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Do my thang

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Do my thang

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Do my thang
  • Dam Funk & Snoop Zilla Do My Thang
    "Let me do my thang ‘Cause I’mma do my thang Let me do my thang (Do your natural thang) Can I do my thang? Let me do my thang Stay on the low, we get it anywhere that we go Let me do my thang New gators"
  • Juelz Santana Do My Thang
    "Lil Wayne-And My Grill Is Ill,Ice Bright White Like Jaleel, Did I Do That? Throwing Up Signs Like Im Lil Frat Eagle Street Match See Me When You Wanna, Find Me Im The Owner, Them Yellow Diamonds Looking"
  • Busta Rhymes Do my thang
    "Hahahhahhhhhahhhh, ah!(in background: Watch me get down and just do my thing baby) *8X*Whoooo! Yes yes y'allBusta Rhymes in the place to be, in the place to beHah, Flipmode is the place to be, in the place"
  • Wu-Tang Clan Do You Really (Thang Thang)
    "Yo, this is a Wu-Banger two thousand and one noise maker off the hook guerilla anthem This is DJ Kay Slay, from around the way And I'll smack the shit outta any of you DJ's that front on this shit.. think"
  • Ice Cube Do ya thang
    "Do ya thang, mayneFuck what they lookin' at! Do ya thang, mayneFuck what they lookin' at! Do ya thang, mayneFuck what they lookin' at!Do ya thang, mayneFuck what they lookin' at! I'm in that Hot Thang,"
  • T.I. Do ya thang
    "Hey, Hey, Hey (Do Ya Thang) Hey (Do Ya Thang) Hey (Do Ya Thang) Hey, Hey (Do Ya Thang) Hey, Hey (X2) Fresh Out The House Got The Beat On Suicide As I Ride Up And Down Martin Luther King Drive (Do Ya Thang)"
  • Krayzie Bone Do your thang
    "From Monday to Friday Your schedule's so demanding Hardly have any time to breathe Maybe even forget to eat This is just how Bizzy Your life in this, Krayzie Don't you Wish You could be Layzie Well relax"
  • Biz Markie Do Your Thang
    "And you don't stop And you can't stop Yeah, yeah - I like this If you If you Wanna know Wanna know The real deal, about the Biz A-say what, a-say what? Well I'm the Biz Markie And I'm"
  • Big Pokey Do Our Thang
    "(*talking*) Hold up, it's the Mix Tape Messiah Boy Pokey, know I'm tal'n bout Rolling vehicles on swangs, diamonds on our chains yeah Go on show em, how we do our thang Throwing diamonds in my chain,"
  • Immature Watch me do my thang
    "Fly like an eagle through the sky Makin more money than you can and I don't try I'm on that level That money makin rebel Checkin for my pay no way Can I settle for less than the best When you make that"
  • The Time My Summertime Thang
    "Mmmmh! Ooh. Aaah. Ooh. Aaah. My summertime thang, make me feel alright. I feel good every night, treat me like a lover would. And it feel so good. My summertime thang, dancin' on the floor. Don't stop,"
  • Pretty Willie My Good Thang
    "(FIRST VERSE) she got the best conversation she look good from head to toe i think one day she jus might become the future willie moe she shop at bebe bcbg and she floss her gucci frames got her own"
  • Prince My Summertime Thang
    "Mmmm Ooh Ahhh Oooh ahh My summertime thang Make me feel alright I feel good every night, yeah Treat me like a lover would And it feel so good (Ooh) My summertime thang (Summertime) Dancin' on the floor Don't"
  • Hurricane Chris Doin' My Thang
    "Ay ay ay ay ay hurricane and they hay hay hay hatin go live intertainment yea yea ay was up and they hay hay hay hatin ay ay ay ay this h0w im rockin ya heard meh look at meh i got tha pants 2 match"
  • Monica Miss thang
    "Miss Thang.. (oohh) Miss Thang.. (Ooh ahh ooh..) Miss Thang.. (Oh yeah..) Verse 1: Couldn't wait to understand I grew up faster than the rest It affected the ways of my attitude But don't take it as I'm"
  • Kool Moe Dee Doin' My Thang
    "( *phone rings* ) (Yo Moe, what's up? Where you been, man? What's up with the new sound? I ain't heard from you in a while, man What you been doin, man? Some of my homies don't even know you What's"
  • Chant Sexy Thang
    "How can I tell you, how you've touched my life I have no words to describe you Do you remember when you wrote, 'I love you', in my hand? I thought to myself, "This is the man" There's something about you You've"
  • Chant??? Moore Sexy Thang
    "How can I tell you, how you've touched my life I have no words to describe you Do you remember when you wrote, I love you in my hand ? I thought to myself this is the man There's somethin' about you You've"
  • Michelle Williams feat Dwkins &Dawkins Love Thang
    "I could see if I'd done something noble, incredible or simply wonderful Then I'd understand just why you care for me Saved the child from the building on fire, then fed all the hungry supplied their needs Then"
  • Labtekwon Love Thang
    "Scream backwards during this moment of silence In another dimension gangstas are nonviolent Science of love, born reality Physics and Math add up to what we see But even that ain't half of the half My"

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