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Dreezy - Body ft. Jeremih

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Dreezy - Body ft. Jeremih

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Dreezy - Body ft. Jeremih
  • Fabolous Thim Slick (ft. Jeremih )
    "Sometimes I like slim, sometimes I like thick Sometime I combine and I like thim slick Thim slick, probably went over yo head Couldn’t lay up, I just went over for head Made a change of plans when she"
  • Pia Mia I'm A Fan (ft. Jeremih)
    "He like the way I;ve been dancing in the mirror I;m just hear, need no one to interfere And I love how you keep that body fit Got a cup just in cade tyou want a sip I;m in love /2x With your sin Wanna"
  • Natalie La Rose Somebody (ft. Jeremih)
    "Comm'on Natalie La Rose I wanna rock with somebody (whoah yeah) I wanna take shot with somebody (shot, shot, shot, shot) I wanna leave with somebody (somebody, comm'on, comm'on) And we ain't gonna tell"
  • Keke Palmer Enemiez (ft. Jeremih)
    "Bite my tongue, it never hurt so bad Keep warning you to cross that line I keep tryina get you to react It never happens every time Now you're falling through my face There's one thing can cure this pain I"
  • AlunaGeorge Mean What I Mean (ft. Leikeli47 & Dreezy)
    "I shouldn’t have to explain It’s so simple But I’m doing you a favor Seems you’re lost in your brain No signal! So I lay it on the table Not this tme I’m no playing I know you’re seen the signs Don’t"
  • Ludacris Party Girls (ft. Wiz Khalifa & Jeremih, Prod. by Cashmere Cat)
    "I came to party like tonight will never end Let's party again! Let's party again! Yeah, I came to party like tonight will never end Let's party again! Let's party again! Let's party again! I need party"
  • DJ Khaled Hold You Down (ft. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, Jeremih)
    "I'll hold you down I'm on my way All you've been thinking about Do anything you want and let emotion rule your mind And now you say you dream about doing it anyway Oh yeah, just tell me where it's on"
  • French Montana Bad Bitch (ft. Jeremih)
    "Got a good thing goin' with a bad bitch You know who to call when you need it Wish I had another you, I'm greedy Sometimes like that nigga get greedy Got damn I fell in love with a bad bitch You know that"
  • Jeremih Don't Tell 'Em (ft. YG)
    "Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion Girl I guess that must be you Body like the summer, fuck you like no other Don't you tell 'em what we do Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, you ain't even Don't tell"
  • Jeremih Tonight Belongs To U! (ft. Flo Rida)
    "Wasn't looking for it to heal the scar But today I was riding on lonely boulevard Wishing all wasn't lost and then there, there you came Honestly a star shooting through the scene In the sky, that's where"
  • DJ Khaled Do You Mind (ft. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future, Rick Ross)
    "He ain't messin' with no average chick, pop, pop He got Nicki, he know that he hit the jackpot Every baller tryna score, check them shot clocks But I hit 'em with them 'Bron-Iguodala blocks Eat the cake"
  • Diggy Do It Like You (ft. Jeremih)
    "Oh! Hey! There she go (there she go) That's the one I've got to know Such a cutie right? Her whole crew is tight But they don't do it like you How her hair flows when she walk Like a Love Jones when she"
  • Nelly The Fix (feat. Jeremih)
    "Yeah, Mustard on the beat ho Shawty hit me on the late night Got a man, got me thinking, shawty, ain’t right She say she ain’t about the creep life But all she wanna do is take pipe I ain’t mad at nobody I"
  • Dj Mustard Don't Hurt Me (ft. Nicki Minaj & Jeremih)
    "Ekskluzywna premiera singla "Don’t Hurt Me" Dj’a Mustarda odbyła się 16 czerwca w serwisie Tidal. Producent do gościnnego występu zaprosił Nicki Minaj oraz Jeremiha."
  • Sean Paul Body (ft. Migos)
    "F to the B Don Carleone Migos and Sean Paul in the bulding Mally mall And you know we smoke blunts till the face Because Everybody saying up Up away My girl get the body where you got 12 more than about"
  • R. Kelly Switch Up (feat. Lil Wayne & Jeremih)
    "I'm about to switch it up If she ain't fuckin', I'ma switch up Hit her friend's cell like, "What up?" I don't ever change, real nigga I be there when her man slip up I'll disappear in that 'Lago Then"
  • Jeremih London (ft. Stefflon Don, Krept & Konan)
    "You haffi Marry the nanan-na-na Before mi ride The banana-nana You haffi Marry the nanan-na-na Before mi ride The banana-nana You haffi Marry the nanan-na-na Before mi ride The banana-nana You know,"
  • Jeremih I Think Of You (ft. Chris Brown, Big Sean)
    "I give the best that you ever had Cive you one dose and got you addicted I could own that, all night and all day Say you on my plate,girl You so delicious Las night we had a good time getting faded Wake"
  • Robert M That Body (ft. Jan Borysewicz)
    "Is there hard to see Coz I got you Follow me All night We’ll be dancing in the spotlight Sexi You the… Take me higher tonight You’re the sense of everything That’s tight Talk around Take with me You’ve"
  • Gryffin Body Back (ft. Maia Wright)
    "who cares what the world’s gonna say cause you know there’s gonna say it anyway (and I know and I know that) who cares if they laugh at what we do? cause it’s only me and you that know the truth (and I"

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