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ENFORCER Mesmerized By Fire

  • Mesmerized - Papa Vegas
    "(written by Joel Ferguson) Is it lost inside of you In a message that won't do Drew a picture in the sand Wiped it out with your own hand I wonder why I am lost tonight Mesmerized Mesmerized alive Seem"
  • Mesmerized - Heather Nova
    "Your face so beautiful it makes me cry I was not thinking I would get this high But here I am mesmerized Life gets heavy but bright Deeper blue, crystallized I'm so weak, so alive Mesmerized A light"
  • Mesmerized - Circle Of Dust
    "These hollow bones Before you bare In the secret sins I'd never shared Felt myself slipping away Into someone who could understand And be my only friend As time passes me by You leave me mesmerized Both"
  • Mesmerized - Celtic Frost
    "You, who like the moon at night Haunted my mortal heart ... You who made this ancient walls Shine like divine marble The unwanted breath - through creedence A derelict shell in the desert - Mesmerised"
  • Enforcer - Slapshot
    "Don't see him but he's out there Enforcer Enforcer Don't know when could come from nowhere Enforcer Enforcer Don't go mad until he gives the sign Enforcer Enforcer Cause he's the one who keeps"
  • Enforcer - Leeway
    "The man's got the magnum Bows down to none Cops and cowboys is his life And everything he's won No matter how he slices Any which way but loose Action is his vice Adrenalin his juice Turn around face"
  • Mesmerized - Lifehouse
    "Filling a space, burning a chapter of your life This was the place that only you would know Walking away; watching the ashes as they fall Reaching into your eyes I can feel you crawling through my"
  • Mesmerized - Ashanti
    "Haha yea What up ma How you been Yea I know, I know It's all good Murder inc Girl your stare those eyes I Love it when you look at me baby Your lips, your smile I Love it when you kiss me baby "
  • Mesmerized - Ja Rule
    "Haha yea What up ma, How you been?Yea I know, I know he heIt's all good Murder inc Girl your stare those eyes I Love it when you look at me baby Your lips, your smile I Love it when you kiss me"
  • Lethal Enforcer - We Are Scientists
    "You're never gonna understand what you're seeing But later you'll pretend you can and you'll mean it You might think it's all in your head but you're not certain anymore You might think it's all in your"
  • Paralyzed, Mesmerized - Sceptic
    "I will smile, while you still cry I'll be in the light, while you still hide I'll be far away, while you still sleep And I'll always remember this, believe The end of the road The end of a love The end"
  • Trial By Fire - Savage Grace
    "Disciples of Belial met we In a silent covey at the dead of night Chant: Trial by fire The initiation of blood with the covenant of death Bind the soul to a compact with hell Chant: Trial by fire Know"
  • Trial By Fire - Testament
    "Accuse you of a crime sentenced to endless time the price you have to pay won't get away! sworn in by the stand your rights are gone the system's banned they think you are a liar a trial by fire Hey! this"
  • A Portrait Destroyed By Fire - Guided By Voices
    "(R. Pollard Mitchell) pollards mumbling here Rings of blue and Rings of gold So many stories to be told It hurts be worse than it hurt you You realize now thats not true..oohh Amber, neon, wet concrete A"
  • Trail by fire - Kiss
    "Only got one life to live, I'm gonna live it, oh yeah Some people say I go to far I don't care, reachin' for the stars Gonna climb that ladder to the top Nothin' can stop me now Well, look out world 'Cause"
  • Trial By Fire - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    "(CF Turner, Blair Thornton, Rob Bachman, Randy Murray) Out in the street, in the meat market beat, where life strives in the heat of the night Deals are being struck and the goods are laid down, there's"
  • Trial By Fire - Judas Priest
    "Shot down in cold blood Didn't know my name No one understood So I took the blame Where I left my mark When the system fail You are in my grasp Hid behind your bell But out of guilt Branded a liar (Liar,"
  • Trial By Fire - Journey
    "Treasures in the jars of clay Let the light shine out of darkness Fallen down but not destroyed It's just another trial by fire In my song I'll send a prayer Do you know me, do you hear me Where the will"
  • Baptism By Fire - Marduk
    "Baptism by fire Feel the wrath of Satan's relenless flames Ungodly desires When god is lost and on his planet hellfire reigns War master makes his call As death descending out of clear blue sky A hailstorm"
  • Who By Fire? - Leonard Cohen
    "And who by fire, who by water, who in the sunshine, who in the night time, who by high ordeal, who by common trial, who in your merry merry month of may, who by very slow decay, and who shall I say is"

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