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Donna Summer Spring Affair

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Donna Summer Spring Affair

  • Spring Affair - Donna Summer
    "Spring affair Ooh, something's coming over me Ooh, I think it's got a hold on me, it's got me, it's got me Ooh, just the man I hoped you'd be Ooh, just the man to set me free, you got me, you got me You"
  • SPRING AFFAIR (in Album Live And More) - Donna Summer
    "Spoken: Thank you! Good Evening! why don't you follow me on my magical mystical journey through time and love this is what you've been waiting for come on now Ooh, something's coming over me ooh, I think"
  • Donna Summer - Donna Summer
    "You know baby, I'm so happy to be here with you tonight That I just want to let you know That I'd follow you to the end of the world Just to show you that I care And I want you to know that If you need"
  • Spring - Rites Of Spring
    "Caught in time so far away from where our hearts really wanted to be - Reaching out to find a way to get back to where we'd been - And if summer left you dry with nothing left to try - This Time......"
  • Donna Summer - Sam And Dave
    "KNOCK ON WOOD (VERSE 1) I don't wanna lose, this good thing That I got If I do, I would surely Surely lose a lot 'Cause the love, is better Than any love I know (CHORUS) It's like thunder, lightning The"
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn - The Style Council
    "I will learn, I will grow And for my pain, my strength shall show For as surely as Spring will come Bringing freshness to order's dance Until the ices melt away Then we will live again I will try, I will"
  • Spring Summer Feeling - Jill Scott
    "Feeling the way i do It's hard to keep focus one mintue staring at the moon next into your eyes And it's no surpirse ooo that my knees weaken at the lovely words you're speaking la la la la it takes more"
  • Spring And By Summer - Blonde Redhead
    "Tell me where you've seen my life I look in your eyes and can only see my own complexion Tell me where you've been my life I've been watching you spring by summer fall when some one called Tell me where"
  • Donnie - Ace Of Base
    "Donnie's got a secret and you know it He was yours, in the summertime, yeah About ten years ago He promised you to stay forever Live with you It's so bittersweet now When you know what you lost Donnie"
  • Spring Summer, Winter And Fall - Demis Roussos
    "Spring, summer, winter and fall keep the world in time spinning around like a ball Never to unwind Spring, summer, winter and fall are in everything I know in love we had them all now our love is"
  • Summer Winter Spring And Fall - Glen Campbell
    "Summer winter spring and fall these are the lonely times For the times I miss you most of all are summer winter spring and fall Your love for me is over but sweet me'ries I still recall Each season brings"
  • (April) Spring Summer And Wednesday - Status Quo
    "I can't leave, but I won't stay here If I stay, I still won't be here I am the grass upon which she lays April spring summer and Wednesdays I am the hand which feeds her always Iam the bed upon which she"
  • Spring And By Summer Fall - Blonde Redhead
    "Tell me where you've seen my life I look in your eyes and can only see my own complexion Tell me where you've been my life I've been watching you spring by summer fall when some one called Tell me where"
  • Foreign Affair - Tina Turner
    "A one in a million chance You know the moment that you crossed over the line A casual glance No one has to read between the lines In the south of France it was spring time Special feelings come alive There's"
  • Another summer - 213
    "A pool party at the church G'd up and others barbequeing Ain't no telling what your daddy and your momma doing Chewing on these baby-backs popping bottles with these macks Everybody swimming, backyard"
  • Season Suite: Summer, Fall, Winter, Late Winter, Early Spring, Spring - John Denver
    "(Denver/Taylor/Kniss) Silently the morning mist is lying on the water, captive moonlight waiting for the dawn. Softly like a baby's breath, a breeze begins to whisper. The sun is coming quick you must"
  • Spring love - Sophie Zelmani
    "Love you meet in the springtime Is rarely love you can keep Fall in the winter For the sheet of snow got a deep Spring love that lasts through summer Surely will be standing like a fool So fall in the"
  • Spring Fever - Loretta Lynn
    "Last night he took me in his arms, And held me tenderly. He said: "I don't know what's got into you, "But I'm lovin' what I see." I hid my shame and tried to say, The words I longed dreamed of. But instead"
  • Spring Water - La The Darkman
    "(intro: raekwon) Yo. yo. yo. yeah, no doubt. no doubt. That's my... 1997. that's my word. That's my... that's my word. That's my... that's my word. (raekwon) Yo, yo, yo, up in the hilton, buildin, playin"
  • Summer! - Nick Carter
    "Here I sit in my room And I feel like I'm doomed Cause it's snowing and cold outside Winter sports are okay But they don't make my day And I hate being stuck inside As I look at the calendar 6 more months Man"

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