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Dune mayday 2017

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Dune mayday 2017

  • Dune - Pendragon
    "Will you ever understand what it is I do? Is music in your soul or did it leave you long ago It's a long way but some day I'll find you and give you Dune you're in my soul but I wont let you win Dune you"
  • Dune - Endless
    "Maybe there's crater of oasis behind another dune Who knows? I don't want to guess I want to go on and make myself sure I want to see another shadow behind the hill One shadow is like a wrinkle in"
  • Dune - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "Suna no machi kyoo mo Yoru ga kuru no o machi Shizuka ni tsuki no moto Utage o hajimeru Yurusaneru kooi kiete yuku ashi ??? Iki o kirashi hohoemu futari Yorokobi no utagoe sakyuu ni hiro- Dare mo kitsuku"
  • Mayday - Crimson Glory
    "Countdown to zero, ignition Warning Rising in smoke, glowing fire Thrusting into the sky of the morning Warning All system down Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! In search of the glory They reach for"
  • Mayday - Victon
    "Hangul : Losing all my sleep on you 뜨거웠던 comet, 어지럽던 jet lag Maybe 이건 empty set 내 심장까지 전부 빼앗겨버린 듯해 yeah I wanna 그 속에서 놀려줘 넌 아마 날 품은 Village 네 품에서 Feel me and calm me down 주체가 안돼 heal me Love is blind"
  • Mayday - Subseven
    "the secret codes - that we impose on ourselves when we know we're wrong - from wrong to right from day to night - I've seen all that I care to see and more He's waiting - He's waiting for you lost again"
  • Mayday - Floorfilla
    "We're gonna bring your S.O.S. We're gonna send your S.O.S. We're gonna bring your S.O.S. We're gonna send your S.O.S.. We're gonna bring your S.O.S. We're gonna send your S.O.S. Mayday ! Ooooh Mayday !"
  • Mayday - Buzz Poets
    "You might say I'm crazy You might say I'm blind Through these eyes it's hazy But I can read your mind Run away another day tonight I'm gonna take you home Hollow in the hemisphere the stars are falling"
  • Mayday - Mundy
    "Mayday, mayday do you read me? I think I'm about to fall The bottom is rising faster Do you heed my call? 'cause I've been up here so damn long in this mean old plain and there's fever in my cabin, Lord and"
  • Mayday - Doktor Kosmos
    "Rymdemannen sitter och ter en smrgs i fikarummet Lysrren surrar i taket. Han r trtt Pvg hem frn hemligt uppdrag svvar rymdeskeppet som en prm i natten D fr han se nt som fr honom att signalera Mayday"
  • Mayday - Amen
    "Hey you with you head held high Inbred on the fourth of july Said you situation low Burnt down everything you know Shut it Said you did your nation pride Burn dead on the fourth of july Said you situation"
  • Mayday - Jeanette
    "I've never told how I felt for you I said it isn't so but now i'm givin' the news to you an' I won't a "no" you' ll have to be the one who takes my love away I like to turn you on when you decide to stay"
  • Mayday - Tomahawk
    "Kiss kiss, bang bang Got to have the hanging man Shock you clean Till the penal hits the pentane Free yourself Because I could shock you down You kill yourself please? Because you're already gone Now in"
  • Mayday - Ananke
    "Już wiesz, Jak mayday wzywam cię. W tej bitwie o mój dzień, Choć czas rozrywa mnie. Strach barwi krew. Noc świętych miejsc. Jak strażnik sumienia.. A ja, W szaleństwie szukam dnia, Przez tunel niemych"
  • Mayday Mayday - Miljoonasade
    "Ky ruusut ikkunalla kohti kuolemaa Min ja mun veli juovuksissa lauletaan Mun veli puree rautanaulan poikki hampaillaan min kusen kiljukattilaan Miksei mun viestini sun radio kuule ei? Mayday, mayday! Afrikassa"
  • Mayday Mayday - Watts John
  • Mayday!!! - Flobots
    "born in the flood bloody fingerpaint sets blackmarketed fresh water canons forget me not epitaph airbrush with death white t's wife beaters button up reattach flesh in between the lines outside of the"
  • Mayday - Mrozu
    "Nie chcę wieszać białych flag, zostaw je Nie poddamy się od tak, jeszcze nie O tłumieni z różnych stron mamy swoją broń To wiem, której nie zna nikt Jak pęknięta struna,słowa nie chcą brzmieć Choć nie"
  • Mayday! - Black Market Militia
    "(Intro: Hell Razah) Fear the evil music, Renaissance Child Yeah, Black Market, yea, Black Market Militia We gon' talk to the ghettos, Hell Razah All my niggaz in the projects, Will Cooper Blood on the"
  • Mayday - Libertines
    "A slave's a girl who slaves her days away, In arabesques & minarettes, Tablecloths and serviettes. She's singing 'this is what you get' First you put the tongue in, Then you put the boot in, Yeah yeah,"

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