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Dream it posiblle

  • Dream, Dream, Dream - Diana DeGarmo
    "Do me a favor And tell me what you think about me Tell me how you want this to be Go out on a limb and just dream Paint a picture Choose your colors extra wise Especially what you put on my mind Fill me"
  • Dream, Dream, Dream - Bombshell Rocks
    "Sometimes I feel like time is running out on me As if my hands turn way too fast My mind is one step ahead of me And me I'm stuck in the past And it's about time I pick myself up And find a way out of"
  • It Was All A Dream (Intro) - Dream
    "Dream... it was all a dream (It was all a dream) I can't believe this is happening Hmm, hmm, hmm... Dream... Uh... Dream Uh... it was all a dream... It was all a dream... (this is real) Now it's reality..."
  • Dream - Imagine Dragons
    "In the dark And I’m right on the middle mark I’m just in the tier of everything That rides below the surface And I watch from a distance seventeen And I’m short of the others dreams Of being golden and"
  • Dream - Boy George
    "To the beat to the beat to the baby baby boom Whatcha gonna do, gonna please me? Some black night, who's lurking in the shadows Full sweet lips, who's gonna take my love Yeah you hang around here full"
  • Dream - Golden Earring
    "Suppose she will love me yeah I feel fine 'cause there's nothing in the world that will change my mind I can't stand to feel the pain that she walk away that it's all in vein but when I awake I look outside now"
  • Dream - Debbie Gibson
    "VERSE1: I like to sing so I sing Someday I'm gonna shine like the stars and Yes, I can do it I know I can do it 'Cause I can dream VERSE2: My friend says when he grows up He wants to find that burn bright"
  • Dream - Vanessa Amorosi
    "intro: i'm dreaming, i'm dreaming verse 1: one week to another leaving the love of my life holding the hand of a stranger why does this feel right so i fall in love with someone i just met still so very"
  • Dream - Priscilla Ahn
    "I was a little girl alone in my little world who dreamed of a little home for me. I played pretend between the trees, and fed my houseguests bark and leaves, and laughed in my pretty bed of green. I had"
  • Dream - Krissy Krissy
    "I’ma take this world, by the hands I’ll sleep in a five star suite, or I’ll sleep in my van No debit or credit cards, I take my tips in a can Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Postcards from every place, that I’ve"
  • Dream - Dc Cooper
    "The time that the dreaming had started Found something was wrong No patience to fall in a deep sleep Vision's coming through strong Please give me a key to a door And worry no more If the dream will"
  • Dream - Norther
    "I saw a dream that can't be real It takes me to my mind Now look inside this evil dream of mine I left you dying in the rain Now you feel my fucking pain You know I am insane but in the end it's all the"
  • Dream - Dope
    "Am I dreaming Or am I just walking in my sleep I don't believe in Anything that you want me to be But I believe in me When everything is falling down Pick it up pick it up Take what tommrow brings and"
  • Dream - Michelle Tumes
    "There's a dream in your heart and His heart is your prayer... I believe there is divine imagination Give it wings for it created aviation Every little hope you're holding inside Every little gleam you"
  • Dream - Al Green
    "I had a dream Thinking that you were gone Leaving me on my own And you, you was there In some other's arms Giving away all my charms And when I awake I want to hear you Filling my life with cheer And when"
  • Dream - Fair Warning
    "It only seems like yesterday - You broke the spell and turned away The darkness of the night. Your smile just like the morning sun - It healed the pain I felt so long Dried all the tears I cried. One"
  • Dream - Nikki Flores
    "Ohh, yeah I sit in my room thinking bout the look in your eyes when you stare at me I'm wirting your name a billion times in my head Dreamin of you is getting me through when I start to lose my sanity"
    "I had a strange dream last night It was cold and raining outside Someone was following me in darkness There was no place to hide Who is following me What does he want from me Maybe he wants to hurt me It"
  • Dream - Asrai
    "Dream the dream You always do Catch me if I fall I've lost the old game We'd played before Catch me if I fall I'm losing hold I've lost the old game We'd played before I close my eyes And try to remember"
  • Dream - Merle Haggard
    "Last last I dreamed that you and I were in awful storm With no place to go or shelter anywhere And it took a while to realize the reason for the dream Now the meaning of it all is coming clear The storm"

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