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  • Drakkar - Lukasyno
    "W mroku leśną ścieżką, wokół tylko psów ujadanie, psów ujadanie Cicho stawiam kroki, niech korony drzew nas ochronią, drzew nas ochronią Niezatarte ślady, niedawno ktoś szedł tu przed nami, szedł tu przed"
  • The Last Drakkar - Honor
    "Zanim ostatni drakkar zniknął jak sen A mgła spowiła wielką wodę Na rozwścieczonym morzu piorunów trzask Rozpoczął bitwę wśród ognistych fal Zanim przedwiecznych drzew dopełnił się czas I Światowida odszedł"
  • Dragonship - Drakkar
    "All around I hear the crackling of broken ice Vision is not clear because of fading light Frost in the air, but my heart is warm Something burning levitates, rising from the lake By two great wings it"
  • Coming From The Past - Drakkar
    "In the year of 33, dead man walking on a hill Carrying a cross on his shoulders Aasvero was watching him, with his heart so filled by hate For this man saying he's good Jesus Christ sweating cold, he"
  • Galadiel' Song - Drakkar
    "Listen to the song of Galadriel Singin' of the golden leaves, singin' of the wind By the foot of walls of Elven Tirion, The tree shines at Eldamar, where the leaves are gold Now we have to leave, sorrow"
  • Man And Machine - Drakkar
    "I have come inside the Area I will take my brother out with me I will crush Machines' Empire By my side I got the best B't (Bridge:) 'Cause we're brothers for all life You and I And for you I will (Chorus:) Ride"
  • Quest For Glory (Valhall) - Drakkar
    "Finally the fight begins over the moor And we know the enemy is much too strong In the heart I have no fear, coward I'm not I'll be riding with the gods, my time has come Hear the sound of battle"
  • Dragonheart - Drakkar
    "So many hundreds of years ago a king was killed in a battle Even his son was wounded to death, the only heir to the throne The queen to save the life of the prince brought him to the dragon's lair The"
  • Eridan Falls - Drakkar
    "(M: Beretta/L: Beretta, Cappellari) "War!" is the word on all lips after a century of peace Fires burnin' into the night, soon clouds will cover the sky (Bridge 1:) We stand together now to face the evil"
  • Follow the Prophet - Drakkar
    "Here I'm alone Look through the window Snow's falling down Winter has come Think to the times When we were happy Changes I want Freedom again Many years ago the Major said: "Since today you gotta"
  • Inferno - Drakkar
    "I have lost my way into the wood Where am I tonight? Fear inside, I'm lost and so alone Where will I go? I have reached a hill and tried to climb Now the dawn has come But a Wolf is standing in my way Won't"
  • The Secret - Drakkar
    "Blade on blade, they are crossing the swords Sparkles fly and the duel begins Artan knows that he has to prevail Leaving fear in the back of the heart Slayn is decided not to let him pass He has a dark"
  • The Voice of the Wind - Drakkar
    "Tell me what do you feel? Wind takes my body embracing me Receive me into his hands My heart shall arise, my spirit flies into real life I am taken by hand, my mind now understands I am the scream"
  • The Walls of Olathoe - Drakkar
    "(intro) You'd never ever hear of Olathoe in the land of Lomar again, its story was buried 26000 years ago where Polaris shines high in the sky. But if you find a silver key in a black wooden box, you still"
  • To the Future - Drakkar
    "(Leif Erikson, Year 1000:) I will take my vessel Far beyond the sea Unfurl the sail now For it's time to leave (Bridge 1:) Heading for a new world We are conquerors And we're looking for new shores (Chorus:) Ridin'"
  • Under the Armor - Drakkar
    "See him shining red and gold, rocket boots to make him fly To defend the innocents dedicates his life Evil ones all around, till he crush 'em to the ground An avenger made of steel, he's the Iron Man"
  • Until the End - Drakkar
    "(M&L: Beretta) The demon awaits; he's laughing at Artan now A red sword in hand, in the eyes a burning fire (Bridge 1:) Into the Hall of Darkness The epic fight begins The pure of heart has taken the"
  • Wings of Fire - Drakkar
    "Standing here, in the dark of my room Once again, I am thinking of you I will miss all the jokes and the smiles Are you now in a place that you like? Strugglin' you did spend all your life Now is"
  • Witches Dance - Drakkar
    "I am the night Follow me and you will not regret (Bridge 1:) Let me take you to the place Where the witches dance the night away You've got desire Let it out, let it be satisfied (Bridge 2:) And I"
  • Lo Shan Shen Long Pa - Drakkar
    "Here on these mountains I have found my destiny My training's over now, after many years The wisdom of the ancients will be guiding me The spirit and greatness will forever live Am I worthy for this"

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