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ENSLAVED Herbrand Larsen Making of RIITIIR

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ENSLAVED Herbrand Larsen Making of RIITIIR

  • Enslaved - Motley Crue
    "Alright alright this life is what you make it. Don't slide... you can't compromise You click your heels 3 times imagination goes wild.. You can't analyze So be sure that you are makin the best of what"
  • Larsen - Atomica
    "i've built a union of defeat to the guard the falling of my dreams and you can take it all away but theres so little left to seize i try my best to overcome i must have tried a million times so much is"
  • Enslaved - Agent Steel
    "They pray to the universe To end all their misery Caused by their ignorance They pray to those who would be king TO GODZ - We gave to men TO GODZ - Who never were Created by our council to divert their"
  • Enslaved - Pink Cream 69
    "Plastic people in this new dimension Can you read between the lines? Sick and tired of getting your attention Can you hear me in your minds? What is your intention? Just a slave to the grave Got to think"
  • Enslaved - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    "Can't believe the world is a place for lies Can't believe the world is only rules by power (alone) Can't believe that everyone humbles before repression But I'm very sure; we're damned for downfall. Children"
  • Enslaved - Xspace
    "by Costin Tuculescu She thinks she lives in a world, where she doesn't belong, she thinks she's found herself, falling down far. And all the time she spends, the further she depends, and life's children, are"
  • Oh Larsen B - British Sea Power
    "You're fractured and cold but your heart is unbroken My favourite foremost coastal Antarctic shelf Oh Larsen B, oh you can fall on me Oh Larsen B, desalinate the barren sea Oh I, I think it's over again Like"
  • Forever Enslaved - Sacrifice
    "Trapped in his spell, leads you to hell the new Messiah emerges Promise of new life, drawn by strife Led into psychotic will Smell the tainted air, your soul stripped bare Weak thoughts are lured The cult"
  • Subconsciously Enslaved - Suffocation
    "Impure thoughts provoke my mind, undeniable deeds I implore Sickness helps fill the void, I feel I must react Is it me am I alone Is it me am I alone Why do I think this way have I been pushed to far Nothing"
  • Larsen - Zazie
    "Le rveil, tout les matins c'est pareil Je ne l'entend pas C'est comme a C'est comme a Tout ces bruits que tu fais courrir sur moi Ca ne m'atteint pas C'est mieu comme a Tant qu'on se parlera sur ce"
  • We Are Enslaved - Working Title
    "(Verse 1) I was licking the wound on my side Just like the animals I see at night Dragging me through the depths of My mind the fear closes my eyes Wishing I could be folded up tight In the walls of the"
  • Enslaved By Propaganda - Terrorizer
    "Entrapment by society corporation propagandist Money making gain for power gimmicks and lies slaves to the system Why? Irresistible Break down system to the game the economy suffers Third world nations suffer"
  • Enslaved And Condemned - Old Man's Child
    "Elements of war In cold human detest Scan the world Invade, kill the rest No remorse Come forth, demonize Break through Infest their soil In silence of night as hell returns Evil's might completes Raise"
  • From The Desk Of B. Larsen - Spitalfield
    "We drove through the night, listening to pavement on the stereo, and wondering to ourselves, will we see the sunrise, before the drugs wear off? Crossed so many borders that cease to exist at least for"
  • Enslaved to My Wrath - Fleshgrind
    "I can see into your feeble mind The weakness the lies within Exploited subconsciousness As we travel down into the darkness That lies within you You can see that I'm your only hope Only light and salvation Plead"
  • Enslaved By The Madness - Kronos
    "Madness, cancer of the rain Like worms on a carrion Like ravens on a corpse Like wolves after their prey Like vermin on the guts Like vampires on the blood Like cannibals on the flesh Enslaved by the"
  • Enslaved To The Mind - Twilightning
    "Deeper, I wanna go, hesitating no longer! Mr. Reaper, let me show, my soul has grown much stronger Deeper, I'd surely go, if I had no doubt about it So, bear out it! I wanna know who will stifle my screams"
  • Enslaved - Diva Destruction
    "Enslaved by your beauty Enslaved by your touch Enslaved by this feeling that tempts me too much So pick your poison And choose your passion's price Forever drowning in these endless escapes So let go"
  • Immaculate / Enslaved By Need - Nightfall
    "(Music: Christian / Lyrics: Efthimis) "Forcing" now your life For ending it up in the sky In the kingdom of your god Far from earth's "trap" Face now the end As your flesh's gone ripped In the sight"
  • Making Evenings - Lake Of Tears
    "Where is the color of my evening deep red Lost in the middle of the morning rays, he said Heading for the heart of a different sun Hopeful and high and set to get one, now she's gone Dark park moon balloon,"

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