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  • W - Cage 9
    ""W To double you would be cool. Cuz there's nothing you can do. When you're one - not much fun And silence weighs a ton. Dolly-up. There is more than what you see. Watch the world revolve around the"
  • W - The Junior Varsity
    "You may think its impossible For just a couple of boys Building an igloo in Illinois And how the cold air It dries our skin We can't wait for summer To come and warm our bodies again Cause inside these"
  • George W. - Zaunpfahl
    "''Hi, George'' Hello George W. Listen to me please Take a little time just for yourself Go take your dog for a Walk Sit with your family and talk Just - please - get better and just be yourself Ohh, Ohh,"
  • No W - Flobots
    "Lets get it poppin now Obnoxious, never stoppin now Nobody's got a shot cuz we lock it down we're not just a rock around the clock This'll drop you down notches The proper noun's FLOBOTS When we tic"
  • W-4 - Dead Prez
    "So much shit goes on it makes me doubt about a God -- you know, makes me ask well if there is a God then why am I in the situation that I'm in? Or why is my family going through certain situations when"
  • Delt W - Mobb Deep
    "Dunn it's real like that Uh huh yeah Uh huh yeah(uh huh) Yeah, ha(solo on that ass ? dealt with the bullshit) Check me out dunn(yeah) Check me out now(out yo) Yo Feel me on the road, feel me at the shows"
  • Katie W. - Fenix TX
    "The nightmares the bad dreams have become reality At least inside my mind, yeah But no words that you say could ever make me wanna change Forgive me, not when it comes to this crime I met her before you"
  • Be - Afro Kolektyw
    "Dzień dobry, jestem, A do F do R do O do J do A do X przyjechałem tu dziś, sobie jakby nigdy nic łupu cupu, tak to ja i specjalnie dla was rapuję tutaj ci co mnie znają nazywają mnie głupkiem i sknerą mam"
  • Be - Afro Kolektyw
    "Dzień dobry, jestem, A do F do R do O do J do A do X przyjechałem tu dziś, sobie jakby nigdy nic łupu cupu, tak to ja i specjalnie dla was rapuję tutaj ci co mnie znają nazywają mnie głupkiem i sknerą mam"
  • Be Strong & Courageous - Michael W. Smith
    "Words:deborah d. smith Music: michael w. smith My servant, now your time has come You have a job to do I have a people to be led And a willing heart in you So I give you strength and courage And I'll"
  • Blessed Be Your Name (W/ Rebecca Stjames) - Newsboys
    "Blessed be your name in the land that is plentiful, where your streams of abundance flow Blessed be your name And Blessed be Your name when i'm found in the desert place, though I walk through the wilderness,"
  • Be Alright - Kristine W.
    "Ooooh I said you know it's gonna be (gonna be) Ooooh I said you know it's gonna be alright this time (time) Alright it's gonna be this time Alright (alright) this time Be be (alright) it's gonna be this"
  • Wychowani w Polsce - Tabasko
    "Nie ma już MacGyver'a jak i bomby z zapałek, "Bajer z Bel-Air" zrzucił z serca swój kamień, Chuck Norris już nie gra obstawia sobowtórów, Nawet z drużną A głową nie przebijesz muru, Kaczor Donald jaki"
  • O. M. W. - Screeching Weasel
    "I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weiner that is truly what I'd really like to be. 'Cause if I was an Oscar Meyer weiner then everyone would be in love with me. (spoken) Oscar Meyer weiners come get your hotdogs ah,"
  • W/o/u - S.E.S.
    "Akari ga sora o sebameru zattou no sukima o terasu Itsumo to onaji keshiki ni kyou wa hitori najimenai Surechigau egao wa minna shiawase shitteru mitai Nani mo wakaranaku natta no tonari ni anata ga inai"
  • W. Tx Teardrops - Old 97's
    "Well the roadmaps of west Texas never gave me good advice. The trains all roll where the roads don't go, now I lay awake at night, Just wondering where the rest is so I hit that iron gate, And I yelled"
  • Wings (W/English) - Do As Infinity
    "? () 1 () {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== Saikin dou shita no? Fushimegachi da yo Tokui no dokusetsu mo kage"
  • React W/Redman - Erick Sermon
    "Just Blaze, yeah, uh, yeah Check me out now Yo, yo, yo, yo, check me out now Yo, yo, yo Let me hear ya say Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh Kisi ko khudkushi ka shok ho to kya kare tu? Put your hands in the air"
  • W.W 666 - Dreamaker
    "Music: Albert Maroto Lyrics: Elisa C.Martin Lord of your war Don't you try to lie to us Are you God? This world's not in your hands You choke our voice You poison our minds You shed their blood on mankind And"
  • D And W - They Might Be Giants
    "D, look at D Half a circle, half a moon, an apple slice There goes D, Captain D My boy D, Commander D, the well-known D D's getting on in years so he moves a little bit slower now D is shy and doesn't"

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