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Dolls Insane Tory!

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Dolls Insane Tory!

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Dolls Insane Tory!
  • Dolls Insane Tory! (feat. Nergal)
    "Czy widziałeś kiedyś siebie? Czy słyszałeś krzyki w niebie? Czy zgubiłeś i znalazłeś coś Co wolisz wziąć? Co wolisz wziąć? Czy ty byłeś wiesz, jak deszcz? Czy ty boisz boisz się. Czy ty byłeś kiedyś"
  • Frank Sinatra Guys And Dolls
    "(F. Loesser) Benny: Nathan, I cannot believe that a number one businessman like you Has fallen in love with his own fiance. Nathan: Alright, so Adelaide is my weakness, can't you be tolerant that"
  • Ace Frehley Dolls
    "When I wake they're always there Waiting just to freely please me While I wash they're occupied cleaning things so sweetly neatly When I play they play with me Willing to do anything I live me dolls You"
  • Frehley's Comet Dolls
    "When I wake they're always there Waiting just to freely please me While I wash they're occupied cleaning things so sweetly neatly When I play they play with me Willing to do anything I live me dolls You"
  • Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer Dolls
    "On the darkest of streets, at around eleven The lights shine brightest, on avenue seven From 'noho' to 'soho' they congregate Gladrags and handbags we anticipate Boom! boom! cha-cha! and cock becomes vagina No"
  • Ayumi Hamasaki Dolls
    "Toki ga setsuna no yume de aru nara Sore wa hana no you na mono deshou ka Tatoe chiriyuku sadame deatte mo Hakanaki hodo ni tada itooshiku Itsuka dokoka de Ushinatta mono Ano hi dokoka ni oitekita mono"
  • Shojo Lolita 23ku Dolls
    "abatta ni deata koto wasurete ikura omoi dasaremo keshitai kokoro mo karada mo egao no koe subete omou to yappari aitai yo kimochiga osaerarenai kimochiga osaekirenai Kizuite ku ataru Wakaranai yo kokoro"
  • G-Eazy Still Be Friends (ft. Tory Lanez, Tyga)
    "i know you don’t do one night stands so I am the closest thing now can we fuck and still be friends, though? and if you ever fucking a friend (I am just sayin) I’d be the closest thing (haha, I, I’d be"
  • Texas Insane
    "Somebody told me it was over Nobody told me where it began No one believes in you I understand Like a blind man Who's lost his way No one hears a word Of what you say I forgive you Would you do the same I"
  • Scars On Broadway Insane
    "So many ways to hide I see the trouble deep inside Let's go insane again Bring back the pain again Let's go insane again Bring back the pain again Run, run baby run You'll see the things to overcome Let's"
  • Venom Insane
    "Trapped inside Mazonic minds that simple thought denied, No escape,no orifice,they're only drained through their eyes! The mindless thoughts and afterglow,the scars that's left behind, Drilled upon the"
  • Fate Insane
    "(backing vox : Poupou/Xela) Insane... Insane... Kim Jon II A population is starving Families run away to escape death Men, women, children... If they fail, they're burnt at the stake A relative is forced"
  • Calla Lily Band Insane
    "I can't sleep alone anymore Since the day I first heard your voice I lie awake in bed With thoughts of you in my head I know I don't deserve you But thank God I found you To have you and to hold you Would"
  • Siddharta Insane
    "I can give you the fight, where no one is to blame, you can give me the lie, and know for to be seen. Let the beast die indoor, let a fierce fight glimber. You can be there too late, they won't realize. You"
  • Cold Insane
    "Everyone around you suffocates ThinI don't believe in God Every little pill that helps you think Makes my mind a social fault I can take a million fuckingfreaks Blow 'em up and make you pay All the plastic"
  • Oxymoron Insane
    "You drive me insane, my back's to the wall I can't make headway with this pressure at all My mind's upset I gotta get away And jam the gearing of the whole machine The people who suffer to get uniformed"
  • Mercyful Fate Insane
    "I see little demons,are they in my head? I see little demons,fightin in my bed Why did I go insane? Oh doctor kill the pain Screams in the night,I hear another one died Was it number 9,or was it"
  • Korn Insane
    "Life! Things keep ending up this way Come and get off Another notch is carved away In the nasty of mass decay Funny how things end up this way Beaten down, dominated by it’s sound Growing deep within"
  • Chamber - L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir Insane
    "It seems we've come to a bitter end. No word of affection, just contempt, no reconciliation, no try to amend, no touch to ease my troubled mind. Tell me what drives you insane I need to know, or is it"
  • Pearl Jam Insane
    "F**k me in the brain (X2) You f**kin' little cunt You're drivin' me insane F**k me in the brain (X2) You're drivin' me, drivin' me insane F**k me in my life...hah... You wanted to be my wife,huh,huh,hah... F**k"

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