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Dove Cameron if onlu

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Dove Cameron if onlu

  • If only - Dove Cameron
    "A million thoughts In my head Should I let my heart keep listening? 'Cause up 'til now I've walked the line Nothing lost but something missing I can't decide What's wrong, what's right Which way should"
  • Cameron - Jillette Johnson
    "Cameron's in drag, makes his father mad Since he was a little boy, he always felt more comfortable in lipstick People call him fag, teachers turn their backs Off the bus he runs and runs To get home before"
  • LazyBaby - Dove Cameron
    "Oh no If you yhink for one second That i would .. please I got way to omany options To be over here Killing myslef just to give you life And you don’t even care Layin’ there tsakin’ it easy But that’s"
  • Evil - Dove Cameron
    "Everybody see my sunny Everybody see my shine But, they don't know my story They don't know what's on my mind I carry on like a princess But man I've got 'em fooled 'Cause underneath my business I am"
  • Moaning Dove - Michelle Shocked
    "Moanin' dove, a moanin' dove Lord, that's what I be Moanin' for your precious love Your love is what I need What I need, Lord, what I need Your love is what I need Always moanin' all day long Lord, I'm"
  • White dove - Patty Griffin
    "Laying low in the darknessA long slow pain beats deep in her chestAnd she wonders if he's safe tonightOr if he's warm enoughAnd she tries to send upon the windA song of her loveWell a hundred miles away"
  • Turtle Dove - Agents Of Good Roots
    "Lyrics: Jones Music: Jones Lyrics: I met a lass with eyes of glass Named Amy Atlas-Friend She cooked for me, I served her tea For two upon the Thames But don't believe the thought police They'll twist"
  • Wounded Dove - Lili Haydn
    "Wounded dove I hear the other side can be quite alluring Wounded Dove I 'll hold your hand through all the pain youre enduring And these are some dark, dark times And I know you're tired Maybe If I loved"
  • My Dove - M.C. Breed
    "(Yeah) Tell you 'bout my bitch (Oh-oh, baby) Some might even say she our bitch (Yeah) I don't even trip (Oh-oh, baby) (It's you I'm keepin nigh You, baby, that gets me high You blew my mind a thousand"
  • White Dove - Starsailor
    "Found us in a small cafe happened to be out that day to watch it go by It came to pass that we shall be early signs of victory from out of their eyes If you lay your guns to ground feel the weight of"
  • White Dove - The Stanley Brothers
    "In the deep rolling hills of old Virginia There's a place that I love so well Where I spent many days of my childhood In the cabin where we loved to dwell White dove will mourn in sorrow The willows will"
  • Noah's Dove - 10,000 Maniacs
    "You won a prize for that, for telling lies like that So well that I believed it. And I never felt cheated. You were the chosen one, the pure eyes of Noah's dove. Choir boys and angels stole your"
  • Lets Shoot Dove - Cledus T. Judd
    "Buddy im sick, of shooting at clay dreaming of opnen day how about you, yeah me too the only thing i want to do is hunt with, kill a bird or two. go get your gun lets shoot dove all day long, untill all"
  • In Lonesome Dove - Garth Brooks
    "She was a girl on a wagon train Headed west across the plain Train got lost in a summer storm They couldn't move west and they couldn't go home Then she saw him ridin through the rain He took charge of"
  • Dove Of Peace - Patrice
    "Excuse me sir, you have a licence for that war / Raising Sodom and Gomorrah but what about tomorrow / Hey Mr. President you never present no evidence / When it is fully evident that your habit needs betterment"
  • White, white dove - Steve Harley
    "Rose and Cross - so is the battle lost?Is there now no time to jive?Rose and Cross - you know the price it's cost?But the hope is still, the hope is still aliveRosicrucius - is your story told?Or is there"
  • What A Girl Is (ft. Christina Grimmie, Baby Kaely) - Dove Cameron
    "(Młoda aktorka i wokalistka Dove Cameron zamieściła w sieci teledysk do singla "What A Girl Is". Do współpracy przy którym zaprosiła uczestniczkę 6. edycji programu "The Voice" – Christine Grimmie oraz"
  • My Dove, My Lamb - Phosphorescent
    "I remember evenings when my dad would sing Hiding in the hallways, I am listening Keeping still my body until its borne aloft Her hair is soft her breath is soft and her name is soft And gather me completely"
  • Noah's Dove (Demo Version) - 10,000 Maniacs
    "You won a prize for that, for telling lies like that So well that I believed it. And I never felt cheated. You were the chosen one, the pure eyes of Noah's dove. Choir boys and angels stole your"
  • Dove? - Roberto Vecchioni
    "Nazarene chiare che parlan d'amore, Nazarene scure che vanno lontano: tutto questo vento, tutto questo sole, tutto questo amarsi, frugarsi, lasciarsi, aggrapparsi, socchiudere porte, richiuderle senza"

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