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Earned It grey

  • Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) - The Weeknd
    "You make it look like it’s magic Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you I'm never confused Hey, hey I'm so used to being used So I love when you call unexpected Cause I hate when the moment's expected So"
  • You Haven't Earned It - Assemblage 23
    "You crave attention As if it's due to you You want permission To behave as badly as you do You want respect, but You don't act respectable You want fame to fill the void Where you once had a soul Chorus: But"
  • Grey - Spineshank
    "Undo this guilt Bathing in filth Grey - That lurks inside of me Grey - Feel I can't take it Grey - That works inside of me Grey Slowly I run hurt me for fun Grey - That lurks inside of me Grey - Feel"
  • Grey - Yellowcard
    "Grey skies clouding up the things we used to see with wide eyes Maybe everything was meant to be this way Will it ever change But are we stuck here on our own (Chorus) It's all gone grey It's all gone"
  • Grey - The 69 Eyes
    "Please stay - don't let it burn away As the night draws It shadows on you And the darkness Turns you blue As the darkness turns to blue And the night follows you Don't let the moonlight burn you Please"
  • Grey - New Young Pony Club
    "Oh, my swansong sounds like a remedy Take your bad medicine You can't catch me, no you can't catch me Load me up Sometimes it fits like I wanna see But then these fits take a hold of me And that noise"
  • Grey - Bathory
    "They say we're free to speak to speak whatever we may haveto say and that we're free to wear it all in every fucking way.It's up to fucking you to fulfill your damned fucking lifewith ease and to carry"
  • Grey - Subb
    "Pick it up fights, don't know who's wrong or right Your senseless battle scares me sometimes Mass racism, driven with terrorism Who said that's the way to rule the world? Destroying our lives, destroying"
  • Grey - Sarah Bettens
    "This is what I've learned so far Everything is grey Few things are forever and it hurts when good things fade you can't be my everything And I am not half you but you can make it all worth while and that's"
  • Grey - Moon Of Steel
    "I'm here It's what you want Dreaming Only to save me Hear you Strong what you say Feeling sorrow and pain now For your silence Sadness They get you vile and stronger You're laughing for tears I give you How"
  • Grey - Fireflight
    "Why do we stand here, you and me my friend? I see you've fallen down, turned around again. I watched you grow up tall, always had your head up in the clouds. You know I love you, always stand by"
  • Grey - Paradise Lost
    "In this autumn rain We're blessed with autumn skies (autumn skies) I'm doing it for myself Not somebody else I'm doing it for myself Calling out in shame Silence engrained Crying out your name Something"
  • Grey - Strife
    "The future is dead for many of those who have fallen refusing to let it go Addiction we're victim of affliction We're choking these walls are caving in We keep pushing This world is bleeding Is this our"
  • Grey - Charon
    "Frail as ice I shall rise for the repent you've been haunting for Devil's smile beneath the eyes I caress Pierced to be nothing but me in the everlasting race of hate We're blessed to breath yet I can't"
  • A well earned reputation - J Church
    "I take the PATH to the city, The other three take the chance to sleep, Lack of the same and I feel shitty, My commute turns to a creep, I walk in crowds on dirty streets, Lack of sleep and swear it burns"
  • Till We Earned A Holiday - Anniversary, The
    "Anniversary, The Designing A Nervous Breakdown Till We Earned A Holiday You're standing off the white church and you're pitching me three words It yells a name falling off of - off my list of names Those"
  • Till We Earned A Holiday - The Anniversary
    "You're standing off the white church and you're pitching me three words It yells a name falling off of - off my list of names Those crashing lights, life is just like that - it's easy to forget We make"
  • Faded Grey - Faded Grey
    "How did that feeling fade? It was only yesterday that I stood by your side. Now I'm left asking why? How did that feeling die? I think of you and I burn inside. All those feelings that we shared,"
  • You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby - The Smiths
    "On '''[ ]''' by '''[ ]''' If you're wondering why All of the love that you long for eludes you And people are rude and cruel to you I'll tell you why I'll tell you why I'll tell you why YOU JUST haven't"
  • Grey Day - The Guess Who
    "It's been 31 years since we've had a grey day Puffy white clouds reflecting city lights may Cause my friends to run away Gun metal grey is the color of this day Puffy white clouds in front and behind"

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