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Dream ir possible

  • Anything's Possible - Jonny Lang
    "Let me tell you I remember in the days of old Doesn't seem that long ago It was... " Johnny you won't be nothing unless you do what you're told" Study medicine or study law And please put away the guitar The"
  • It's Possible - Roxette
    "Anyone who have a love close to this knows what I'm saying anyone who wants a dream to come true knows how I'm feeling All I can think of is you and me doing the things I wanna do all I imagine is heaven"
  • Anything Is Possible - Gareth Gates
    "I never thought I could be feeling this way Standing here in front of you this perfect day Ohh..It's hard to imagine where tomorrow will lead I'll keep this moment in my heart for eternity Even through"
  • Anything Is Possible - This Providence
    "Hey, hey I could run away. Run away from everything I know. I know I shouldn't feel this way. Because really, I gotta get away from me. Is there any hope for a boy like me? Is there any, any hope for me? There's"
  • Anything is possible - Icehouse
    "Oh, I, I had the strangest dream and they made a deal and they drew the line and they built a wall right across the town we ran, but we could not hide we were fifty years marching round and round we were"
  • The Possible Nowheres - Canaan
    "The possible nowheres I've dreamt the light at the end of this sleepless night just another one like many others I've heard the sound At the heart of every void but this is my void, like no other I've"
  • Anything Is Possible - Fifth Harmony
    "B-A-R B-I-E Together, forever You and me I can be anything I wanna be If I can dream it I can do it, know what's out for me And I will, yea I will And I know I can do it cus I got my friends We'll go"
  • Ir - Paris Combo
    "Elle s'appelait Irne Elle tait envote Par le charme hidalgo Les castagnettes et le tango Son souhait le plus ardent De prendre pour amant Un beau caballero Un vrai, tout en chair et en os A, a, Irne,"
  • Best Of All Possible Worlds - Roger Miller
    "I was runnin' through the summer rain tryin' to catch that evenin' train And kill that old familiar pain weevin' through my tangled brain But when I tipped my bottle back I smacked into a cop I didn't"
  • Dream - At Last
    "Im sitting here thinking bout the times we shared Trying to decide if I even should care I know youre gone and weve already said our goodbyes Forgetting you aint easy Im waiting by the phone wishing you"
  • The Best Of All Possible Worlds - Kris Kristofferson
    "I was runnin thru the summer rain, tryn to catch that evenin train And kill the old familiar pain weavin thru my tangled brain When I tipped my bottle back and smacked into a cop I didnt see That police"
  • Kim Possible Theme Song - Kim Possible
    "Ooohh yeahh yeah I'm your basic average girl And I'm here to save the world You can't stop me Cause I'm Kim Pos-si-ble There is nothin I can't do When danger calls Just know that I am on my way"
  • Ir vieglak - BrainStorm
    "Ka ledus tik auksts, Manas milotas glasti ta salde Paraugi plaukstas... tik aukstas, aukstas Tu prasiji: " Ka?", un es teicu: " ir vieglak" Jo tuvak Tev klat Aizvien talak no dienvidu pola Ledus lauks"
  • Ir A - Foje
    "as apie tai skaiciau senoj dulketoj knygoj as apie tai girdejau pokalbiuose zmoniu tekanciam vandeny visa tai uzrasyta virpancioj liepsnoje visa tai rast gali kad as dar gyvensiu daug tukstanciu metu ir"
  • Pode Ir - Carlos Lyra
    "Pode ir Pode fazer O que melhor entender Mesmo porque Cada um sabe de si Mas se voc Quiser brincar Com quem te deu amor Algum provavelmente Vai amargurar a grande dor De ver algum Tambm querer partir Porque"
  • Dejate Ir - NASH
    "Dos de abril y no llueve Da gris aunque lo niegues Se perdió el amor en aquel tren Nos cambió la distancia T perdiste la ilusión Fue tu adiós el que inspiró esta canción Debo dejarte ir, amndote Tantas"
  • Dejarte Ir - Culture Beat
    "Dos de abril y no llueve Da gris aunque lo niegues Se perdió el amor en aquel tren Nos cambió la distancia T perdiste la ilusión Fue tu adiós el que inspiró esta canción Debo dejarte ir, amndote Tantas"
  • Dejarte ir - NASH
  • Dejame ir - Paty Cant
    "Qu conveniente situación, me has conformado el corazón con las migajas de tu amor Por t, no creo en m, y an as pides ms No me queda nada, qu quieres de mi? Que te da el derecho de hacerme sufrir? Guarda"
  • Todo Ir - Mago De Oz
    "Durmete que yo estoy aqu La luna te guiar Te acunar su voz Suea y ve hacia donde el sol Desprende paz Rayos color de amor No mires atrs Ella estar bien Su angel eres t Nunca te olvidar Esprame, tengo"

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