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Dynoro i gigi

  • Gigi - Dean Martin
    "Gigi Am I a fool without a mind Or have I merely been too blind to realize Oh Gigi Why you've been growing up before my very eyes Gigi You're not at all that funny awkward little girl I knew Oh no Overnight"
  • Gigi - Perry Como
    "Gigi . . . am I a fool without a mind or have I merely been to blind to realize? Oh Gigi . . . why you've been growin' up before my very eyes! Gigi . . . you're not at all the funny awkward little girl"
  • Gigi - Brave Combo
    "There's a girl that I need to forget I'm a prisoner by this phone I can't think of anything else Her face won't leave me alone There's a girl that I need to forget There's nothing in it for me, can't you"
  • GIGI - ReTo
    "Chlam, często jest ‘tak’, rzadko jest ‘nie’ Już w czubie mam kiedy znowu mówią ’Lej!’ Panny za hajs, chcesz - to je bierz Daj szkło na blat, kiedy w obieg idzie skręt Często jest ‘tak’, rzadko jest ‘nie’ Już"
  • Gigi Pirate - Burning Heads
    "Hush my baby, baby dry your tears, The murder is done There'll be no more victims No more gas bottles full of nails, We've put the criminals in jail No need to cry, No need to fall down, Stop living"
  • Magix Box - Carillon (Gigi D'Agostino Remix) - Gigi Dagostino
    "Last night I had a dream Where I was all alone walking on the street My carillon and me Were two inseparable stranger melodies My carillon and me Were dancing on the world to eternity Nobody was around The"
  • Gigi - Auditivo 32
    "Viernes por la noche te hablo y no estas hoy estoy decidido te saldre a buscar Al fin yo te encuentro te digo hola que tal quiero hablar contigo media vuelta y te vas oyeme Gigi tantito oye mirame a"
  • Gigi L'amoroso - Dalida
    "Je vais vous raconter Avant de vous quitter L'histoire d'un p'tit village prs de Napoli Nous tions quatre amis Au bal tous les samedis A jouer, chanter toute la nuit Giorgio la guitare Sandro la mandoline Moi"
  • Hangover - Dynoro
    "And I can drink until dawn, dawn Got a hangover, oh Grow up, up And I can drink until dawn, dawn Got a hangover, oh I got a little bit trashed last night, night I got a little bit wasted And I can drink"
  • Gigi In Paradisco - Dalida
    "Encore, Encore, Encore, Encore, un jour qui n'en finit pas mais un jour plein de soleil loin de toi s'ternise mais la nuit Dans tes bras je m'endors dans tes bras et la tendresse et toi ne font plus qu'un"
  • Gigi In Paradisco (Paradisco Mix) - Dalida
    "Gigi in Paradisco Gigi in Paradisco Gigi, Gigi entra au paradis dconcert, pas sr de lui fallait-il seulement qu'il sourit les anges taient fous de Gigi il donna des galas gratuits les saints ont chant"
  • Rockst - Ilkay Sencan & Dynoro
    "I am a fucker… and i ma feeling like a Rockstar all my brothers get .. and smoke like a Rockstar … my homies make ratatata"
  • La Passion - GIGI
    "Ooh baby Come to me baby just come to me don't breake my heart tonight, swinging my soul desire baby just come to me, be what you wanna be using your fantasy, I need your soul to see Baby just come to"
  • The Man - GIGI
    "Look who's sleeping past 2 Look who had some dirty dreams about you Look who can't get you off their mind Look here if you wanna find the truth Sorry I'm not the man Let you slip through my hands No,"
  • I wonder why - Gigi D'Agostino
    "I know you're sleepingAway in your bedAnd i'm here i'm thinkingWhat you saidA long time awayBut always the sameIn my heartA long time awayBut always the sameIn my heartWhen, I saw your faceI think of youYour"
  • OBSESSED - Dynoro x Ina Wroldsen
    "i tried to climb into your skin I tried to locate the beating of your, your, your, your heart I walked for hours inside you I talked in my voice and tried to find your, your, your, your heart find your,"
  • I'll Fly With You - Gigi D'Agostino
    "(Female voice) I still believe in your eyes; I just don't care what You've done in your life. Baby I'll always be here by your side; Don't leave me waiting too long, Please come by! I, I, I, I still"
  • Flying Freedom - Gigi D'Agostino
    "Tonight,I'll hold your soft, soft hand i'll holdd your hand and take you to a wonderland where we our dreams can fly freely o our flying freedom taking us away to it's very own kingdom Flying Freeeeedom our"
  • Only A Fool - Agrama Gigi
    "Agrama Gigi Robotech Soundtrack Only A Fool I feel a cold wind in July, And a hot rain in December, When I think of all your lies, And how it hurts me to remember. Love's a game you played so well, When"
  • Quel che resta del mio amore - Gigi D'Alessio
    "Anche tu hai contribuito al mio Disco D'oro mi sembra giusto condividerlo Grazie di Cuore Gigi Sta scoppiando L'Alba nella Citt, sta svegliando pure noi, nelle nostre incomprensioni Mi Regali unaltro Giorno"

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