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Down Beautifully Depressed

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Down Beautifully Depressed

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Down Beautifully Depressed
  • Down Beautifully Depressed
    "Slow time, deaf to all the hearing Blinded to the seeing, nothing's so revealing Some day I might leave here I'll get what's comin' to me one day These days my eyes are empty Hard times for the son of"
  • Deacon Blue Beautifully Still
    "Send me down my future From your wheel of fire Let me only fly On your wings of desire What happened to that ride On your chariot of gold It had only lasted minutes From the centuries you hold What happened"
  • The Brat Attack Beautifully Disastrous
    "Buildings burn the tables start to turn What goes up must come down in its death its hell bound If a skyscraper falls to the city ground no bureaucrats around does it still make a sound? a sound....or"
  • Antestor Depressed
    "Fighting seems so in vain Weakened by my own brain Mindless torture blackening my thoughts I'm flying away to my deepest decay I'm falling through the black hole I've lost my tears now I'm cold Deeper"
  • For Stars Beautifully
    "We spend our childhood nights In the warm suburban lights All the surfers and the punks They all scared me And we hopped the Mission walls And we'd run through longest halls To courtyard where the girl"
  • Bracket Cynically Depressed
    "I'm full of emptiness Relaxing with my stress Don't try to clean my mess I'm happier this way I live for my demise I love who I despise Feed me a soothing lie I'm happier that way When I die Will I feel"
  • Ashlee Simpson Beautifully Broken
    "It seems like yesterday that my world fell from the sky It seems like yesterday I didnt know how hard I could cry It feels like tomorrow I may not get by But I will try I will try wipe the tears from my"
  • Gov't Mule Beautifully Broken
    "Mysterious - blown in with the night All this beauty captured in a frame Visibly shaken but never stirred - drives them insane I see the way she plays her men - and I know I've got to know her name She's"
  • MxPx Young And Depressed
    "Youve got so many problems No one else thinks you can solve them Where did the time go Everybody wants to know Life goes on day after day after day Too much work and no play When life seems like"
  • Silver Jews Sometimes A Pony Gets Depressed
    "Where does an animal sleep when the ground is wet? Cows in the ballroom, chickens in the farmer's corvette. Sometimes a pony Sometimes a pony Sometimes a pony gets depressed! How does an animal see once"
  • Vivian Green Sweet Memory (Beautifully Young)
    "It such a sweet memory Baby of you and me And how we used to beautifully young Sometimes I just sit and smile Thinkin about ya for a while Wondering how ya doin now It such a sweet memory Baby of you and"
  • Type O Negative Cinnamon Girl (Depressed Mode Mix)
    "My cinnamon girl - my cinnamon girl I wanna live with a cinnamon girl i could be happy the rest of my life with her and i A dreamer of pictures i run in the night - you see us together chase the moonlight My"
  • Dead Flowers The Days Of The Beautifully Strange
    "You seem preoccupied if not uptight With nothing going on Seems unfortunate to waste a night On the dope that don't come six days until I'm sane dirty heop taking me away Looks like I'm free from the couple"
  • Camper Van Beethoven Down & Out
    "Gonna move to the city (down & out) Gonna read alot of william burroughs (down & out) Gonna practice being depressed And I think I'll go to film school (down & out) Live in a scummy part of town (down"
  • Lucky Boys Confusion Slow Down
    "Hey, slow down, slow down find the rhythm in your step If you made mistakes don't waste time on regret Just keep straight pushing through all your problems If nothing else eventually time will solve"
  • Bugsy Malone Down And Out
    "Down, down, down, down, down, down, down and out Down, down, down, down, down, down, down and out Down, down, down, down, down, down, down and out Down, down, down, down, down, down, down and out You"
  • Squad Five-O Lay It Down
    "You gave me something that I didn't expect You showed your hand and now it's time to get wrecked The sidewalk cracks your head so gently Lay it down to rest You gave me something that I couldn't believe The"
  • Eman I Shut Down
    "How far would I go If I had to forget all I know How long would I ride If I got tired of hiding how I feel How deep would I climb To bury the truth I find How small I've become In this burned out blazing"
  • Down Below Down Below
    "Can you see me now You're the reason why I'm bleeding Yeah Can you see me now You were all I ever needed And I know"
  • Kate Alexa We All Fall Down
    "I know it doesn't go the way u want Sometimes you almost get to feel it but then its gone I know your looking for the shadows on the wall its like you disappear, you feel so small I'm here, your there I"

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