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Dont_LookTV feat Paris Platynov

  • trapiraci (feat. paris platynov) - olszakumpel
  • MR.GINO (feat. Paris Platynov / Kaz Bałagane) - Kizo
    "Dla ciebie może być za trudne, nie wiesz co to trud! życia smak pyszny, został uraz psychiczny dla tej gdy jestem zbyt chyba autentyczny mów mi Kizo albo Gino jak wolisz nie mam trampek valentino ale"
  • Lighter (feat. Paris Hilton) - Steve Aoki
    "Steve Aoki prezentuje piosenkę "Lighter" (feat. Paris Hilton). I'm never coming back to you I feel lighter without you I feel lighter without you Something and you fade Up up and away I’m not coming"
  • Paris, Texas (feat. SYML) - Lana Del Rey
    "I went to Paris (Texas) With a suitcase in my hand I had to leave Knew they wouldn't understand When you know, you know When you know, you know It's time, it's time to go When you know, you know Then"
  • All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton) - Kim Petras
    "All she want is Gucci and Chanel All she want is everything they sell All she want is sushi in hotels She don’t want your love all she ever want is more more All she want is Prada and Dior Flights to"
  • Paris - Mireille Mathieu
    "Ich geh Ich geh allein entlang der Seine und kann noch immer nicht verstehn, dass unsre Liebe so zerbrach Je taime Du hast mich traurig angesehn und dann gesagt, du musst jetzt gehn, du lufst jetzt deinen"
  • Paris - Edith Piaf
    "On se rappelle les chansons Un soir d'hiver, un frais visage La scne marchands de marrons Une chambre au cinqime tage Les cafs-crmes du matin Montparnasse, le Caf du Dme Les faubourgs, le quartier latin Les"
  • Paris - Yael Na?m
    "I fled to a different place So quickly The farthest away and I succeeded I am in Paris Lit candles Gray and foggy I am happy and its good for me And its so good for me In Paris I wander around ...? In"
  • Paris - Taxi Girl
    "Eh mec! , c'est Paris. Tu m'entends ? P-A-R-I-S, Paris. Respires le bon air, Mais fais gaffe quand mme. Tous les jours des mmes meurent D'en avoir respir un peu trop. Alors fais attention et Marches dans"
  • Paris - Pierpoljak
    "On se rappelle les chansons.Un soir d'hiver, un frais visage,La scne marchands de marrons,Une chambre au cinquime tage,Les cafs crmes du matin,Montparnasse, le Caf du Dme,Les faubourgs, le Quartier latin,Les"
  • Paris - Benton Paul
    "There comes a time for everyone To find a place where they belong Feeling alone out on the ocean Yours and mine are different yet the same Go out, come back again Harboring most of the emotion Quand tu"
  • Paris - Norton
    "I may not have a whole lot of money But I got enough girl for you and me I'm takin' off won't you come with me honey Gonna take you all the way to Paris, Tennessee I wanna show you the Riviera Got good"
  • Paris - Dido
    "Coming back from paris on the train, I really didnt care if the journey took all day, Trying to turn the pages of my magazine, Ill try to keep a hold all your hand, And ordering a coffee that i wouldn't"
  • Paris - Bacon Brothers, The
    "Bacon Brothers, The Can't Complain Paris Written by kevin bacon Strings written and arranged by michael bacon "a guide book for the paranoid." kb I'm in paris, won't be here long But after all it's paris,"
  • Paris - Delerium
    "Vous m'avez conquiseJe me suis priseJe me suis ouverteJe me suis offerteA vous mon amantVous, mon courtisanNos Liaisons sont dangereusesEt ma raison est aveugleNos Liaisons sont dangereusesEt ma raison"
  • Paris - Bacon Brothers
    "I'm in Paris, won't be here long But after all it's Paris, guess I'd better write a song It's so wonderful, so magical, so romantic Note to self to change that line, it's too pedantic But it's Paris,"
  • Paris - Wise Guys
    "Ein Frhlingsabend in Paris das Wetter ist ein bisschen mies Il fait trs froud und dann il pleut. Ich werde nass und denk: Och n! Ich rette mich in's grand caf wo ich den Kellner berseh Ich weiche aus"
  • Paris - Taylor Swift
    "Your ex-friend's sister met someone at a club and he kissed her Turns out it was that guy you hooked up with ages ago, some wannabe Z-lister And all the outfits were terrible 2003 unbearable Did you see"
  • Paris - Lizzo
    "Time's up, I'm jumpin' in the side door Beside you, disposition those whole mild A child to a mountain makin' milestones Gemstones ain't got nothin' on my shine yo Abide though, the rules I make for potholes Shut"
  • Paris - Little Dragon
    "Oh my god, it's green Safiya. Go! It's that time to transform To come around, I'm changing Ooh, there's an angel knocking at my window Trying to tell me where to go next This small town without you It"

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