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Duncan Laurence

  • Feel Something (feat. Duncan Laurence) - Armin Van Buuren
    "It’s right here in the bed No, lights won’t turn it off Won’t let me sleep just yet I know, i know It;s right here in the shower I don’t wanna take it off Don’t wanna leave just yet I know, i know Pain"
  • Duncan - Paul Simon
    "(Paul Simon) Couple in the next room Bound to win a prize They've been going at it all night long Well, I'm trying to get some sleep But these motel walls are cheap Lincoln Duncan is my name And here's"
  • Duncan Gray - Robert Burns
    "DUNCAN GRAY (Robert Burns) Weary fa' you, Duncan Gray! (Ha, ha, the girdin o't!) Wae gae by you, Duncan Gray! (Ha, ha, the girdin o't!) When a' the lave gae to their play, Then I maun sit the lee-lang"
  • Duncan & Brady - Bob Dylan
    "Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, little star Up comes Brady in a 'lectric car Got a mean look all 'round his eye Gonna shoot somebody jus' to see them die Duncan, Duncan was tending the bar In walked Brady with"
  • Isadora Duncan - Vic Chesnutt
    "Once i dreamed i was dancing with Isadora DuncanIn a silver cafe,It was a cafe that was not at all near hereShe was planning to diversifyAnd she sang i should do the sameSo i whistled to her how i loved"
  • Small Town Boy - Duncan Laurence
    "Small Town Boy to tytułowa piosenka z debiutanckiego albumu wokalisty nazwiskiem Duncan Laurence. Album "Small Town Boy" ukaże się 13 listopada 2020 roku."
  • I got you - Duncan Laurence
    "Do you need a show to decline now? Do you need a hand when you lie down Don’t worry, i got two Do you nweed a hug when it’s lights out? Do you need a friend when it’s nice out? I’ll get up to walk with"
  • La rue Marie-Laurence - Joe Dassin
    "Toutes ces rues qui ont les noms clbres Je les ai oublies, mais je garde dans mes penses Tous les visages que je voyais nagure Et mon plan de la ville est un calendrier Toutes les rues de Paris portent"
  • Someone You Need (Duet With Duncan Sheik) - Howard Jones
    "The streets here are empty all the people went home well, I was just wondering if you're alone So how you've been lately? I hear you're a little down and do you think maybe I could come around? I could"
  • Arcade - Duncan Laurence
    "A broken heart is all that’s left I’m still fixing all the cracks Lost a couple of pieces when I carried it, carried it, carried it home I’m afraid of all I am My mind feels like a foreign land Silence"
  • Love Don’t Hate It - Duncan Laurence
    "I wasn't ready for this I wasn't ready for my heart to drop wait til the dead i can't deny i can't deny i feel it in every kiss"
  • BEAUTIFUL - Duncan Laurence
    "Everybody knows me Everybody holds a piece of truth Everybody sees me They all have a point of view But no one really knows me like you Nobody would see it And I can feel the doubts creep in my mind You"
  • YET - Duncan Laurence
    "I found you in flares of city lights And your corner's the streets that I passed by Your heart beats a million miles away But I feel you with me now So please don't fade Somewhere, some way We've"
  • SOMEONE ELSE - Duncan Laurence
    "Lately I found myself on the crowded side of the street Eating in busy restaurants every night of the week Strangers don't even know that they're keeping me company, oh In the middle of a long night Tell"
  • Last Night - Duncan Laurence
    "Crystal clouds pouring rain Wash away another day Wipe the tears off my face Honey, Times are gettinf harder I just get lost Trying to figure you out I just get mad When you’re pinning me down Last"
  • Stars - Duncan Laurence
    "If thi is home Then what do i call Where i came from? I haven’t seen that coast for so ling They’ve got tchem here But thery’re not the same I’ll never know Know if i left too soon And too young The"
  • back to back - Wrabel & Duncan Laurence
    "See that sunrise up the wall I been sleeping with my back to you Darling, from this point of view What's the point of coming back to you Something's changed Maybe it's me, maybe it's you, maybe it's nothing I"
  • Arcade - Duncan Laurence, Viki Gabor and Roksana
    "A broken heart is all that’s left I’m still fixing all the cracks Lost a couple of pieces when I carried it, carried it, carried it home I’m afraid of all I am My mind feels like a foreign land Silence"
  • Truth About Romeo - Duncan Sheik
    "DUNCAN SHEIK DID NOT SING THIS SONG. The versions out right now by the *artist* Pancho's Lament (self titled album) and by David Crosby/James Raymond/Beth Hart Both versions were used as theme song for"
  • L'amour de ma vie ( Eurovision 1986 ) - Sherisse Laurence
    "J'ai tant d'amour en moi sans raison Tellement le cur qui bat sans raison Que je veux bien partir un jour pour la raison d'amour Vers l'homme qui me dira sans raison Des choses qu'on ne dit pas sans"

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