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Earth Crisis Fortress

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Earth Crisis Fortress

  • Fortress - Earth Crisis
    "Encircled. Sodom's children on every side. Feeding their selfishness with no regard for the pain that their actions bring. Forked tounges spill promises of release through submission through carnal thoughts."
  • Earth Crisis - Steel Pulse
    "The Earth is the Lord's And the fullness thereof now Gave man his love and they Reward him with violence And in these last days Lend ears to what I say Man in his ignorant state "
  • Quarter Life Crisis - Liars Academy
    "I'd like to change So many thing Change my face My sensibility Night falls and I fall Asleep and I dream Of fast cars Palm trees And movie stars I'd like to change So many things The sun and moon And the"
  • Fortress - Rage
    "The wall inside, he built to defend himself. He needs to hide, to keep independency. The race is on, it can't be won. A fortress in you head one step among the dead. Security for fear, a fortress, caging"
  • Fortress - Gorky Park
    "We are facing the night together Sitting side by side You are like a guarded fortress Ready for a try Side by side - I feel the call Side by side - just like my first girl But I know your fortress Your"
  • Fortress - Jennifer Rush
    "Ill be a river and flow into you Everyday, steady and strong And I wont ever leave you I wont ever hurt or let you down Ill always receive you In this harbor youve found Nothings gonna take this thing"
  • Fortress - System Of A Down
    "Edmund Kemper solved it allHe fooled the shrinksFooled the shrinksIt then apears the proclaimationHe fooled the shrinksFooled the shrinksEdmund Kemper solved it allHe fooled the shrinksFooled the shrinksIt"
  • Fortress - Ace Troubleshooter
    "So now a hush falls on my heart My mind at ease, apologies as I start Overcome, love holds me near Pitiful boy, oh I am awed, try to be so sincere I come into Your presence falling on my knees Beautiful"
  • Fortress - Sister Hazel
    "It's bitter Tastes a lot like winter And will it- release me So heavy How much more to bring down the levy And kill me - don't kill me I've been stayin' high... And I've been feelin' sorry For"
  • Fortress - The Fall
    "Two hours! With four left wing kids I spent time in Nazi Fortress Much discussion in room C-H-1-O-C-H-11 I did not understand why I could not accept the fact that I'd accepted the contract Much discussion"
  • Fortress - Pinback
    "Too long til fall. Sick summer in bed. You and a lazy mood. 10 times the fall. Spread, sacked, and I've failed. Nobody Move. To far (long) to fall. Sat shiver in bed. You and a test of will. Too many"
  • Fortress - Dala
    "and I will watch you disappear from my fortress over here and i will never understand every hearts a foreign land and i'm so afraid to so afraid to love you and I will turn my eyes away from the harsh"
  • Fortress - Fall
    "Two hours!With four left wing kidsI spent time in Nazi FortressMuch discussion in room C-H-1-O-C-H-11I did not understand whyI could not accept the factthat I'd accepted the contractMuch discussion in"
  • Crisis - Fear Factory
    "You that I despise Repentance of sorts Death comes naturally Not from a hated war Repentance Repentance of faith Repentance of hope Repentance of hate Not my war Soldiers marching on Not my war Soldiers"
  • The Fortress - Human Fortress
    "Romuald was the golden child and embraced His king died in coldest winters war His castle burned with flames of greed and wild desire It should be his amberdawn Romuald's hands covered his father's eyes The"
    "Crisis If I killed your father with a drone bomb How would you feel? Crisis If I killed your mother with a drone bomb How would you feel? Father If I killed your children with a drone bomb How would"
  • Crisis - The Kelly Family
    "Sweetest angels are still crying, Because, my baby, the world is dying. But if they continue crying, Their wings will break, that's bad for flying. I'm going through my crisis, my crisis, Paying prices"
  • Crisis - Dirt
    "So this is the crisis they knew had to come, why do they act so surprised? you know they've been warned often enough, we wont take any more lies. And this is the crisis they tried to ignore prevention"
  • Crisis - Creeper Lagoon
    "When I wake up Throughout I start up Guess I miss the heart you tore up Wait a minute, you didn't finish There's still something you couldn't reach I don't want to be a midlife crisis I don't want to"
  • Crisis - Sebadoh
    "Story of water stronger than a man Town crier: day of the dam! More than a hundred years ago The flood raged on fast and cold Smashed barrels and broken chests Bridgework carried along to rest Crisis;"

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