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Duet damsko m

  • Wojna damsko-m - Liber ft Sylwia Grzeszczak
    "Panie przeciw Panom...Nie od dzisiaj ta damsko- męska wojna trwaPanie przeciw PanomTo nieważne bo ona widzi w nim cały światI on w niej tak samoTo on znosi trud bycia parąI wciąż tylko on jest ofiarąNowy,"
  • Wojna Damsko-Męska - Sylwia Grzeszczak
    "panie przeciw panomNie od dzisiaj ta damsko- męska wojna trwapanie przeciw panomto nieważne bo ona widzi w nim cały świati on w niej tak samoto on znosi trud bycia parai wciąż tylko on jest ofiaranowy,"
  • Duet - Drowning Pool
    "You're just blood in my hands You mean nothin' man You're just blood in my hands You mean nothin' man, man, man You're just the blood, blood I can see the moon and I can see the stars I even see the world"
  • Duet - Ramses Shaffy
    "Hou van mij als de wind Het verloren blad weer vindt Het verdorde graan wegmaait Hou van mij als de wind weer waait En de nacht weer wit zal zijn En de maan van hermelijn Als de tuin weer opengaat En het"
  • Duet - Rachael Yamagata
    "Oh, lover, hold on 'Till I come Back again For these arms Are growing tired And my tales Are wearing thin If you're patient I will surprise When you wake up I'll have come All the ache will Settle down And"
  • Duet - The Black Eyed Peas
    "Uh, hmm Hurry up a bit Yeah, yeah Chorus: I like the way you do it, when you do it When you doin', what you doin' (x3) Check this out right here, son We about to move to make you feel some A lot of positive"
  • Duet - Black Eyed Peas
    "Uh, hmm Hurry up a bit Yeah, yeah I like the way you do it, when you do it When you doin, what you doin Check this out right here, son We about to move to make you feel some A lot of positive vibrations"
  • Duet - Nickelback
    "Uh, hmmHurry up a bitYeah, yeahChorus (3x):I like the way you do it, when you do itWhen you doin, what you doinCheck this out right here, sonWe about to move to make you feel someA lot of positive vibrations"
  • No Me Ames(Duet With Marc Anthony) - Jennifer Lopez
    "No Me Ames(Duet with Marc Anthony) Lyrics Dime por qu lloras De felicidad Y por qu te ahogas Por la soledad Di por qu me tomas, fuerte as, mis manos, y tus pensamientos te van llevando Yo te quiero tanto Y"
  • I STILL BELIEVE (Duet With Charlie Masso) - Lea Salonga
    "(M. Aquino) Charlie: Bakit ba 'pag kausap ka I know that our love is forever Lea: Lalo na 'pag kasama ka I know that we're made for each other Both: 'Cause I still believe in love at first sight I don't"
  • Last Duet - Barry Manilow
    "You creep into my heart And make my heart burn You sneak into my mind And make my head ache There are things I long to tell you You're much too blonde You snore Look it's time to face the music Bye bye! Don't"
  • Flower Duet - All Angels
    "All Angels All Angels Flower Duet A la rose sassemble, Sur la rive en fleurs, riant au matin, Viens, descendons ensemble. Doucement glissons; De son flot charmant Suivons le courant fuyant; Dans londe"
  • In Love With You Duet With Regine Velasquez - Jacky Cheung
    "M: Just A Gentle Whisper Told Me That You'd Gone Leaving Only Memories; Where Did We Go Wrong? I Couldn't Find The Words Then So Let Me Say Them Now I'm Still In Love With You F: Tell Me That You"
  • Chagall Duet - Anderson Jon
    "Anderson Jon Change We Must Chagall Duet (Jon Anderson/Nicole Valencia) Demande-mot de tout changer Car dans mon coeur, l'air que je respire Attise la flamme de mon desir Rien que ton nom me met en feu I"
  • Shadow duet - Dark Tranquillity
    "Voice of the Shadow of Beauty - Friden Voice of the Shadow of Darkness - Sundin Shadows play - in my wilderness' mindscape they seek; One spiteful and wicked, one humble and meek A windswept pale landscape"
  • Duel Duet - Cast
    "We rarely recognise the source We barely touch upon its shores, though blinded by its force And who's to say what's inbetween? Can we ascend to where we've been, respond to what we've seen? Are we in touch"
  • Flower Duet - Charlotte Church
    "Sous le dme pais o le blanc jasmin A la rose s'assemble Sur la rive en fleurs riant au matin Doucement glissons De son flot charmant Suivons le courant fuyant Dans l'onde frmissante D'une main nonchalante Viens,"
  • Mountain Duet - Various
    "Warum wird uns nicht aufgemacht? Lucheni:Heute keine Lieferung!! Mnner: Wieder umsonst. Die Kanne leer, wie so oft. Umsonst gefror'n und gehofft die halbe Nacht. Menge: Jemand belgt uns. Jemand betrgt"
  • Duel Duet - Richard O'Brien
    "You're a loser An abomination in the eyes of any sensitive man And you're a blind alley cruiser Always heading down a losing street Dreaming that you're screaming at fate You're a dead end, dead beat,"
  • Duet mi - Anna Szałapak
    "Kocham Cię! Kochasz Mnie? Kocham Cię! Kochasz Mnie? Twa uroda, wdzięk i powab, chociaż pchła to marny owad zniewoliły mnie. Radam, że mnie słoń pokochał, Lecz nie jestem taka płocha zastanowić musze"

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