sabes cuando te toca Tu despedida en esta vida loca Juan se fue de su casa muy enojado A su trabajo por una fuerte discucion Con su familia.. Se"
  • Sign Off - Sugarcult
    "Wake up all alone Sending postcards back to home On the road If the medication works Could I be the way I was? In control You painted a picture I'm the worst type of sinner You know You painted a picture Happier"
  • The Sign - Ace Of Base
    "I, I got a new life, you would hardly recognize me I'm so glad How can a person like me, check on you? I, why do I bother, when you're not the one for me.. Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh... is enough enough? ["
  • Sign language - Culture Club
    "I'm not hungry - I eat When I'm tired - I can't sleep When I'm nervous - I speak It seems the only thing to do In the morning - I rise Wipe the dream from my eyes Contemplate your demise There's just no"
  • Good Sign - Status Quo
    "(Parfitt / Williams) Nice to see you, I've been feeling so blue Owning up now 'cos you change my point of view It's funny how you do what you do It's a very good sign, a really good line for you I've"
  • Sign Language - Bob Dylan
    "You speak to me In sign language As I'm eating a sandwich In a small cafe At a quarter to three But I can't respond To your sign language. You're taking advantage, Bringing me down. Can't you make any"
  • Warning Sign - Talking Heads
    "Warning sign, warning sign, I see it but I pay it no mind. Hear my voice, hear my voice, It's saying something and I hope you're concentrating I've got money now, I've got money now, C'mon baby, c'mon"
  • Sign Language - Eric Clapton
    "(Bob Dylan) You speak to me in sign language, As I'm eating a sandwich in a small cafe At a quarter to three. But I can't respond to your sign language. You're taking advantage, bringing me down. Can't"
  • The Sign - Nocturnal Rites
    "Hear the cry from the underworld, to pull you under It's the enemy, the journey ends here Light the path throughout the night, it's getting close Sanctuary in a hollow void See a sign appear in the dark Your"
  • Seventh Sign - Europe
    "(Joey Tempest, Mic Michaeli, Kee Marcello) I've been sailin' 'cross the ocean With the devil by my side I've been flyin 'cross the great Blue sky But there's nowhere to hide I've been standin' by the"
  • Rising Sign - Mike Doughty
    "your back curves like a creeping vine with the answers in the fluid in the stem of the spine in the black-coffee bowl of your eye why do you overestimate the size of the lie? i've seen the dangers of your"
  • Star Sign - Teenage Fanclub
    "Hey there's a horseshoe on my door; big deal. And say there's a black cat on the floor, big deal. If these things make your day Well if these things change your day Well do you know where you belong? And"
  • 7 Sign - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Yeah, this for all you non-believers Especially out in the C-O Man, fuck y'all niggas Woo, yeah, I'm tellin' ya when I die You can see what's deep in my eye, my eye You can see what's deep in my eye, my"
  • The Sign - Nujabes
    "You wanna watch it fall apart Every time I walk I watch I look, I notice, I observe I read the signs And the signs are pointing in the wrong direction The signs are not naming the streets or leading you"

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