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ENHYPEN tamed-dashed

  • Tamed-Dashed - ENHYPEN (엔하이픈)
    "Should i be tamed Flash of desire enchanting me Dreams beautiful And grotesque Keep changing shape Oh twisted and tangled Dilemma of choice within dimensions Taking a step Makes me afraid I hate „to by"
  • Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
    "For those who don't know me, I can get a bit crazy Have to get my way, 24 hours a day 'Cause I'm hot like that Every guy everywhere just gives me mad attention Like I'm under inspection, I always get the"
  • Bite Me - ENHYPEN (엔하이픈)
    "Teledysk "Bite Me" grupy Enhypen nakręcono w ruinach Zamku Krzyżtopór w Ujeździe w województwie świętokrzyskim. It's you and me in this world 내게로 다시 와 tie me 날 구원할 거라면 Just come kiss me and bite me (Oh,"
  • Given-Taken - ENHYPEN (엔하이픈)
    "Wake up in day one First day morning Lights shining Eyes of the sun The light burned me The light blinded me But i go now Follow my dreams Dive ibto red sun No lie Countless stars Countless moons I"
  • Drunk-Dazed - ENHYPEN (엔하이픈)
    "Beautiful and brilliant My glittering viosion is a diamond In a world with no rules Everything’s been turned upside down Turning up the party, now My feet up in teh sky, wow People going ha ha high Ringing"
  • Blessed-Cursed - ENHYPEN (엔하이픈)
    "Oh-oh-oh-woah We go! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go Wake up 이제 눈을 떠 가짜 축복 속에서 I-I-I-I wanna be, wanna be, on my way, I bet 날 가두는 경계선 네 룰 따윈 집어치워 I-I-I-I wanna be, wanna I-I-I-I, way, I bet 꺼진 줄 알았어 내 맘속"
  • Not Over Till The Fat Lady Plays The Demo - De La Soul
    "DOVE: Standing on the corner building. Seen the path. Looking at the corner streetlight, walking, and waiting for my brother to come over and then someone tapped me on my shoulder. 180 degrees I did. Oh"
  • You Talk Too Much - Ruth Ann
    "I hear your voice just blah, blah, blah The trace you leave is just ha ha Update your mind, you must be tamed Cause you talk talk talk too much I think you love to hear your voice What can I do to stop"
  • Devil's Daughter - Hank Williams III
    "Well, If the Devil's got a Daughter I got her in my arms She drinks Gin and water When she hears those, lonely country songs She'll howl all night long Well, she just can't be tamed, she's a burnin flame Well,"
  • Devil's Daughter - Hank Williams Sr.
    "Well, If the Devil's got a Daughter I got her in my arms She drinks Gin and water When she hears those, lonely country songs She'll howl all night long Well, she just can't be tamed, she's a burnin flame Well,"
  • Lies - Kelly Family
    "I never told you any lies,knowing all your little chance,has made me own summers,I never be the same, never again.He never told me any lies.He always tried to be so fair.If he miss a time or twohe's just"
  • Lies - The Kelly Family
    "I never told you any lies, knowing all your little chance, has made me own summers, I never be the same, never again. He never told me any lies. He always tried to be so fair. If he miss a time or"
  • Maybe California - Tori Amos
    "hey Mrs. see, please don't jump"why not, nothing is making sense anymore to meI don't know when I stopped making him smile.Now the kids see me cry all the time."From one mother to the otherThey'll never"
  • Eve Of Salvation - Confessor
    "the hinderance of thought and dashed hopes of repute hanging compulsion leaves a grievous view a malignant outlock grows darker everyday another consumption of pain another leaven of dismay glutton for"
  • Outrage - Serial Joe
    "You wanna take it to the next level Walkin' among the streets and burn like the devil I don't know what's causin' your rage Everybody wants to know why, 'cause it's an outrage. Listen up or pay the price,"
  • Perfect and true - Ryan Adams
    "Moon, moon licks the sky with a strawberry tongue And I feel like I'm coming undone Ooh, can you hear me? Ooh, can you hear me? Tamed, tamed with the lungs of an old iron boat If you are cold you can borrow"
  • Wrath Of Mine - Vreid
    "There is a primal instinct that can not be tamed There is a destructive power that can not be named I wallow in my filth and treasure the stains Branded by the blood in my veins Hate and rade Will not"
  • Blue Blue Ocean - Echo And The Bunnymen
    "One in a million one and the same looking for freedom born to be tamed Once in a lifetime one of these days gonna grab me a lifeline swinging my way I'm swimming out on a blue blue ocean you're"
  • Baobabs - Regina Spektor
    "You have tamed meNow you must take meHow am I supposed to beI don't have my thorns nowBut I feel them sproutingThey'll grow right through if I don't watch themThey'll grow right through even if I watch"
  • Indigo Is Blue - Catherine Wheel
    "Far from the place where I start Is a message that you bring Dashed aside and torn apart Apologizing as I write Sometimes I fade away Sometimes I fade away Sometimes I fade away Sometimes... The shame"

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