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  • Endless pain - Kreator
    "You cry out the aggression that is in you every day You want to kill the enemies if they cross your way In your heart is hate terror is freezin' your bones The night is so dark and you're all alone The"
  • Endless Highway - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Livin life on the Endless Highway lost miles in between.... If we never saw the world tomorrow we could go out smokin green.... You can't sell it if you never bought it theres a price to chase this dream.... Livin"
  • Endless - Endless
    "By the landscape where you're hearing the shadows sing Where clouds are dancing the dance of anxiety You can meet us there...you don't have to scare Everything is eternal We hung time and icy wind tore"
  • Endless - Crematory
    "the wind whispers my name rain drenches my skin the chill suffocates my gasp darkness conceals my scars endless love - endless fall - endless hate - endless call endless love - endless fall - endless"
  • Endless - Unearth
    "Shadows of doubt consume you The light you barely see Growing wings of sorrow, Have brought you to the winds of plague Increscent boundaries fade the way A barren future all too real And still I try to"
  • Endless - Dave Gahan
    "In the cold of the full moon On this night Time itself has sliped away Now you are mine Slowly the hours passed All through the night Together we can disappear For a while I am still I am still Watching"
  • Endless - Etro Anime
    "You've been asking what will it take Will I ever again trust your face Forgive you for past mistakes Well why should I when my life's been based On instincts that aren't in your traits Some things"
  • Endless - Icon & The Black Roses
    "She cries with the devil on her hands, now baby And she wipes her way with tears leaving me to see That she wont spend her night in vain Blood is the whisper of her pain She says Endless words with"
  • Endless - Seemless
    "I want to drown in you and fill my lungs with your breath An everlasting intertwinement Who we are, The flame in your eyes will make pale the radiant sun Our truth will be revealed when our dreams become"
  • Endless - Ride the Sky
    "I can't stop running, I know they're coming I hear the sirens closing in I can't return and I have no hope I'm on my own at the end of my rope Endless grief torturing me When all I want is freedom Instant"
  • Endless - Professional Murder Music
    "I've never seen anything that's quite like you. I've never been to a place that felt this cold. Now I feed on the worlkd you shoved me in. All these days I waited here patiently. What they say now"
  • Endless - Undun
    "Looking out on a barren wasteland Searching for some piece of me I'm frozen in this shallow quicksand Slowly drowning in ecstasy Everything comes in focus And the seasons changing The icy breath of winter"
  • Endless - Toto
    "You better wrap yourself around me It's a miracle that you've found me I can't fool myself any longer We're both willing, young and able Let's put our cards on the table This feelin's gettin' stronger I"
  • Endless - Magica
    "Dark was the night I set foot on this earth As the wheel turns I see death and rebirth And I know every end is another beginning I'm my own mother in spirit, your guide in believing What good is to run"
  • Endless - Racer X
    "Sailing on an endless seaPlaces that I've never been beforeCross the world and back for moreTravel to the rising sunCan't catch up no matter how I runOn a stone that is rolling onSometimes I'm drinkin'"
  • Endless - Cancerslug
    "i dont care if the sun burns out and brings us a new ice age i dont care if the people die whore mother natures disgrace i'll be here burning as always through their fear they will not hurt us no i dont"
  • Endless - Inna
    "As I'm going, going down I have dreamed a better place As the world turns round and round Start is always in my fate Sometimes you go away A million miles away Sometimes you don't know where Don't worry,"
  • Endless Struggle - Endless Struggle
    "I go to work everyday And I bust my back for a shitty pay Take away your fucking right I have no will, no will to fight Endless struggle Endless struggle Endless struggle Endless struggle I am so tired"
  • Bring Em Down - Fairport Convention
    "Time stood dark and silent and the stars they gave no light I wandered in an endless dream, haunted by the night I saw four ghostly riders, the horses in a line Each in turn did point at me and say I'm"
  • Shut em down - LL Cool J
    "[1st verse]I can shut a nigga down so quick my sounds so sickMy talents spread around while I'm holdin my dickMy dingling shit flip emaculate Evolutionary flows y'all want more doughMake wit the best get"

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