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    "Talking about coming back to me today All of the bait The god of email wants me to stay I should obey My father told me: "Go for the pay" Go for the pay But god knows I just want to escape All of the"
  • Numic Bait
    "So you and I slowly close our eyes to this gravity fundamental lies the truth is just to hard to find in this gravity I wish to find this the only light I see is out of place so show me baby a holy mind"
  • Saliva Bait
    "Back in the day, I dedicated my life to becoming a big rock 'n roll star Back in the day, I dedicated my life to becoming a bit rock 'n roll star I began to change, and I rearranged my life So I could"
  • Holy Mother Electric
    "You live at night There's seven ways to make a dollar When the sun goes down You try to face another day You shade the light And hit the basement wall You lie aloud And you're a liar Lick the ashes from"
  • Hogwash The bait
    "I hear voices inwrought in my head (Shell of mt hallucinations) Sweet mushrooms of salvation Squeeze the odds I evaporate in daze The hoop of hovering lights Incomprehensible in the day A mumble which"
  • American Idol Guest Judge Medley
    "Let's groove tonight share the spice of life baby slice it right we're gonna groove tonight Let this groove, get you to move, it's alright, alright, alright let this groove, set in your shoes,You will"
  • Dr. Feelgood Date Bait
    "(Unknown Writer) I wake up every morning with a vacant smile Grab the telephone and call my honey child She's date bait Mine, all mine, all mine She's sweeter than any grape that ever grew on a vine Out"
  • Throbbing Gristle Slug bait
    "Slug baitCan't waitSlug slug baitCan't can't waitI crawl up the grass to your windowAnd then open up your room very slow.Slug baitCan't waitI walk into your bedroomThen I look at you with your seven months"
  • Mr. T Experience Whistle Bait
    "I see that gal comin' down the street all decked out in her dress so pink with her eyes so blue and her hair so gold she's whistlebait, she's the one for me she's whistlebait ah ah ah ah ah ah she's the"
  • Saliva Bait & Switch
    "Back in the day, I dedicated my life to becoming a big rock 'n roll star. Back in the day, I dedicated my life to becoming a bit rock 'n roll star. I began to change, and I rearranged my life. So I could"
  • Phantom Planet The Guest
    "I suppose that there's no way To break a broken heart But you've been gone I don't know how long I waited with open arms Would you please put out your cigarette? Cause the guest is getting sick of it And"
  • Kylie Minogue Magnetic Electric
    "Oh Oh Oh Oh Don't Ask Me To Dance Im Scared This Feeling's Out Of My Hands That Look Just Took My Breath Away Its Plugged Me Into You And Im Tuning In Tuning In Slowly Like A Radio (Radio, Radio) You"
  • Holy Mother Electric Love
    "You live at night There's seven ways to make a dollar When the sun goes down Say you're right You try to face another day You chase the light And hit the basement wall Say you're right You lie aloud"
  • Bouncing Souls The Guest
    "Lost somewhere and trying to find a place to belong to the empty alleys and parking lots is where I'll be when everyone goes home I like what I see it's nothing special to me and nothing's coming down"
  • ELECTRIC GUEST American Daydream
    "We keep going, don't stop running They keep selling, we don't want it So close to it almost found a way Two steps closer, they keep coming We keep yelling, we don't want it Almost better, this things about"
  • The Church Electric
    "Alone, at the end of the day As I stand before the relics Of what used to be you and me You turn with the tears in your eyes Not understanding that you are free Free of me Like songs, our warmth fades"
  • The Fall Guest Informant
    "Baghdad/Space Cog/Analyst * You'll never guess who informed It was Craig and Steve The stool pigeons, cha-cha-cha-cha... Guest informant, guest informant Guest informant, guest informant I followed"
  • Britney Spears Take The Bait
    "I got the bait to catch ya, I'm the big fish in the pond And I'm fishing with a pole, they call me Silvers John Long If that don't excite ya and I'm talkin way too much Dial Nemo and you're single Danja,"
  • The National Guest room
    "Theyre gonna send us to prison for jerksfor having vague ideas of the way to turn each other on againTheyre gonna send us to prison for jerksTheyll find us here here here in the guest roomwhere we throw"
  • Robyn Electric
    "Electric... It's electric It's a natural high Electric We don't always know why Electric Keep your ego aside Well it's electric It's a thing you can't deny Blood boils without fire Day come, day go Without"

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