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Do not touch my balenciaga

  • Balenciaga - Young Igi
    "nie chciałem wyglądać wcale jak tłum chciałem mieć największy ogień na sobie tak samo jak skun! po ruchach widzę ze nie masz charyzmy typów jak ty nazywamy pizdy! nie chciałem wyglądać wcale jak tłum chciałem"
  • balenciaga - OBI
    "znowu napada mnie mrok pliki usłane jak koc gdzie jest mój glock? 2 zera 7 jak Bond Bawi esie grą stojąc w Vetements typy jak bonsai my jak benihana ta skała tu wyjebana na zawał od rana pada a ja stoię"
  • Touch - Omarion
    "(Talking) Yeah Lets get real comfortable Lay back What Lemme tell you what I'm thinkin' Look (Verse One) We've known each other for some time I think it's time (sorry baby) I been havin' visions, fantasies"
  • Touch - Pia Mia
    "I’m lying in this hotel Cuddling up to the body pillow I’m trying not to call you Cause I don’t want to miss you no more Every now and then I get a little lonely I can hold myself But no it's not the same"
  • Touch - Her Personal Pain
    "In my dreams hands are floating and I see your face and I'm not alone In my dreams I feel the force of the light and your love supreme In my dreams all I can do is drift through the white void of love And"
  • Touch - Haddaway
    "Touch, When I need you, you're there. Touch, You can drive me to despair. Hey, I spent hours by the phone Just to hear from you, Why don't I hear from you? I call you every day, I call you every night,"
  • Touch - Downset
    "Birth to this emptiness conception inlovelessness. Spiritless hands show no caress. There was no embrace from tearstained faces. Environment bottomless compassion was motionless. Weary eyes will only see"
  • Touch - Chris Rea
    "Touche d'amour Yours is a sunny day Of this I'm sure Blowing my clouds away I just don't know what this could do to me I only want it to be Touche d'amour Touche d'amour Sailing around the room like never"
  • Losing Touch - My Vitriol
    "It's your finest day And I'm gonna do everything to hurt you, my love I'm running out of power It's only you now and your holy water, water I'm losing touch Guess you lost your flower Funny how you couldn't"
  • Touch My Body - Mariah Carey
    "MC ... uh uh uh in the place to be Oh yea oh yea oh yea oh yea oh yea oh yea oh yea oh yea oh yea I know that you been waitin' for it I'm waitin' too In my imagination I be all up on you I know you got"
  • Touch It Or Not - Cam'ron
    "(feat. Lil Wayne) Killa, dipset, lil weezy, cash money, yo ma, let me holla, lets do this uh, Ma, I been huggin the block (huggin the block) Thats right, hustling rocks (hustling rocks) I know I been"
  • Touch It Or Not - Cam'Ron ft. Lil' Wayne
    "Killa, dipset, lil weezy, cash money, yo ma, let me holla, lets do this uh, Ma, I been huggin the block (huggin the block) That's right, hustling rocks (hustling rocks) I know I been puffin a lot, But"
  • Touch - Little Mix
    "You and I and nobody else Feelings, feelings I never felt The way you got me under your spell Don't you keep it all to yourself So won't you take it, I feel like for the first time I am not faking Fingers"
  • Touch - Sarah Connor
    "Touch Need your hands on me So we can Touch I need your lips on me So we can Touch Boy lick my body weak Come and gimme what I need Fulfill my fantasies So we can Touch Ah Ah Ah Touch Ah"
  • Touch - CoCo Lee
    "7 whole days. 7 whole nights. I can't wait to get you by my side so you can-touch me Oh how I need you so much. My body calls out please come and touch me. Too long since I've had some I need to feel"
  • Touch - Berlin
    "You can buy me a daquiri You can take me home and tear my clothes off Here am I. Married? No, I'm celibate, ha ha Want a 'lude, I don't care The feeling's numb but we cry, oh, aah Here am I making sure"
  • Touch - Kendall Payne
    "Dont touch me Dont touch me there Dont touch me Dont touch me there 'Cause I am baring and he is staring We are trapped and caged like animals I am small it isnt fitting I am screaming but no ones listening Dont"
  • Touch - Delirious
    "I, I want to know youI want to show you I'm forever yoursAnd now, another day is dawningAnother page is turning hereFor everyone to seeYes I'm on my knees'Cause I love youAnd when you touch my lifeI've"
  • Touch - Amy Grant
    "There's a fire in the sky The stars are burning Like this passion tonight Slowly stirring You and I A way we've never known Now we're here alone You're the one in my life and Nothing matters More to"
  • Touch - Jonny Lang
    "When I was only just a friend to you All I wanted to do was get to know you better Now I wanna give my heart to you Tell me do you feel like I do when were together 'Cause I come alive with your touch Your"

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