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Drink studied up

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Drink studied up

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Drink studied up
  • Alestorm Drink
    "Oy You Give me some beer! Piracy's a crime and crime doesn't pay And we go home poor at the end of the day But I'd rather live my life in rags Than be taped to a desk with a wife as a hag We live each"
  • Willie Wisely Drink Up
    "These are the days These are the good ones After this its all down hill I got a raise But something smells rotten All good till you cant pay the bill Dont know what this has to do with drinking Hooking"
  • Train Drink Up
    "It was just an ordinary Wednesday night 11:47 when the stars aligned Saw your face and then I felt the butterflies Someone's gonna fall in love tonight If you let me take you to my special place I can"
  • N.W.a Drink It Up
    "(Winos never get afraid of nothin but runnin outta wine) Oww, DRINK IT UP BABY! (drink it up baby) GULP IT ON DOWN! (gulp it on down) COME ON, SUCK IT UP BABY! (suck it up baby) SIP IT AND PASS IT AROUND!"
  • Danger To The System Drink It Up!
    "the words that come right out of your mouth they're all just bullshit none of its truth you lie again, again and again because you can't stop drinking every night party all day and all night long your"
  • Negativland Drink It Up
    "When Hi-C gets me low My lubbot's blue ain't blue it's brown my nestle's quick just makes me slow when my sparkling cider's lost its shine my can of sharp's is dull hawaiian punch has knocked me cold a"
  • Street Dogs Drink Tonight
    "Go out tonight, to get lit up Drink tonight, gonna drink tonight Fourty hours done, I've had enough Drink tonight, gonna drink tonight Don't care what my family thinks Drink tonight, gonna drink tonight It's"
  • Dua Lipa Smoke, Drink, Break-Up
    "See, I gotta be outta my head To deal with ya And I gotta be outta my head To be still with ya See, I love you but I don't like that I leave, but then I come right back to you So what is the point? I might"
  • Vineyard Another drink
    "Well I'm thirsty Lord, Yes I'm thirsty LordWell I'm thirsty LordFor the living waters of lifeAnd I want a drink, Yes I want a drinkOf the living waters of lifeFill me up Lord, don't have to feel itLord"
  • Edwin Another Drink
    "Cheers I get it sam I'm in love with you You're in love with me Or so we seem to think Lets have another drink oh yeh Tequllia, no 2 tequllia You're in love with me I'm in love with you As you look"
  • Korpiklaani Let's Drink
    "Little red house, potato field little forest, lake as far as you can see Woodshed, for my homebrewed beer perfect place for drunkards like me Never gonna give up my rugged life never sell my infertile"
  • Clutch Worm Drink
    "I'll march no longer I'll fight no more You can send out all the track snivelers, But I'm done with war. Wind him up, bring him back Conscript, deserter. The Worm Drink is loose. Wind him up, bring him"
  • Gaelic Storm Time, Drink 'Em Up!
    "Chorus: T...i...m...e, Drink 'em up! Haven't you got no homes to go to, Don't care where you go, You can't be stayin' here T...i...m...e, Drink 'em up! The lights are on, the towels are up, You best be"
  • Guided By Voices Pink Drink
    "I saw you yesterday Looked like you were running away You seemed so uneasy That's not the way to please me We gotta go to the harm tonight We gotta get our minds alright Doesn't hurt to have a taste Haven't"
  • Farmer's Boys Soft Drink
    "I'm in need of something refreshing Think I need a soft drink Think I need something to calm me down, I get in a state Can't seem to cope with mixing my drink and work these days I'm going down, drown"
  • James Otto Drink & Dial
    "Well my good buddy John likes to tie one on And get drunk on Friday nights And hes just fine till the beer and shine combine Then hes Jekyll and Hyde Starts cussin bout his boss and the job he lost And"
  • Ugly Duckling Energy Drink
    "Are you ready (Like a Duracell I be energized) --> Grandmaster Caz (Go berzerk) Now have you ever been out at the party spot And you start feeling tired at 11 o'clock? If stayin up's what you'd like"
  • East West Drink Me
    "Shallow pictures of the way that it was meant to be. Set the standard so we think like that. Open up your eyes. Normalicy is what you think you're living in. Time to see yourself for who you are. Time"
  • Gorilla Zoe ft. Jody Breeze & OJ Purple Drink
    "You can't change hommie dats why you niggas fallin off all you rap niggas fallin off I'm still hood nigga I'm still on da block JOOG MUSIC Purple drank n my sprite purp n my blunt got me high as a kite"
  • Carl Belew Drink Up And Go Home
    "(Drink up and go home) You sat there a crying cry in your beer You think you got troubles my friends listen here Don't tell me your troubles I got enough of my own Be thankful you're living drink up and"

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