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Dog Is Dead - Teenage Daughter (Official Video)wave

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Dog Is Dead - Teenage Daughter (Official Video)wave

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Dog Is Dead - Teenage Daughter (Official Video)wave
  • Dog Is Dead Teenage Daughter
    "She's a China doll with a teenage daughter I've seen it all before, but I never thought of warn you When we're struggling to think straight There's another change in us And we both knew this time Tell"
  • Dub Pistols Official Chemical
    "the moves strike in two stripes its movin' like turnpikes nothin' happens like the master assassin we bring it with too much passion first chapter first page book of life i got ya'll s*** to write lookin'"
  • Longpigs Dog Is Dead
    "Today the sun Breathed beautiful Treated us like beauty fools Tools in its hand To succor the cry man The sky tried hard for you again Broke your heart in two again Far out in laughter Succor the dry man 'Cause"
  • Pharoahe Monch Official
    "Pharoahe's Official like Starter, hit harder than Fort Green Authentic, Nike, Adidas and Spalding ?Permitted? behind the back like makin em all fiend From my intricate ways to shake ya whole team Official,"
  • Monster Magnet Negsonic Teenage Warhead
    "Saw your face last night on the tube Strong fine snake in a sucker's vacuum 15 clicks and it's time to say bye 15 trips and a love that won't die Me and myself killed a world today Me and myself got a"
  • Human Waste Project Dog
    "I am ruined And I feel nothing I can't remember where I begin And you end Your breath became mine My heart it beats your blood Two headed beast with four green eyes We are one mind Could be like"
  • The All-American Rejects Beekeeper's Daughter
    "Laaadadadadaaa I've been known a thousand ways Choked a hundred hearts in half as many days Oh no, I think so And I get so lost inside this city You ugly girls all look so pretty, it's true What am I"
  • Cherry Poppin' Daddies Teenage Brainsurgeon
    "I am the teenage brainsurgeon The butcher of hellhouse Descend into the maelstrom With the grinning Dr. Klaus Uncle Creepy and the giant pink hand Imp of the perverse Feel the wrath of the scorpion Dead"
  • Beck Teenage Wastebasket
    "She is a teenage wastebasket Paddling up the river in a casket Try and experience everything at least once And life is a commercial for being fucked up I know she's not saying much She's got class, she's"
  • Slick Rick Teenage Love
    "A teenage love, a teenage love Don't, don't hurt me again Aye sport, here's a thought from the old school crew A serious situation we all go threw It deals wit your feelins, so here what I say It's"
  • Cage Teenage Death
    "Man talking: The old cynicism is gone We have faith in our ears We're optimistic, as to what becomes of it all It really boils down to our ability to accept We don't need pessimism Teenage death, girls"
  • As Cities Burn Daughter
    "It's a shame what I thought of her When I saw her that way It didn't change what you thought of her She's been your daughter since she was made Since I was made I've been leaving I'd say I'd change but"
  • Vienna Teng Daughter
    "Well it's you and it's me Me with a drink in my hand The ice is tinkling like a wind chime And late afternoon settles over the land And you're talking about things Interesting just slightly And things"
  • Blindside Daughter
    "You kissed me on my cheek goodbye But I didn't mean Crazy it may seem But to me you were never ever unclean I know you know I am but even if it's slow You're walking away You think you are here to stay"
  • Bram Vermeulen De Official
    "En als je hem een vraag stelt Heeft-ie na jaren training Geen mening De official En krijg je dan een antwoord Staat er in het communique Nee Van de official En als je iets wilt weten Is de kwestie in"
  • Cassie Official girl
    "Danja and the ClutchI miss you girl I miss you girl I'm'a make you my official girl Listen, today makes it a year Don't you think it's time that you made it clear You gotta get on your bizTell me what"
  • Lexicon The Official
    "(Nick Fury) I got the crowd gathered round like it's fight, night Minor leaguers stay at home with your night, light Because I'm quite, tight They seen that Fury knows how to rock the mic, right And get"
  • Marilyn Manson Mobscene (Official)
    "Ladies and Gentlemen We are the things of shapes to come Your freedoms not free and dumn This depression is great The deformation age They'll know my name Waltz into scum and base a marriage to the pain Bang"
  • Toasters Dog Eat Dog
    "What ever happened to the world I know I don't recognize the scenery Too many changes I don't understand I liked it better how it used to be Lies and money turned a lot of heads People take themselves"
  • The Toasters Dog eat dog
    "What ever happened to the world I know I don't recognize the scenery Too many changes I don't understand I liked it better how it used to be Lies and money turned a lot of heads People take themselves"

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