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Dollar days david bowie

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Dollar days david bowie

  • Queen & David Bowie - Devo
    "Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah Pressure, pushing down on me Pressing down on you, no man ask for Under pressure, that burns a building down Splits a family in two Puts"
  • Bowie - Flight Of The Conchords
    "Bowie's in space Bowie's in space Whatcha doin' out there, man? That's pretty freaky, Bowie. (Ooh Bowie!) Isn't it cold out in space, Bowie? Do you want to borrow my jumper, Bowie? Does the space cold"
  • Outside (David Bowie) - Dreadful Shadows
    "Now. Not tomorrow. Yesterday Not tomorrow It happens today The damage today They fall on today They beat on the outside And I'll stand by you now Not tomorrow It's happening now Not tomorrow It's"
  • David Bowie w Warszawie - Manchester
    "Założę dziś długi płaszcz Jest trochę chłodno ja wiem Idę bulwarem wśród gwiazd W Warszawie wstaje już dzień Wstaje już dzień Wstaje już dzień Są czasem chwile jak ta Chwile jak ta Nieznany czar nowych"
  • Young Americans (David Bowie cover) - The Cure
    "They pulled in just behind the fridge He lays her down, he frowns "Gee my life's a funny thing, am I still too young?" He kissed her then and there She took his ring, took his babies It took him minutes,"
  • Fake David Bowie Song: Eclipse Me - Liam Lynch
    "I dreamt of a wizard, with a hot guitar The lovliest magic man, now he's a star I've got 3D stereophonic laser love You're on my TV I've been stuck in space for such a long time Sorry mum, I'm 5 years"
  • David - Nellie McKay
    "look at you you're young havin' so much fun gonna be a star blah blah blah and click there goes the phone I don't wanna know what my horoscope's predicting just pour me a drink cuz I need a kick I"
  • Dollar - Scarface
    "Dollar... Dollar... I'm bout my game Can't take shit light Rich today Be broke tonight I duck the pin Cuz I seek the light On my grind My grind's my life My life's my hood My home is slums My boys is"
  • (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "Does she love you, you suppose With somebody who would know Who believes in what you are You're my favorite thing by far There's a fire in your eyes I see it all sometimes In the darkness of the night I"
  • Days - David Bowie
    "Hold me tight Keep me cool Going mad Don't know what to do Do I need a friend? Well, I need one now All the days of my life All the days of my life All the days I owe you All I've done I've done for"
  • David Duchovny - Bree Sharp
    "It's Sunday night, I am curled up in my room The TV light fills my heart like a balloon I hold it in as best I can I know I'm just another fan But I can't help feeling I could love this secret agent man And"
  • Goodbye David Lane - Saga
    "Goodbye David Lane, may you ever grow in our hearts. You were the grace that placed itself, where lives torn apart. You called out to our countries and you whispered to those in pain, now you belong to"
  • Workin' Man's Dollar - Chris LeDoux
    "Well, I'm just a Workin' Man's Dollar In the pocket of his old blue jeans I ain't like my Wall Street brother He's in a bank so shiny and clean Well, I'm faded and I'm wrinkled "
  • 100 Dollar bag - Dilated Peoples
    "Evidence: (Punch in) I punch in this Club Elaine Punch out just pissed in Hurricane When this is done things will never be the same Peace to mega trend setters along I'm never taggin' Word Tameer and ah"
  • Dollar Bill Blues - Townes Van Zandt
    "by Townes Van Zandt Days full of rain skys comin' down again I get so tired of these same old blues same old song Baby, it won't be long 'fore I be tyin' on my flyin' shoes flyin' shoes till I be tyin'"
  • '87 AND CRY - David Bowie
    "Bowie David Never Let Me Down '87 AND CRY It's just a one dollar secret A lover's secrets in the UK Torn apart in the UK In the dribble of May-Day '87 and Cry '87 and Cry And there's nothing inside And"
  • 87 And cry - David Bowie
    "It's just a one dollar secretA lover's secrets in the UKTorn apart in the UKIn the dribble of May-Day'87 and Cry'87 and CryAnd there's nothing insideAnd there's nothing in mindAnd only youRocket on thru"
  • African Night Flight - David Bowie
    "African nightmare one-time Mormon More men fall in Hullabaloo men I slide to the nearest bar Undermine chairman I went too far Bent on a windfall rent a sony Wonder how the dollar went down Gotta get"
  • Never Let Me Down - David Bowie
    "When I believed in nothing I called her name Trapped in a high-dollar joint in some place I called her name And though my days are slipping by And nights so cruel I thought I'd die She danced her little"
  • No More/Craig David Feat. Guru - Craig David
    "(Intro) Guru: I, I, I'm only young you know, calm down man, can we talk like civilised people? I can't take this no more (Chorus) Craig David: I don't love you no more Im gonna show myself to the door I"

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