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Earth Crisis Killing Brain Cells

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Earth Crisis Killing Brain Cells

  • Killing Brain Cells - Earth Crisis
    "Roaches crawl in the filth of vice, what is deserved is what they receive. Suffer the pain they bring to themselves then deny the ruin. Try to shift the blame onto those who are unresponsible. Sink down"
  • Earth Crisis - Steel Pulse
    "The Earth is the Lord's And the fullness thereof now Gave man his love and they Reward him with violence And in these last days Lend ears to what I say Man in his ignorant state "
  • Brain Cell - CunninLynguists
    "Cunninlynguists Brain Cell Lyrics (Verse 1: Deacon) You was manifested in an egg, developed in a womb Born out of a moon belly, first day of doom Crying out like you wanna be put back in there Maybe later"
  • Killin' Brain Cells - Kid Rock
    "Kid rock that's right you know I'm back ho From the dead where I had to lay low Seems strange but I ain't changed nothing Pot smokin' beer drinkin' mother fucker that's me In the flesh and I guess I'm"
  • Crisis - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    "They say the sun, shines for all But in some people world, it never shine at all They say love is a stream, that will find its course Some people life is a dream So they making matters worse But no matter"
  • Ghetto Crisis - Z-RO
    "(talking) Brass knuckle knife, Mafia me and my family Jail, hell or paradise, am I my brother's keeper Forever twice, what's none of the dark will Come to the street life, zero tolerance Taking no shorts,"
  • Crisis Bleedings - Kalisia
    ": "Life Flowing waterways My life is like a game I am so happy with my life Today's another day Where the rules are so unreal I can fly in the sky, walk among the clouds I can go deep down underseas of"
  • Killing - Subhumans
    "You-You're driving me insane But you know there's something wrong with my brain My head is really in a whirl You look just like a normal girl (Chorus:) But you don't really care It happens everywhere You"
  • Earth People - Dr. Octagon
    "Verse 1 First patient, pull out the skull, remove the cancer Breakin' his back, chisel necks for the answer Supersonic bionic robot voodoo power Equator ex my chance to flex skills on Ampex With power"
  • Crisis Of Life - Armored Saint
    "Intruder alert continues to flirt And stagger and trip up my life The sinister thoughts unfairly rots My brain can't put up a fight Oh the nightmare Can it be put to an end The fact is I know I'm not"
  • Mid-Death Crisis - Stampin' Ground
    "Another day, another trial Another eternity spent in denial Of the fact that we mean so very little Face up to your mid-death crisis The darkness, it blinds me The misery always finds me The soul dissection Try"
  • Crisis Of Disorder - Kreator
    "Searching - for reality to hold on to Phobia - detonation without cause Terror - out of traumatic reaction Raging - symptom of a shattered past Restless soul on fire Schizophrenic grace Intense destructive"
  • Quarter Life Crisis - Liars Academy
    "I'd like to change So many thing Change my face My sensibility Night falls and I fall Asleep and I dream Of fast cars Palm trees And movie stars I'd like to change So many things The sun and moon And the"
  • Brain Dead - Flotsam And Jetsam
    "How much time will it take Till I know how much longer How many beatings do I have to take Till I know I am stronger How much space will it take Till I know where I am How many times do I have to do Before"
  • Brain Damage - Autopsy
    "Underneath the skin Breeding takes place Mindmelting reproductives Insects in your face Parasitic domination Nervous system blown Veinous vermin cannibalize Brain cells sawn and strewn Mirror showing maggots Squirming"
  • My Brain - Trees
    "(by Yuk and Tree) In the damp cramp horrors of my wretched brain there lurk these little creature sleeches drive me insane My brain My pain Why is it your need? Why is it your feed? why don't you let it"
  • Einstein Brain - Admiral Freebee
    "she gave me a six month sentence for not being charming towards her friends with two hands you eat one hand to greet everything she said sounded like a repeat since 1983 we did not once agree so let's"
  • Runaway Brain - Cadaver
    "Senses takes off from the world outside Exposed enough, it's to hide A life that was confined in a liar All alone nothing to share Crisis will no longer exist In your mind that's full of mist Relief and"
  • Brain Dead - Project Deadman
    "I might as well share the rest of the bad news with you (Prozak) In my dreams I got visions of dead bodies decomposin Chokin from the smoke from the blast of the explosives Plastic detonations all my"
  • The Cell - Erykah Badu
    "Girl came through, the light skin honey with the cinnamon smell, Girl was so enticing, baby, make a n**** choose hell Momma hopped up on cocaine Daddy on space ships with no brain Sister gone numb the"

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