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  • You Cannot - Donots
    "At war with honesty So whats your strategy? You ought to learn how to confront yourself Before you fight somebody else Yeah Admit your ignorance If you can?t understand Then you should learn when its"
  • Nothing Left - Donots
    "And this is not the Way a Conversation works, no! Yeah, I just can't believe you've lost it! A couple of years ago it all seemed to make more sense But today every argument's wasted And every word is"
  • Outshine The World - Donots
    "I'm gonna take my chance I've got to take a stand Outshine the world Outshine the world They called me wannabe And they used to pick on me But this time their laughter doesn't fit the joke Well, i have"
  • I Quit - Donots
    "I guess I've learned enough in this class So I drop out And I can surely think of better jokes To laugh about This ain't fun The damage has been done I surrender Cause you're talkin' way too loud I surrender"
  • Superhero - Donots
    "Stuck between the cheapest thrills tonight Hello, what's up, good-bye Everyone's cool but nothing feels allright Until I finally get you on the phone To tell you that I'm feeling down "chorus": My Hero,"
  • Today - Donots
    "Good Morning, my faint heart here comes the caffine injection Get off to a flying start Let's face it, retrace it Put my words into action Cause it's time to play my part Right the wrong Don't play along With"
  • Don't You Know - Donots
    "Sitting on a ticking time-bomb It amazing how you keep on smiling I see you falling from a roof-top Do you still think that it feels like flying? Did you forget about you And the place called home? Did"
  • Room With A View (Give Me Shelter) - Donots
    "Come, take a breath Make this moment last Be here right now This is the place and time Forget the world And leave it all behind (Bridge:) It doesn't take a word And all i need to know is here There's"
  • Watch You Fall - Donots
    "It's what you say And you don't do Nothing's sacred And you're nothing new You spend your time Wasting your time And i know you hate it When I don't do You're blaming me For what you don't get done It's"
  • Into Deep - Donots
    "Murder is the case Last year (Ie) found so many ways To kill myself Feeling out of place I guess, itó nothing new these days Wee all lost anyway This yearó gonna be better Gonna change myself like the"
  • Jaded - Donots
    "I not the joker who wins your game Whenever Your good excuses (they) turn out lame And I not Always the hand that helps you out Whenever The lucky loser runs out of luck So sit down and lean back Cause"
  • At 23 (The Worker Song) - Donots
    "Sick of dancing to somebody elseó song Although I know the moves, the rhythm feels all wrong Breathe out while I waiting (at 23) Reach out for something sedating (to set me free) At 9 in the morning everythingó"
  • Backstabbing - Donots
    "Stab me in the back Come and break my neck Yeah, trust grows slowly But dies so fast (Nothing ever lasts) I know There a blade for everyone And one was made for you There a blade for every hypocrite telling"
  • Get Going - Donots
    "I know I have found a perfect way to aggravate you without a word I would cast a glance at you and then I'd wait until it hurts You gotta listen to the silence, read between the lines that you can't find Cause"
  • Saccharine Smile - Donots
    "She plays boys like a game of cards And dances to the beat of breaking hearts but She ain't no beauty queen to me She's all wrapped up in plastic skin Her bad disguise won't take me in cause She ain't"
  • Friends (Fucked) - Donots
    "Some say I am skin-deep Some say I ain't sincere But believe me I'll always tell you what you want to hear But I never told you No, I never told you How I fuck my friends I've got promises to break And"
  • Hours Away - Donots
    "Hold on to what you believe You're more than they can perceive Hold out - my angel I'm sure that you'll see better days I'll be here whenever you need to unwind Come see me and I hope that you will find"
  • Lady Luck - Donots
    "I swear there were times When I felt a little more at ease Had a better sense of humour And I had a strong belief I guess I am a realist But tend to be a pessimist Ever since the very day she left me It's"
  • My Stereo's A Liar - Donots
    "My stereo's a liar Those mix-tapes are cheap alibis But sometimes I believe that "everything is gonna be alright" My stereo's a monster Cause it almost killed me last night It slowly crept upon me when"
  • Up Song - Donots
    "Do you feel like going overboard? Like almost drowning in a crowd Does your life feel like swimming with the sharks? Where you can't find your own way out? Here's a song about getting up, not falling"

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