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Don't say a word

  • Don't Say A Word - Emmanuel Carella
    "hush hush, don't say a word don't say a word Each day passes by in a blurry haze, like a tape that's being played at the wrong speed, can't breathe, gotta run, gotta hide from what we need. like a fire"
  • Don't Say A Word - David Cook
    "Are you waiting for something 'cause there's a tension in the air Of something unresolved I can smell it in your hair So step down (step down) Look around (look around) You could leave it all behind Never"
  • Don't Say A Word - Dottie West
    "Don't say a word just kiss me kiss me kiss me (for soon we must part) We only have a little time you're feeling sad I can tell I know my love what's on your mind my heart is breaking as well But darling"
  • Don't Say A Word - Ellie Goulding
    "If you'd never said anything If you'd never said anything If you never, If you never If you never, If you'd never said anything If you never, if you never Ohhhh If you never, if you never Ohhhh If you"
  • Don't Say A Word - Cock Sparrer
    "There are people who know everything about you Every place that you've been every job you do State of health state of mind it's the world today It's all down in their files and computers too And it's there"
  • Don't Say A Word - Sonata Arctica
    "I am your poison candygram, The love that's meant to fade away Vade retro, alter ego, move aside, I'm choking on this life I think I tolerate your hate, as long as you're afraid All I wanted was to be"
  • Say Word - Fat Joe
    "Yeah, don't get it fucked up This shit is realer than you think Goin out to all them niggaz gettin cream Drivin them beemers, them NSX's, them Lexus All up in the clubs, buyin out the bars and shit Uhh,"
  • Say word - Baccara
    "[ CHORUS ]We turn it out (turn it out)Work-work it out (work it out)W-work-work it out (work it out) (3X)Say word (word) (4X)[ Mondo ]Now two years ago a friend of mineAsked me to partake of a full plate"
  • Don't Say The Word - Swing Out Sisters
    "Don't say the word Somethings are better left unsaid Don't say the word A moment you might just regret Don't say the word And put your conscience out to rest Don't say the word We'll find emotions do"
  • Say The Word - Arcadia
    "Theres a skill, it's nothing we could learn at school With a will to survive beneath this rule Money thrives as corruptions president Waste the life of the yong and innocent But after all and the resistant"
  • Say The Word - Cher
    "My love's immagination is a-running wild on you And I reveal the despertation Of not knowing what to do Don't know enough about you The words are hard to find Can't think a life without you It's messing"
  • Say The Word - Pretty Maids
    "Don't tell me when you walk away Just close the door And leave it all behind Love's colder than a winter's day I know the score Guess you're the hurting kind Can't you see you turn my life around Why"
  • Say The Word - Craig David
    "Come on baby, oh girl, say the word and I will, oh yeah Now I've had my mind on this girl the most beautifuliest thing I've ever seen in the world those caramel eyes had me melt every time and I think"
  • Say The Word - The Classic Crime
    "I had months to write a song That captured who you are But I fear I have done you wrong 'Cause I've failed so far The chord that struck, an angel fell Sky's went dark and it all comes down The choices"
  • Say Word! - Def Squad
    "Its the return of the lyrical lunatic Still kickin rough shit What you say? Ill slap your stank ass bitch I shake and build my craft like an architect Teflon style rhymes be Gortex With the highness of"
  • Don't Believe A Word - Ivy
    "How can you say After all we've done together It's gonna take forever To mend what's come apart And how can you say That you never meant to hurt me You didn't dare alert me To your poisoned heart Before"
  • Say A Word - Manuel Ortega
    "I can be the sunshine today I'll be there to help you go on your way I can be the sweet moonlight I'll be there to guide you through the night I can keep you warm, in the rain I'll be there to make you"
  • Every Word I Say - Hanson
    "You feel like liberation You give me new sensation You show me what I need and You are my life completed Can't stop, can't break, who's driving? Sometimes there's no denying 'Til today I feel I can't"
  • Just Say The Word - Josh Kelley
    "I'm holdin' on to pictures on my telephone and I know that I should let you go but it's hard to break away. I ask around and I wonder what you're doing now but I hear that you've been going out a little"
  • Don't You Believe A Word - Sloan
    "Don't you believe a word, yeah Don't you believe a word, yeah Blue is the colour of baby's ride And I wish that it would take me away And if those black wheels are pointed uptown, baby I know what"

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