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Down the riverdale

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Down the riverdale

  • Riverdale Stomp - The Riverdales
    "I knew a girl maybe running light, She always had money on her mind. She was something like a glow And she made it to the show And it made her shiver every single time Riverdale Stomp, baby lets go"
  • Down Down Down - The Presets
    "Okay I'm coming a-round I'm coming around for her. I follow a-round I follow around for her. Yeah I'm coming right down I'm coming right down, down, down, down. Let me at it cuz. I'll swallow it down I'll"
  • Down - The Kooks
    "Oh oh I'm here downtown There's a rumour baby You're planning to bring me down down down Down, Down, digi, digi, to down Down, Down, digi, digi, to down Down, Down, digi, digi, to down You tyna set me"
  • Down - The Game
    "(The Game) That's Lloyd Bank's momma singin', You betta tell your boy to keep his mouth closed, Or he gon' get a black tux, And a free wake, How my bow tie lookin'?, You ready?, Let's go. (The Game) When"
  • Down - The Ataris
    "A young girl walks into a room And doesn't like what she sees In her reflection there She's not what she wants to be She cries out, she cries out The frustrations of this life Are filling her head"
  • Down Below - Down Below
    "Can you see me now You're the reason why I'm bleeding Yeah Can you see me now You were all I ever needed And I know"
  • Down The Drain - Down By Law
    "yesterday I cut myself on pieces of a broken dream and though it hurt me so, I won't cry no I won't shed a tear I tried so hard to pick you up I poured your bottles down the drain you poured your"
  • Down, Down, Down - Tom Waits
    "He went down down down and the devil called him by name he went down down down hangin' onto the back of a train he went down down down this boy went solid down always chewed tobacco and the bathtub gin always"
  • Down Down Down - Bad Company
    "Well, Im deep down I saw you baby in the corner of my eye You were looking oh so fine You drove by me in a purple Cadillac Heading for a friend of mine I saw you later down on highway 41 Doin bout a hundred"
  • Down,down,down - Deine Lakaien
    "Walked through the sand, the sand, soft and whiteAnd felt the sun, the sun, warm and brightAnd saw the ocean, the ocean blueAnd thoughts, and thoughts cameThoughts of you ...Down down downIm feeling downDown"
  • Down Down Down - Harpers Bizarre
    "Down, Down, Down With Your Kind Attention a Song I Will Trill, All Ye Who Must Toil With the Pick and the Drill, And Sweat For Your Bread in That Hole At Oak Hill, That Goes Down, Down, Down. "When I"
  • Down - LIZ PHAIR
    "Down, down, down Down, down, down Down, down, down Down, down, down Butterfly lets her wing brush past your shoulder I know you know her around by the way she's so familiar You keep bringin' me Down, down,"
  • Down Down Down - Lollipop
    "Burning fire of my desire flying higher maybe it's too late and you don't want to stay I just needed a sweet embrace yes I know you're still the same such a fool you're leaving now babe I know that you"
  • Down - Blink-182
    "The drops of rain they fall all over This awkward silence makes me crazy The glow inside burns light upon her I'll try to kiss you if you let me (this can't be the end) Tidal waves they rip right through"
  • Down - Tujamo
    "I know that I'm not always good at letting go I'd rather do it your way, it's hard for me I know that I don't laugh at all the jokes you make But I swear that I just need you to keep holdin' on Maybe it's"
  • Down - Charlotte Hatherley
    "Where is the sign? Been waiting all this time And the thought that comes to mind Maybe there's nothing to find Where is the light? So far out of sight Maybe there's nothing to be found And all I am right"
  • Down - A.R. Kane
    "A.r. Kane Miscellaneous Down Down Stay down Oh stay down Just stay down Little fingers pushing Little fingers push me over Little fingers push me Little fingers push me over I can see the skinny trees"
  • Down down down - Cher
    "Every now and then I begin againI've pushed the rock up the mountainThough I'm learning slow, now I think I knowHow to step aside when the rock begins to slide Chorus:Dowm, down, downTo the bottom of the"
  • Down Down Down - Neil Young
    "Come to see her in the river? She'll be there to wave to you. In the hope that you'll forgive her, She will join you there... Find out that now was the answer to answers, that you gave later. She did"
  • Down - Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne
    "(Intro) Baby are you down down down down down, Down, down, Even if the sky is falling down, Down, down Ooh (ohhh) (Verse 1) You oughta know, tonight is the night to let it go, Put on a show, i wanna see"

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