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Earth Crisis New Ethic

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Earth Crisis New Ethic

  • New Ethic - Earth Crisis
    "This is the new ethic. Animals' lives are their own and must be given respect. Reject the anthropocentric falsehood that maintains the oppressive hierarchy of mankind over the animals. It's time to"
  • Earth Crisis - Steel Pulse
    "The Earth is the Lord's And the fullness thereof now Gave man his love and they Reward him with violence And in these last days Lend ears to what I say Man in his ignorant state "
  • Ethic Of The Pioneer - A Northern Chorus
    "Here the call, look out on the road beyond, Through glass and blood that runs along the rusted can that's home. Ploughing through the cities dust and stench that's new Local traffic stalled a while, Is"
  • Identity Crisis - The Sweet
    "Everybody loves a star Makes no difference who you are It's a good game when you're winning They don't see you in the rain When you're crsis are pain Do I find a new beginning No time to loose Identity"
  • Identity Crisis - Sweet
    "Everybody loves a star Makes no difference who you are It's a good game when you're winning They don't see you in the rain When you're crsis are pain Do I find a new beginning No time to loose Identity"
  • Identity Crisis - Screeching Weasel
    "you got an identity crisis who are you and what do you believe and why do you care what i think well i believe that you're taking up space so make up your mind right now or get on your way so many verses"
  • Identity Crisis - Alice Cooper
    "Sometimes I'm James Bond Sometimes I'm Billy The Kid Sometimes I feel like Sherlock Holmes Sometimes I feel like Jack The Ripper 'Cause I got an image out of control Identity crisisis I don't need a new"
  • Folksong Crisis - Seafood
    "Walk hand in hand on roadsides clear Swift to understand, but not quite there But it's like they always say too much too soon Will get you in the end so what's new Meet in stolen cars on woodland plains A"
  • Family Crisis - Mase
    "Huddy Combs bring it home, we don't stop Jimmy Jones all alone, we don't stop Loon crime fam', we don't stop Meeno, NRB, we don't stop To my man Blinky Blink, we don't stop My sis Baby Stase, she don't"
  • New Earth - Johnny Clegg & Savuka
    "The watchman's fire is burning but the watchman has gone The singer knows the words but she cn't recall the song The passenger is waiting but the train won't come The telephone is ringing but to answer"
  • Earth - Beborn Beton
    "A giant cloud up in the sky The things she saw she hardly could spell Honey, don't stay too long in the sun, said Mom And Julia doesn't feel well Waters are dying but they're still blue Blue as they were"
  • Quarter Life Crisis - Liars Academy
    "I'd like to change So many thing Change my face My sensibility Night falls and I fall Asleep and I dream Of fast cars Palm trees And movie stars I'd like to change So many things The sun and moon And the"
  • A New Earth - Einherjer
    "She sees arise A second time Earth from the sea Dressed evergreen Fairier than all Waterfalls flow As from a dream For us it still is Once again strangely wonderful Golden chessmen be found again On the"
  • American Ethic - Aus Rotten
    "I work all day in a factory Making parts for bombs I'll never see I have to support a family American ethic will set me free I work in a forest cutting trees I work in a lab creating disease Dressed in"
  • Crisis - Fear Factory
    "You that I despise Repentance of sorts Death comes naturally Not from a hated war Repentance Repentance of faith Repentance of hope Repentance of hate Not my war Soldiers marching on Not my war Soldiers"
    "Crisis If I killed your father with a drone bomb How would you feel? Crisis If I killed your mother with a drone bomb How would you feel? Father If I killed your children with a drone bomb How would"
  • Crisis - The Kelly Family
    "Sweetest angels are still crying, Because, my baby, the world is dying. But if they continue crying, Their wings will break, that's bad for flying. I'm going through my crisis, my crisis, Paying prices"
  • Crisis - Dirt
    "So this is the crisis they knew had to come, why do they act so surprised? you know they've been warned often enough, we wont take any more lies. And this is the crisis they tried to ignore prevention"
  • Crisis - Creeper Lagoon
    "When I wake up Throughout I start up Guess I miss the heart you tore up Wait a minute, you didn't finish There's still something you couldn't reach I don't want to be a midlife crisis I don't want to"
  • Personality Crisis - New York Dolls
    "wa wa wa wa wa wa wa no no no no no no no no no na na na well we can't take her this week and her friends all want another speech hoping for a better day to hear what she's got to say all about the personality"

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