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Dont poison of hart

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Dont poison of hart

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Dont poison of hart
  • Beyonce Poison
    "Youre bad for me I clearly get it I dont see how something good could come from loving you The death of me must be your mission Cause with every hug and kiss youre snatching every bit of strain That Im"
  • Poison Poison
    "When I hear the music... Lord, I'm gonna let it play... Somethin' like that! Did you ever get up on the wrong side of the bed With an achin' head, and just fall apart You're runnin' late, the boss is"
  • Amy McDonald Poison Prince
    "A poetic genius is something I dont see why would a genius be trippin on me And he's looking at me now But what he cant see Is that Im looking through his eyes So many lies behind his eyes And tell me"
  • Lila Poison
    "Got that poison, poison That, That poison I'll make you fall in love with me. It's all ..... I regret it when I resign and give up the poison ...... I am poisonous silicone ..... and herself .... Need"
  • Macabre Poison
    "Graham Fredrick Young was different from the rest a child prodigy with a chemistry set he would sit alone in his room and experiment read about Hitler and his henchmen Poison poison Graham's little friend Poison"
  • Nylon Beat Poison
    "Every night and every day I think of you and want to say You're deadly company And every where I go or stay This feeling will find its way Your love is killing me Love's poison, poison"
  • Tankard Poison
    "She's got a look that knocking you down Her husband is so angry kicks her in the teeth He want to kill, he wants to poison Poison - he's a maniac Poison poison Fuckin' little worms are creeping in her"
  • Tank Poison
    "She's got a look that knocking you down Her husband is so angry kicks her in the teeth He want to kill, he wants to poison Poison - he's a maniac Poison poison Fuckin' little worms are creeping in her"
  • No Angels Poison
    "You better stop, better run away You better listen what I have to say I keep you hangin on the line With just one kiss I will blow your mind No desperation makes you feel insane Fever runnin high You will"
  • Rancid Poison
    "Like Chancre's Canterbury tales When three men find a pot of gold and end up killing one another in the name of greed Some people are poison Under my skin like opium And I'll stare in their eye to annoy"
  • Motorhead Poison
    "People tell me you didn't know better, Give me sermons 'bout the things I do, Come to love 'em, even wrote letters, You know I even asked it of you, I said, I've been doing Poison, I guess I poisoned my"
  • Elise Estrada Poison
    "Your love is like my poison My heart is racing My skin is burning up Hands are shaking But still can't get enough It's rushing through me Like fire in my veins (my veins) Sweet veins (sweet veins) My body's"
  • One Vo1ce Poison
    "One Voice Lyrics : Poison I met this guy a year ago somewhere down south in Mexico He was dancin' and he was baskin' And I was thinking Damn have to have him I slash right by to catch his eye Looked"
  • Shiny Toy Guns Poison
    "(I'm going to meet you) 13 Voices, a child in sound Fades away The silence is spoken Those eyes were you and me Mother, I'm now the same as you Till the end of someone's world And the cradle says goodbye"
  • Dust For Life Poison
    "Your heart's as black as poison Cold as ice through and through You say you wouldn't hurt me Not what you say it's what you do Where is my yesterday It's clearer than tomorrow Now I incinerate The vision"
  • Kristy Thirsk Poison
    "(Hiratzka/Thirsk) all the years went by like a rushing hurricane and i just sigh but stuck in the eye, spinning to destruction and that's where i laid when i needed you i was busy trying to prove i did"
  • Anderson Laurie Poison
    "Anderson Laurie Bright Red Poison It was one of those black cat night The moon had gone out and the air was thin It was the kind of night the cat would drag in. I'll never forget it, we had a fight. Then"
  • Lisa Stansfield Poison
    "(L. Stansfield/I. Devaney/A. Morris) Spoken: Don't worry about me, baby Whenever you walk by me, I can here you breath I can smell the love you made when you were gone Darlin' don't deny it, or make excuses I've"
  • Hot Water Music Poison
    "I could waste away with politics, or drown myself with wine. Confine myself to solitude, and inject poison into my mind. Meanwhile outside, everything still grows, Wild like fire and fury, while I wish"
  • Bert Jansch Poison
    "I once thought I did know all about it Since the rain falls, the wind blows and the sun shines Don't you know that your creator is a'running out of ideas? I know that I might die from poison Invisible"

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