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Dylan scott give me more

  • Bob Dylan - Drake Bell
    "How may roads must a man walk down I wish I could write so profound The words he spoke were blown in the wind Pick up my air guitar and write like him Awwww Bob Dylan I live my life like a Rolling"
  • Dylan - Emmy The Great
    "I pray for rain because I'm trying To find god and make him cry, Because I'm dying in a fire beneath my covers. And somewhere out across the way, You ask for salt across a plate, And you can't find a word"
  • Dylan - Good Riddance
    "I heard you threw your phone away A brave attempt at dodging sympathy And maybe you're right Who needs checking up on anyway? But I remember when I felt my worst Its friends like you I called on first The"
  • Antisocial (with Travis Scott) - Ed Sheeran
    "all you cool people you better leave now coz it’s about the happen Friday night and I am riding solo when I touchdown keep in on the low low I don’t mess with your energy no photos so antisocial but"
  • Taking Bob Dylan - Jen Foster
    "Words by Jen Foster & Kathy Scott Music by Jen Foster The black and white picture taken by a stranger Out in the streets of New Orleans The blanket I stole from that hotel in London You asked if I thought"
  • Give Me More - Caravan
    "I went out at night, taking the sights Fell all in love with a lady She's got ill repute, and an over-size foot Bad breath and drives a Mercedes But oh, she had such style Looks that could kill you stone"
  • Give Me More - Keyshia Cole
    "Verse 1: Never thought you'd be the one to play games the way you did. I gave my heart away to you. Never thought you'd leave the way you did. You meant the world to me. How could you just let me breathe? Let"
  • Give Me More - Steve Harley
    "You beat my pillow with your whispers and your screams Like in the sixties you're my peaches and my cream You give me loving like I'm wanking in a dream I wouldn't swoop you for the riches of no queen Don't"
  • Give Me More - The Adicts
    "I've played games watched the weather change Been around the world and rode the range I've been educated Don't know what about Been back in time Seen the yanks cry out Give me more I've been shot down"
  • Give Me More - Apartment 26
    "Give me more Like that We watch it settle down And capitalize on whatever moves Grab a little bit for your friends Before they catch you. You better hide yourself away Now they've set off to come"
  • Song For Bob Dylan - David Bowie
    "Oh, hear this Robert Zimmerman I wrote a song for you About a strange young man called Dylan With a voice like sand and glue His words of truthful vengeance They could pin us to the floor Brought a few"
  • Give Me Something More - Lacuna Coil
    "I disappear into the night The silence is cursing me one more time I know the law in this deep lie Cause all my demons are come back to life I cannot wait for savior My angel is long gone I remind this I"
  • Give Me More Time - Whitesnake
    "I want you I need your rhyme, But, you keep saying, babe, Its gonna take time. I know the heartache I put you through, Believe me, babe, Im gonna make it up to you. You are the reason Im down"
  • Give Me More Time - Gabrielle
    "Right at this moment You're feeling insecure I don't want to hurt you baby You've heard it all before Your eyes reach out and say Don't wanna be hurt again Give up yourself to me I'll ease away your fears You're"
  • Give Me More Time - Amalia Gre'
    "Se tu mi avessi chiesto: "Come stai?" se tu mi avessi chiesto dove andiamo t'avrei risposto "bene, certo sai" ti parlo per senza fiato mi perdo nel tuo sguardo colossale, la stella polare sei tu mi sfiori"
  • Bob Dylan - Fall Out Boy
    "when they say you and waht army? i guess they’re talking about you and me baby, nobody would love you nobody would love you like, like I do I quess that’s half true come down /3x from your holy mountain I"
  • Bob Dylan - Nine Days
    "Bobby's in the basement making his movie, He paints a little picture but not to be cheesy. He wants this little girl to believe in him easy, Bristles to the canvas imagining he feels high. Inspriation"
  • More To Give - Monday Morning
    "If I gain the world, do I have any more to give than all of me When my all is nothing more than this We're all the same, and in my Father's eyes He sees Our every we bring to him CHORUS What have"
  • Give You More - True Vibe
    "I can see you're hurting Trying to hide your fear and pain You feel a hunger and an emptiness That you cannot explain I can give you freedom There's a whole new kind of life That's waiting if you open"
  • Give Me One More Shot - Alabama
    "Give Me One More Shot: Alabama Life ain't all that easy I can testify to that It's been up and down and round and round to get to where I'm at If you could see how I'm living in this old car I drive Well"

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