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Dorothy Moore

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Dorothy Moore

  • Dorothy - Jorge Benjor
    "Dorothy, Dorothy Que menina bacana Que cocota dengosa Dorothy Dorothy Do Dorothy Que coisa mais triste esse tempo todo sem te ver Pois eu estou só e com saudades de voc Embora eu no seja muito fiel Pois"
  • Dorothy - Alison Moyet
    "I'm running up the stairs I can hardly breath again Into your arms and a perfect day From the garden where we lay With the roses all aflame You called my name and I meant to say It's been too long, so"
  • Dorothy - McKinley
    "(McKinley) I could build houses that wouldn't bend with the breeze, not like my own home of not so brave straw, with a wolf living in every part of the yard. They don't mean to be greedy, that's just what"
  • Dorothy - Typecast
    "it was saturday and i'm waiting for my friends and then you came and you dazzled me with the way you walk near me then i thought i would approach you but it makes no sense because you're with your boyfriend"
  • Dorothy Parker - Prince
    "Dorothy was a waitress on the promenade She worked the night shift Dishwater blonde, tall and fine She got a lot of tips Well, earlier I'd been talkin' stuff In a violent room Fighting with lovers past I"
  • Dirty Dorothy - Anvil
    "Seduce my mind Seduce my soul Shit or go blind No self control All that I crave All that I desire I'll be diggin' my grave Until the day I expire Stay away from me dirty Dorothy Won't you let me be Stay"
  • Dorothy Mae - Howlin' Wolf
    "Hurry up people, tell me 'bout Dorothy Mae Hurry up people, tell me 'bout Dorothy Mae She left me this mo'nin', believe she got runaway Come back baby, try me one more time Come back baby, try me one more"
  • Bobby Moore - The Business
    "Bobby Moore viva Bobby Moore Bobby Moore viva Bobby Moore viva viva Bobby Moore's football machine Everybody knew they'd seen a sensation A a sensation here what I say now Bobby Moore's football machine Everybody"
  • Annie Moore - Melanie O'Reilly
    "America lay close by But first came Ellis Island I hold the letter in my hand And walk my way to Limbo I'm just a number in this new land I'm just a number in this new land CHORUS And my name is Annie"
  • Forever Moore - Fishbone
    "Well, here I am, like a sardine in a can In a foreign land, with the guys in the band Uh huh, uh huh On the bus, in the back lounge You're the only girl that I wanna, wanna be around Uh hu, uh huh --CHORUS-- I"
  • Marilyn Moore - Sonic Youth
    "Sound asleep till right until day Frustrated desire turns you away And turns you insane Over and over You get to a point To make it disappear And you're always believing And believing in fear Over and"
  • Henry Moore - Hugh Cornwell
    "Funny how time can take you by surprise It creeps up in the night to give you butterflies I'm happy spending time with you it's the thing to do I love it but I'm sure I'd love a Henry Moore I know a work"
  • William Moore - Phil Ochs
    "Am Walkin' down an Alabama road Rememberin' what the Bible told D G D Am Walkin' with a letter in his hand D G D Am Dreaming of another southern land Am Walkin' down an"
  • Davey Moore - Phil Ochs
    "It was out to california young davey moore did go, To meet with sugar ramos and trade him blow for blow He left his home in springfield, his wife and children five; The spring was fast approaching, it"
  • Nettie Moore - Bob Dylan
    "(Bob Dylan) Lost John's sittin' on a railroad track Something's out of whack Blues this mornin' fallin' down like hail Gonna leave a greasy trail Gonna travel the world is what I'm gonna do Then come"
  • Waltz Moore - From First To Last
    "I can't eat anything without shoving my hands down my throat And I refuse to leave the world without smearing our makeup With my hair blinding my eyes Oh, blinding my eyes I can't remember the last time"
  • Dorothy At Forty - Cursive
    "Dorothy, I know you've had amazing dreams We can't go chasing down each golden street Each and every rainbow, each passion, each unattainable goal We're not in dreamland anymore Dorothy, it seems you'll"
  • Dorothy The Dinosaur - The Wiggles
    "I was lookin out my window Late the other night She was sitting in the garden and gave me such a fright Eating all Mums roses there in the moonlight It was Dorothy the Dinosaur I knew that if Mum saw her Shed"
  • Viva Bobby Moore - The Business
    "Bobby Moore viva Bobby Moore Bobby Moore viva Bobby Moore viva viva Bobby Moore's football machine Everybody knew they'd seen a sensation A a sensation here what I say now Bobby Moore's football machine Everybody"
  • Dorothy Dreams Of Tornadoes - Cursive
    "You said we'd leave next year Each year for thirteen years Each year, it gets harder to hear It's getting harder now just to stay in love And now our roots grow deep Beneath these barren streets I have"

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