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Doa lipa one kiss

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Doa lipa one kiss

  • DOA - Foo Fighters
    "Oh you know I did it It's over and I feel fine Nothing you could say is gonna change my mind Waiting and I wait at the longest night Nothing like the taste to sweet decline I was down, I fell, I fell"
  • One Kiss - Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa
    "One kiss is all it takes Fallin' in love with me Possibilities I look like all you need Let me take the night, I love real easy And I know that you'll still wanna see me On the sunday morning, music"
  • One kiss - Christina Milian
    "Oohh oohh yeahOohh yeah yeahIt's not like you know meIf feels like you've known me forever I can't deny (can't deny)That you've got to hold up and i can't control of how no matter how hard I try. You threw"
  • One kiss - Bryan Ferry
    "Now is the moment Here is the place And soons the time to go Seeings believin Or so he thought once Now hes not so sure One kiss - one for the road - what is more? One kiss - roughly expressing all that"
  • Kiss - Amila Zazu
    "I hear your voice around I kiss you in my mind cause kissing you is all I think about I need no talks no words just kisses on my mouth only kissing makes my feelings grow read my lips and then quickly"
  • DOA - Frankie Rose
    "Won't you let me in, come on, come on Won't you let me in, come on, come on Won't you let me in, come on, come on And on and on and on and on and on On the way (You can see you're alone, alone, alone) You're"
  • One Fatal Kiss - Thunder
    "Leaden sky just like a mirror Reflecting the mood I'm in Raining hard like it ain't gonna stop Making tiny rivers on my skin Doesn't seem like so long ago Everything I did was right You moved the goalposts"
  • One Last Kiss - Madina Lake
    "She looked at me, her eyes were watering That's when I knew that this was about to end Frozen in that moment, time was standing still And I could feel my heart sinking from you Goodbye, she said I went"
  • Kiss Ya Lips (No I.D.) - Ian Brown
    "I aint no number I don't need no ID round my neck So Mr Politician I got born and named like blood runs red Cause I I aint no number Don't require no ID round my neck So Mr number maker ID cards"
  • New Lips - Roy Drusky
    "These are new lips they're not your lips but they kiss me the way yours used to do They're not your arms they're just two arms and they'll hold me until I'm over you Makes no difference who I find to"
  • Split Lip - Marc Almond
    "OW! Split lip It seems you need another Split lip Shut you mouth Your noisy mouth Before I put a fist in it Face hit Split lip You talk and talk and talk But its all mouth And no hands at all Just jealousy"
  • Skinny Lips - The Wallflowers
    "Well there goes Sally, my old lady She gone crazy drawing lines on her face And you know I got a feeling that Sally been a'stealing 'Cause I was hip to this, that you don't trust Skinny Lips Sally's got"
  • One Kiss - Kim Carnes
    "(Kim Carnes/Bill Cuomo/M. Paul) I sit here looking at the stars in the sky Making their patterns As breezes blow by I recognize something As it comes into view A face in the stars And it's you One kiss"
  • One Kiss - B2K
    "She was so sincere The way she grabbed my hand And introduced herself Like no one else has done before And I cant lie I was hypnotized By the smile, and the talk and the style of the walk And when she"
  • One Kiss - Lisa Stansfield
    "What you find behind your eyes What you're looking for behind your eyes, Is me Everything you find inside Everything you ever want to find, Is me I'm crying out for you to hold me And I'm warming up to"
  • One Kiss - Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron, China Anne McClain
    "don’t freak out it’s ok cause true love an save the day and I think we feel the same but I don’t know when we met it was sweet he was so into me seems like things are meant to be but I don’t know does"
  • One Kiss - For All Those Sleeping
    "I used to know a girl A girl I love to hate She stole me with her words And kept me with her face And the nights we spent together Were a dark embrace With her I'd spend forever But she'd never wait I"
  • One Kiss - Sweetbox
    "Maybe I'm tired of being the strong one Maybe my romantic side's taking over me, I don't know In a single moment You took over me and left me trembling and weak And I just can't stay away Just one kiss One"
  • One Kiss - Rockell
    "baby i think about you all the time morning, noon, and night maybe ill take you to my bedroom and then ill turn out the light i know that we've been down this road before but believe me never like this boy"
  • One Kiss - John Hiatt
    "You look just like Mona Lisa, baby Have you got something up your sleeve? You got your arms folded and your legs propped up Oh, I must say, you're looking relieved Was there some tension eased up"

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