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Dragonforce Fields Of Despair

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Dragonforce Fields Of Despair

  • Fields Of Despair - Dragonforce
    "Can you feel the pain inside sometimes in my mind? In the land of loneliness the seas of blood run cold Is the feeling lost inside within the sins of all mankind? Time after time we stood united on we"
  • Despair - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "Don't despair, you're there From beginning to middle to end Don't despair, you're there Through my wasted days You're there through my wasted nights Despair, you've always been there You were there through"
  • Despair - Eternity X
    "Eyes so cold, hope so far away The vision never goes away A prison called my home, these same four walls I wish I could turn back time I know that feeling when all else is gone And I will be here for"
  • Despair - Jag Panzer
    "(lyrics by Harry Conklin) There is a place that no one goes about Or fears to conjure in the mind Sacred chants heard whispered in the dark Watch for your shadow behind Hands of time wind in reverse"
  • Despair - Cobalt London Smaug
    "(E. Pugh) And where darkness reigns And shadows lurch I spread my wings To leave my perch And up in your skies I am within a disguise And for all not to see I am not one with me I hide behind this mask As"
  • Despair - Death In June
    "Take me in your arms Float with me Die with me Smother me with your blood Bind me with that sun We stroked the heads of angels And smiled to clip their wings This birth of rage Another book - a bloody"
  • Despair - Esben and the Witch
    "The smoke of your giving the name when I'm close let's having your 'Cause nobody knows when we all, sorry for the bumping climb when you fall. When you've come to _ when you've come to _ when you've come"
  • Despair - Subb
    "I always say that things are wrong even if they're right Cause everything I've been through never turned out right Try to sympathize and understand my point of view Life's a lie ,life's a gift, do what"
  • Storming The Burning Fields - Dragonforce
    "Bursting through the fires of empty Fatal warrior, battles are raging Power of darkness rise for the fight We're strong and stand our ground Death is all around us and my heart is beating weaker Fight"
  • Fields - Sponge
    "oh god, here it comes again here's that memory that'll just break my back and when i figured it out i thought i'd get by here it comes, it'll blacken the sun it'll bury me alive, save me from myself turn"
  • Fields - Sicko
    "August night swelters roll back the covers and I remember a long lost summer when you and I were a whole lot better friends In skyclad fields we came together hard to hold in moonlit heather get off"
  • Fields - Death In June
    "Dresden burning in the night Coventry is still alight Above the blood the pain and fire There is a sign, we're ruled by liars She took me from the village square Through fields the colour of her hair Where"
  • Fields - Khanate
    "this is for you a new beginning put you under an open field vast expanding it's expanding the center of reason/the center is reason you don't have to think no worries i'll do this for you just tell me"
  • Song For The Fields Fields - Fields
    "Your not the only one Bringing money home Breaking backs and toil Wasting lives in soil And our revelery Destroy our landmarks Falling in the sea Collective memory Longserving, Deserving Our masters wont"
  • In Despair - Odes Of Ecstasy
    "A prayer above The seraph's mourn His fate was known So long ago His host awaits Caress his face A silent scene The end begins The time for him so quickly passes by So many things he wishes he could"
  • Fields Of The Beyond - Epiclore
    "Until the time I'd be crossing the line oblivion leaving the certain things away This is the sign I've been longing to find Don't want to wait until there is nothing to say Ashen and black are the leaves"
  • Elysian Fields - Elysian Fields
    "And the angels shall spread their wings to fly away And by the sunset He shall grovel Grovel before the black kind of Yours And quake when the infernal splendour shall breathe out by the moonbeam Bow before"
  • Beautiful Despair - Rodney Crowell
    "Beautiful despair is hearing Dylan when you're drunk at 3 a.m. Knowing that the chances are no matter what you'll never write like him Oh Brother Beautiful despair is why you lean into this world without"
  • Black Despair - Angus
    "Sometimes I find myself in black despair Suddenly it comes over me but from where When it's dark and I cannot sleep I become angry and so sad memories come to me Is it the life I lead I find myself in"
  • Despair Factor - AFI
    "Along the path where the stream is talking, I breathe the mist and continue walking. The wood it whispers in a language of their own. As a sigh escaped my lips, I feel the light caress of fingertips that, steal"

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