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EMA - So Blonde

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EMA - So Blonde

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EMA - So Blonde
  • Bitch Alert Blonde
    "Next blocks sex shop Two girls, one room Give me your hand it dreamland Curly blond hair Satin on her This is my right my last fight Chorus: Stop your filthy lies It aint gonna be all right I dont"
  • Yugoton Ema
    "Robaka co mnie zżera wolę zalać sam Zaliczam knajpy po calutkich dniach Ale do jej spojrzenia bez przerwy coś mnie gna Do Emy ciągle wracam, Ema dobrze wie że takie dni bójkami kończą się Holuje mnie do"
  • The Weepies Suicide Blonde
    "You know the way you look makes everyone hungry You got the ways and means to make it all right Dye your hair suicide blonde Dye your hair suicide blonde Lose your identity, wander in any direction Yeah,"
  • The Tragically Hip Blonde Solid
    "Me I'm dirty all the time In a quite becoming squalor She's blonde solid She's blonde solid The kind I'd follow anywhere So I accidentally did so She's blonde solid She's blonde solid I was the funniest"
  • Q-Fish Sweet blonde
    "You - with your brown eyes - deep like a deep Forest in motion your hair - golden as the sunrise in the east (I) take a look at your neck - charming and clear like the snow your breasts are looking like"
  • Julia Marcell Piggy Blonde
    "I’ve take Use to finest that piece of me You are just a mojo Without big intendant It will take all your jazz But you don’t know What’s best for you So.. How to feeds your big heart That was march Since"
  • Exit Blonde Beauty
    "There you are, alone in your car I don't think I, know who you are But I see you smile, after a while Of driving next to me With your long blonde hair I can't help but stare I see you wave your hand in"
  • eels Strawberry Blonde
    "There she goes down in my head Saying things she never said Ee coming's coming soon But she'll be reading on the moon And I don't know why she's gone I'd welcome her in my arms But she'll always be strawberry"
  • Thievery Corporation Lebanese Blonde
    "Too low to find my way Too high to wonder why I've touched this place before Somewhere in another time Now I can hear the sun The clouds drifting through the blinds A half a million thoughts Are flowing"
  • Texas White On Blonde
    "A perfect face comes calling A perfect hand reaches out Her perfect face in the morning December girl feels the same She needs to find a place Cause she never looked so good when she was down She's blonde"
  • Fefe Dobson As A Blonde
    "I was looking in the mirror, trying to find A new reflection Wanna take the road, less traveled in A different direction Make some new mistakes Forget the ones I made Cry some tears of joy Dress more like"
  • Achim Reichel Der Blonde Hans
    "Neun Jahre fuhr er auf der Panama, Bis dieser Pott am Ende war. Der blonde Hans ist in Cayenne gestrandet, Und seine Schiffspapiere sind im Hai gelandet. Doch mit der Liebsten auf der Brust, Und nem"
  • Billy Joel Blonde Over Blue
    "Some days when I'm far away In a lonely room in a cold seclusion Some nights when I'm wound so tight There is no release, there is no solution In hell there's a big hotel Where the bar just closed and"
  • Stephen Bishop On Blonde Street
    "Well the Sun pokes thru' Blonde Street and shines on the cracks On the walls and the heartaches and they never shine back Patsy clutches her rosary and from her window she sees Lots of social interaction from"
  • Headstones Blonde And Blue
    "She makes me crazy Doesn't have a vicious bone in her body Well it ain't tasteful She says she hates me And later on, she says she's sorry Thinking of these things Hold it down Holding him down and pulling"
  • No Doubt Platinum Blonde Life
    "I'm closing all the curtains So don't you even bother And they'm calling out the murder But I'm underneath the covers And who's fooling who With this mood like a train Watch me roll over Get out of my"
  • Elvis Costello Episode Of Blonde
    "I spy for the "Spirit of Curiosity" All the scandals of each vain monstrosity I gossip and I pry and I insinuate If the failure is great Then it tends to fascinate A tornado dropped a funnel cloud with"
  • Propagandhi True (Concrete Blonde)
    "Well when I've had enough, I'll get a pick-up truck and I'll drive away. I'll take my last ten bucks just as far as it will go. Ahh sometimes I'm easily fooled, I take a painful step and I get knocked"
  • EMA 3Jane
    "Can you believe all they say it doesn't seem like it was only yesterday when you wandered out on super highway there should be a law about it when they can take videos of you of you, of you, of you, of"
  • Ian Hunter Never Trust A Blonde
    "(Darrell Bath) (Transcribed by Colin Ford) A thousand pin-up girls to Stepney to Bombay Take me to fancy restaurants to be amongst the (?) And all the blue-eyed gals of 6 foot 3 Are gonna leave you broken"

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