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Do you remeber a day in october

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Do you remeber a day in october

  • October - Alessia Cara
    "5 m the moon went to sleep your friend speaking in tongues in the back seat just one ittle glance I know what you mean somehow we’re stealing moments moments away why are just not as good in the day is"
  • October - Brandon Beal
    "Me and my baby had something that was endless. I never thought that she had, cause she was the one for me. But that led to me going out like every weekend. With another shorty creeping, like she was"
  • October - Jebediah
    "I'm telling you This is too good to be true When the most we have to do is open windows So just let your worries down In a smile man loose that frown Yeah we'll both still be around come the morning When"
  • October - Slutbox
    "Strobelights - lit her face - as she floats - across the row - angel lace - Dirty knees - nylons torn - as I want her even more and more (I can't believe what you've done to me) I'm thinking back - on"
  • Remeber Melinda - TQ
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah This is a story, a modern day ghetto tragedy About the other side of the gang This shit backfired, you feel me? This time its just the way it happened so listen closely, you might learn"
  • October - A
    "Dawn awaits a sleepless, English town Of coloured gray Here I roam the streets without you As summer fades away ...down in the city at nights The cold wind blows Wherever you may be right now It must be"
  • October - A-ha
    "Dawn awaits a sleepless, English town Of coloured gray Here I roam the streets without you As summer fades away ...down in the city at nights The cold wind blows Wherever you may be right now It must"
  • Remeber - Bad Acid Trip
    "I have seen the result of our school system I have seem what it does I asked some kids about the holocaust And they didn't even know what it was Didn't that happen in some Time Life books I didn't see"
  • October Skies - Student Rick
    "and Ill be there where you are and Ill be there when you fall and I wish upon a star to be where you are... and there you were the stars so bright around you the moon lighting your face love so strong"
  • October - Good Riddance
    "i woke up screaming just the other night awakened by another dream i thought back to '80 thinking what would've happened if everything wasn't how it seemed ten years the lie survives fucking with"
  • October - Collapsis
    "Pumpkin seed gonna get you soon. Couse couse, kitchenware, attitude... Nothing more than an acorn shell. Yeah this is my October. Shadow me accordingly. Nothing more than a bit too fast. Fall down,"
  • October - Dolores O'Riordan
    "October, October The summer is over I'm going through changes I see you again It's so thought provoking Emotion evoking I can't turn around I don't want to pretend You stand in my way With nothing to"
  • October - Oneiroid Psychosis
    "OCTOBER I'm running through dark twisted trees You're laughing and one step behind me But this game has begun to scare me A cold wind rushes through me And I sense your presence in me You're breathing"
  • October - Rocky Votolato
    "Everyone will sing songs of lost mothers Every debt will be paid in the end Lives lived will be brought back into focus As each one looses the place where it begins Please tell them I said I'm sorry I"
  • October - Pristina
    "I'll be your guide Don't follow far behind Don't lose me now I can feel you fading You flicker out of phase While I am always waiting I have loved you longer than these days could know All these waves"
  • October - Atomic Opera
    "Is there a vacuum in me Is there a great big hole Does my life suck as bad as yours (Will you swallow my soul?) Is there a thought in my head you walk a mile in my bed Is there life before death Can you"
  • I remeber - All Saints
    "I'd like to sayit's good to see you An old face from the past Reminding me of moments The time flew ??? The times we spoke together The times we fell apart Memories to be proud of A Treasure here in my"
  • Leaving October - Sons Of The Desert
    "The autumn leaves they rush outside my window Like they've got something so important they must do Sara will be home now any minute She likes her third grade teacher and looks So much like you I struck"
  • October Reasons - Nanci Griffith
    "I'm gonna open up the window and let in October And roll up my sleeves in the rain Roll out on the freeway with a heart a little harder Breezes gettin' cooler by the day 5 a.m. travelers, bleary eyed"
  • October Sky - Javier
    "And your eyes once so kind, now they never meet mine; And just stares like a cold winter's night. When you kissed me good-bye, I could taste ev'ry lie. And I don't have to ask myself why. It's as"

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