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  • Książę - Effect
    "On się na męża nie nadaje, koło południa wstaje, Dziewczyno daj se spokój, on inne ma na boku, Jest tak jak dynamit, odpala lont czasami, Ogląda się za panienkami //x2 Powiedz czy nie zastanawia Cię, Z"
  • Serious Effect - Michael Jackson
    "You gotta get back every rhyme Gonna jump back She won't get it I got a feeling but giving you, I And I'm so damn So damn glad about it I got a feeling That your jumping around Gonna get back She wont"
  • Domino Effect - Gotthard
    "I light a spark and you feed the flame, The whole World is in fire. I say a word, then you say the same, Now we're all end up crying. One thing is for sure: Still ain't no cure To defeat the human shame. Truth"
  • Side effect - Himeyuri
    "I chose this way for you. Therefore I ' m not bad. Please don ' t blame me. I ' m not bad. I ' m not bad. I ' m not bad. It ' s side effect I hard why. kankaku kara sukoshi mieru kage ni obie te It ' s"
  • Placebo Effect - Shandon
    "Soluzione rapida,alterazione chimica Perdo i miei timori,cerco soluzioni Sentimentalmente io farei Tutto quello che mi chiedi tu Ma probabilmente fallirei C' qualcosa in me che non funziona pi Non mi basti"
  • Placebo Effect - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "You dip your hands into my flesh And say you won't reveal a scar I must have faith in this procedure It's a miracle - It's a wonder A thousand hidden needles In a thousand covered nerves Stick pins in"
  • Life Effect - Stars
    "sorry for wasting your time five long months on the telephone line hours of asking if you were fine and saying i was fine, too sorry, but i've got to go the birth was quick but the death was slow there"
  • Full Effect - Freeway
    "They got me staring at the world through my rearview Blow that baby, scream to Gotti Can't help you with your problems Thug niggas wild when I come through They can relate to my views And couple with their"
  • Cause & Effect - GangStarr
    "(guru) You ain't livin right punk, I'll have to school you Not rule you, but I'll say yo you fool yourself When you try to deny and defy written laws This means your cause has lost Think about it, take"
  • Sub-Effect - Voivod
    "The one go down is alive It is part of my flight The one inside makes a sign And keeps an eye to the light I sense panic overboard Obscure, viscid sprawling fog I hear a sonar rumour That says I'm far"
  • Mindfill Effect - Enter My Silence
    "Remodel substitutes, the dream starts here If time is stolen one crucial moment disappers and selections are re-scheduled by odd incidents Under these timid hopes it doesn't count as we are waiting something"
  • Greenhouse Effect - Testament
    "Fools the ones who stray, the rain forest burns away Know what to believe, this is the air we breathe So the world we know is dying slow in south america Flames are burning down, all the trees to the ground Time"
  • Cause & Effect - Napalm Death
    "Reproach envelopes me. a hierarchy through violence - street Society. Street society. I voice my contempt. Convinced of my immunity. Yet on a smaller scale, in my conflicted world, my resistance is Stretched. You"
  • Domino Effect - Ozma
    "chances last a finite time in the warm july nighttime every care that keeps you from your feet is a care that carries your defeat you better let 'er rip tonight with a pocket full of kryptonite every"
  • Tunnel Effect - Quo Vadis
    "I feel the fear reveal its core A darkened past caused by inner war The years have come and gone and i see the Inner Capsule still haunting me The future must hold a brighter end I must prevail, I must"
  • The Effect - A.C.T.
    "From The Stairs, Through The Door, With The Wind A Sudden Atmosphere Woke Her Up And Made Her Realize A Dream It Wasn't, No That Was A Call From A Floor, Through The Wall, To Her Room A Desperate Cry Arrived Stuck"
  • Butterfly Effect - Aldious
    "揺れる影に心我慢 闇に落ちたあの日の 示すサイン 響くメモリー 左胸に舞う 蒼い翅を畳めば 痛む心癒えるかしら きしむ音に鼓動が鳴る しゃがみこんだあの日の 記憶解除 未来予想 頭上に舞う 藍紫色は羽ばたく いつか全て消えるなら 灯された未来はもう暗闇の中 迷い込んだ私の・・・ 離れゆく翅脈を今 誓い合わすの 痛くはない今更・・・ I give you my life 甘い声に導かれ 蜜を飲み干す 逃げ切ったあなたの・・・ 奏でたしその音はもうココにないから からかわれているみたいね もがき出す翅脈を今 ゆらりうらりと 怖くはない 今なら・・・ Romaji: Yureru"
  • Laminated Effect - Nirvana
    "You said you changed! Boom boom boom (possibly drums?) Like to do experiments Do do do (possibly drums?) Why are you so mean to me?"
  • BUTTERFLY EFFECT - Travis Scott
    "All the commas Murda on the beat so it's not nice Ooh, hmm For this life, I cannot change (Change) Hidden Hills, deep off in the main (Main) M&M's, sweet like candy cane (M&M's, cane, cane) Drop the top,"
  • Placebo Effect - d4vd
    "Days go by So rapidly Oh won’t you comfort me I know what we had It was make believe Oh a placebo I can’t take a loss like that again I’d rather float off in the wind But maybe this is how it’s supposed"

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