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EPMD Get The Bozack

  • Get The Bozack - EPMD
    "Ah yeah, vacation's over Suckers still pickin on the four-leaf clover As I say mic check, EPMD's in effect Snappin necks and cashin large checks As I flex then wrecks -- so E, what's next? Shazam, let"
  • Mr. Bozack - EPMD
    "Good morning Mr. Bozack, time to wake up the nuts (For what) to hit the shower, so I can wash the butt Damn (Last night was crazy) word life, I had a blast It was ass for days, nuts had a full tank"
  • Get The Bozack (version Of "Out Of Business II") - EPMD
    "Yeah, vacation's over As I say mic check, in eighty-nine, time to wreck Tellin all the sucker crab MC's to step EPMD's in effect Snappin necks and cashin large checks, youknowhatI'msayin? And we gonna"
  • ePMd - Zeus
    "Spadłem na dno by grę wywrócić do góry nogami. Ci, co mnie szczuli wersami są dziś upolowani. Ci, co się czuli królami są dziś ugotowani. Korony po nich mi chrzęszczą między zębami. Jestem jedynką między"
  • I Shot The Sheriff(Epmd Remix) - Warren G
    "--Chorus-- I shot the sheriff --Chorus-- Verse One: I had to shoot the sheriff it was justifiable he mistaked me for somebody who was liable for all tha many murders l.a and war fields we keep makin"
  • Get Off The Bandwagon - EPMD
    "Ayo, what's up E Double? Yo, whole thing man, got a lot of customers out there man, trying to get paid off what we made. Ayo, rapping ain't your field, you took the wrong trade. So you'd better"
  • The Ill Shit - EPMD
    "(chorus, ice cube) With tha boom and ping! Listen to the ill shit that I bring bring! (repeats 4 times) (erick sermon) What's the 411? Erick sermon, ice cube, and kam are here to get the job done So"
  • The Big Payback - EPMD
    "Aiyyo whassup E Double? Yo whassup man? Yo these crab MC's got us trapped up behind these walls man But I'm ready to break out of here and do this, yaknahmsayin? So what's the magic word? Open Sesame,"
  • The Hype - EPMD
    "{beastie boys sample: "here's a little story I gots to tell" repeats in background} (erick sermon) Hype, one two like that y'all Check it out one two y'all It's the beat, that make it one and two y'all It's"
  • Back To The Rap - EPMD
    "(pmd) So let's get it on - like marvin gaye; hey Is that that nigga, from "you a customer"? you're f**kin a Is for apple, j's for jack black B is for bozack, and n is for the nutsac (what's j for? ) the"
  • Get Wit This - EPMD
    "Last man standing, like Bruce Willis, about to kill with this Niggaz feel this, the masters of realness In your town to get down, so give your man a pound Let him know what's goin down, take a pull and"
  • The Big Payback (version Of "Out Of Business II") - EPMD
    "Yo whassup P? Yo, whassup E Double? How bout the crab MC's out there? No doubt Tried to mess with The Squadron Straight up Knowin they ain't got no wins Nut-ting, nut-ting Knahmsayin? Gotta let"
  • Strictly snappin necks - EPMD
    "Just when you thought it was safe to make records The rap duo is back, it's time to start wreckin E Double swingin high *scratch* I'm swingin low Washin wannabees down, with some H20 As I go blow to blow,"
  • It's Going Down - EPMD
    "Owww! Get on down Well, it's the E wit the juice, I'm down to get loose Strapped in black wit the nine by the boots Hardcore funk that make ya wanna pump a chump My posse's thick, so I will never"
  • Brothers From Brentwood L.I. - EPMD
    "EPMD fans stay focused, E's about to freak it Hardcore, but not rough enough to bleep it So relax and chill, get down with the brother And like Damon Wayans, we're Living in black Colour Sheik, the beats"
  • Rap Is Still Outta Control - EPMD
    "Rap is outta control! Hey, hey rap, rap.. (for sure dude) wait what, wait Aiy, rap is outta control Hold on! Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yi-yeah yeah yeah yi-yeah yeah Erick and Parrish, Busta Bus, check"
  • Richter Scale - EPMD
    "Check one Uh-huh Yeah, aww yeah, uhh "Richter Scale" It goes lights, camera, action I'm on One more time to kill em, my rap flow is fulfilling I scream with the Beastie Boys -- What time is it? It's"
  • Head Banger - EPMD
    "Negroes!!!!!!!! The head banger, WHAT? The head banger Parrish Smith gettin wreck The head banger Ka-rank the boombox as my sound knock from blocks as I chill, and bust grills you take snapshots of"
  • I Saw It Cummin' - EPMD
    "Check check it out check it out Check check it out check it out Pmd's in tha house Check check it out check it out Hit squad in the house Check check it out check it out Word em' up, blackzone, hitsquad Verse"
  • Brothers On My Jock - EPMD
    "Brothers on my jock for the way I hold a piece of steel So what cha saying I go wild as I sip from a cold Lowenbrau Set up rhymes like fire to gunpowder Boom, did the bassline crank From being rated"

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