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E-Rotic - Don't Go

  • Don't go - E-Rotic
    "Don't go - don't go away Don't go - oh baby please stay When we made love you touched my soul And I lost the power of selfcontrol Together It was like now or never I was addicted to your charmes When I"
  • Don't talk dirty to me - E-Rotic
    "Touch me with your love And give me satisfaction When we get into action But dont talk dirty Take me in your arms And go for my obsession And give me all your passion Dont talk dirty to me Oh touch me"
  • Ralph don't make love by yourself - E-Rotic
    "Oh Ralph oh Ralph Don't make love by yourself It's five to twelve Don't leave me on the shelf I wanna taste it So please don't waste it You're not a hanky panky wanky man Oh Ralph oh Ralph It's you and"
  • Don't Go - Go Sailor
    "thinking of you left behind leaving the door open wide turning around, do you know I'm there? the last thing you said hanging in the air don't you know this kind of heartache never mends? should I tell"
  • Hope I Don't Go Back - E-40
    "Whas happenin? You need to take it inside. Take what inside? You're disturbing the peace. Yeah yeah I done got too big to be hoppin over barbed wire fences right? But I had this one broad"
  • Go Go Go - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "Yo East New York in this motherfucker, Blahzay Blah in this motherfucker Brooklyn in this motherfucker, Dirt Dog in this motherfucker, it's on point Come on baby let me you jump, let me see you body"
  • Go Go - Black Eyed Peas
    "Party people, party people Are you get funky? Party people let's have a good time Let's keep it bumpin' Come come get funky Let's keep it movin' Let's make it happen Come come get funky. (Verse"
  • Go Go - The Black Eyed Peas
    "Party people, party people Are you get funky? Party people let's have a good time Let's keep it bumpin' Come come get funky Let's keep it movin' Let's make it happen Come come get funky. (Verse"
  • Don't Go Away (Tradu - Catedral
    ""No v embora" No feche seus olhos, Existe algo bom para nós E no tente entender, L um lugar para voc e para mim. No feche seu corao Jesus chama seu nome no v, No v, no v, no v, no v embora, No, no"
  • Don't Let Me Go - Origa
    "e , , a , , coa e , , ee, , T T , , , c e a ee - , , , , ee, "
  • Final heartbreak - E-Rotic
    "Don't you cry, baby blue Didn't want to be a dream Just a kiss in the dark It will break your heart in two Just a girl, just a night Come on, babe, that's all right And so, my sweet, Don't you cry, don't"
  • Take my love - E-Rotic
    "Take my love Don't let my feelings die Take my love And never ask me why Oehoe It's now or never, baby blue I'm giving all my love to you Believe me now, believe forever If you don't like we've stayed"
  • Falling for a witch - E-Rotic
    "So, if you're falling for a witch, be careful Cause she will make your heart go wrong Yer, if you're falling for a witch, be careful You'll be enchanted by her song You say she's a witch Baby, I don't"
  • Lay back - E-Rotic
    "Hey do you wanna go straight for emotions Come on - Don't be shy - aha Hey do you wanna feel drowned by devotion Follow me - Wait and see Lay back - Lay back Baby tell me you are looking for a die-or-sigh-love"
  • I want you - E-Rotic
    "But don't you know I want you. Soul to soul. Can't you see I'm falling, Can't you hear me I'm calling To reach your heart. Soul to soul. When the night is burning, And the shadows are turning To make us"
  • Why - E-Rotic
    "Why, why don't you sleep with me tonight I need your body by my side Cause I'm so lonely, I could cry Tell me why, why don't you sleep with me tonight You got my heart so occupied And left me feeling hot"
  • Get away - E-Rotic
    "Get away get away Out of my life Get away get away Take the overdrive Get away get away Out of my heart Get away get away Cos we gotta part Ohhh-Ohhh Ohhh-Ohhh Come on and Lay your body down We'll go so"
  • Baby please stop - E-Rotic
    "Baby please stop I'm dying You're turning my sky to fire So please stop I'm flying Cos you take me up so high Oh baby just stop Cos I love you so You can hurt me don't you know And it's just much too much"
  • Love and sex are free - E-Rotic
    "Baby, love and sex are free And will you come close to me You make me happy when we sleep together Don't you see Love and sex and fun are free And we can do it all night long forever Do you want good loving"
  • Jonny Y - E-Rotic
    "When they found you It was too late You took the last The last escape And I - I'm left crying The winds of change I feel them blow I wonder why Why did you go Miss you so Jonny Y I can't find you In the"

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