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Dont get me wrong turu tuu

  • Dont Get Me Wrong (Bonus Track - 30) - Westlife
    "Don't get me wrong I've played my part and it's over I'm tired of being strong For hiding that I'm not yeah Don't get me wrong You've played your part and I think you know This love's for real It's time"
  • Don't Get Me Wrong - Lily Allen
    "Dont get me wrong If I'm looking kind of dazzled I see neon lights Whenever you walk by Dont get me wrong If you say hello and I take a ride Upon a sea where the mystic moon Is playing havoc with the"
  • Dont Work U Dont Eat - Mike Jones
    "If you don't work you don't eat, you don't grind you don't shine No if's and's or but's, bottom line That's why I'm on a mission, to keep the paper flipping I got's to get a house, before I start wood"
  • Uni Ei Tuu - Kaija Koo
    "Jaksatko muistaa kun me katolla istuttiin ja lentvll matolla noustiin me noustiin korkeuksiin Ja pyrteisiin humiseviin me vuodet leijailtiin rakkautta tuhlattiin ja min jin asumaan pilviin Sin halusit"
  • Dont Quote Me On That - Madness
    "Its all Eggs Bacon Beans and a Fried Slice. Did you see the one, yeah yeah, The one they wrote in the paper just the other day, well, well would you believe it, Well what I said, they took it all the"
  • That Dont Impress Me Much - Shania Twain
    "I've known a few guys who thought they were pretty smart But you've got being right down to an art You think you're a genius - you drive me up the wall You're a regular original know-it-all Oh-oo-oh,"
  • Dont Fight It - Tom Cochrane
    "She's got the answers She waves them like a flag She'll take all the cards from the soho league And stick them in her bag for security Baby likes her fever Well she'll take it all night long Around"
  • Dont Turn Away - Face To Face
    "FACE TO FACE FAT WRECK (Time wasted by : .iup.edu) Don't Turn Away CHORDS -YOU'VE DONE NOTHING / You don't know what you want to be/you don't know what you want to do/never going to amount to"
  • Got me wrong - 2 Play
    "You've got me wrong Think you lovely, yes you squeeze me but dont tease cause u cant keep me think you lovely, yes you squeeze me but dont tease cause u cant keep me so you think cause we're jamming in"
  • Dont Tell Me - Madonna
    "Don't tell me to stop Tell the rain not to drop Tell the wind not to blow 'Cause you said so, mmm-hmm Tell the sun not to shine Not to get up this time, no, no Let it fall by the way But don't leave me"
  • Dont Approach Me - Eminem
    "Pssh, man I need a lighter man Right here Yeahhh.. whassup Slim? What's crackin? Hit this shit Ssshhit I almost hit this motherfucker today Psh, is that right? What is it with"
  • Dont' stop - Musiq Soulchild
    "Party people in the place to beThis is history in the makin musiq & BilalDont stop rock onEverybodys on the floorSo how bout you just come on and dance with meAint no need to be afraid (no)I just want"
  • Dont Stop - Aerosmith
    "Aerosmith Miscellaneous Dont Stop AEROSMITH Don't Stop Transcribed by Mike Heasley Remember when somebody tried to tell you how to walk? And now they got the"
  • Wrong - Novastar
    "She just left me, oh and theres no one here that I want to change her for and I was good for her still she says she dont know who she adores where did we go wrong was it somewhere along this trip to Miami where"
  • Dont Stop - Our Lady Peace
    "Can't get out of bed Straighten up my head I swear this is goodbye I feel like lying here I feel like dying here And only you can save me tonight I felt this earth spin and crash The end of the world"
  • Wrong - Motograter
    "I hear voices, deep within me Finding out, I'm not so strong Sometimes I don't think so clearly Get the feeling something's wrong Wrong!! Got it wrong!! Always wrong!! Something's wrong!! Infectious, a"
  • Dont Move - Butch Walker
    "written by Butch Walker Good morning sunlight As I get used to you It's all gonna be all right I did all I can do And as I'm waiting for those eyes To say what's on your mind I finally think I've found"
  • Dont Rush - K-Ci & JoJo
    "The look within your eys, baby It makes me wonder why, lady You want to be with me, darlin When I thought we were just friends Then you made your move on me You started moving on met strongly Even though"
  • Wrong - Kimberley Locke
    "If you assume I'm weak, Assume I'm frail, But, your presumptions won't prevail. I'm made of more, Than what you see. You tell me to twist, Tell me to bend. But I won't break just to fit in. Just shut"
  • Wrong - Archers Of Loaf
    "You've got it all wrong, You can't get it right. Why don't you come down From off my back. And won't you get yourself a job somewhere away from me? Cause I don't want you to see your face anymore. Cause"

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