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Earth Crisis Wither

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Earth Crisis Wither

  • Wither - Earth Crisis
    "Near lifeless skin stretched over a prone skeleton. An image branded for all time within my memory. Pursuit began seeking pleasure delivered with a price, though an illusion of instant bliss enticed."
  • Earth Crisis - Steel Pulse
    "The Earth is the Lord's And the fullness thereof now Gave man his love and they Reward him with violence And in these last days Lend ears to what I say Man in his ignorant state "
  • Wither - Unified Theory
    "Fill the hole with a single perforation Makes the mountains look big enough from where I'm sitting Poking through the skin your wearing The spike has a way of dimming you life And so I'll sit and watch"
  • Wither - Dream Theater
    "Let it out, let it out Feel the empty Space So insecure find the words and let it out Staring down, staring down Nothing comes to mind Find the place turn the water into wine But i feel im getting nowhere And"
  • Wither - World War Four
    "Weak and feeble, gaunt and drawn Pins and needles, crown of thorns Bring me not your cup of pain bring no more your dirty stain In my sleep you come you creep In my veins the pain runs deep And I creep"
  • Wither - Cephalic Carnage
    "He corrupts our youth and makes them fiend, a bastard of a human being, rapes the soul and steals their dreams. Forced to live in infamy, all in the name of cash, sucking your life dry, never thinking"
  • Wither - Himsa
    "Another whole of nothing Fit to size Based on shattered Bit by shallow Jump the chance to prove them wrong Always passing the infinite With inquisition It's never me It's never me It's never no one Let"
  • Wither - Farse
    "Once this shimmered like spaceships, in fogged rear, view glass, new voids bigger, sealed with elasto, plast and wither away, will it never reduce to ashes? what seemed like fate swept beneath two blankets. Using"
  • Wither - Keepsake
    "Nothing remains. Was there anything anyway? Why prolong the painful existence? Emptiness is not a reason for me to continue. How long until I end it all? It's all disappearing. Withering and slowly dying. I"
  • Wither - Evemaster
    "I fell on my knees, without mercy I could feel the noose strangle me My eyes couldn't see, I couldn't speak When the season of withering came on to me Close to the ledge of life, I will bleed for your"
  • Wither - Circus Maximus
    "It's late at night, I watch the stars shine I plead for giveness I sit alone and watch a candle burn Forgotten memories, I rise to make my turn I stand alone and watch the moonlight The last I remember"
  • Wither - Stavesacre
    "The pain will come With the morning sun Will the night betray the day Blistered skin Withered from within Scratch to shed this shell away Will you know my name Or will I hang my head in shame Will someone"
  • Wither - Rentrer en Soi
    "Subete hai e to ishiki sae mo owari wo tsugeteyukuIma wa kasanseta tanmei no kioku wo tsumugiKore de kuchihatete tsuchi e kaeruKoe ga kareru made setsuna ni sakebu oroka niHikisakareteku honoo no naka"
  • Quarter Life Crisis - Liars Academy
    "I'd like to change So many thing Change my face My sensibility Night falls and I fall Asleep and I dream Of fast cars Palm trees And movie stars I'd like to change So many things The sun and moon And the"
  • Crisis - Fear Factory
    "You that I despise Repentance of sorts Death comes naturally Not from a hated war Repentance Repentance of faith Repentance of hope Repentance of hate Not my war Soldiers marching on Not my war Soldiers"
    "Crisis If I killed your father with a drone bomb How would you feel? Crisis If I killed your mother with a drone bomb How would you feel? Father If I killed your children with a drone bomb How would"
  • Crisis - The Kelly Family
    "Sweetest angels are still crying, Because, my baby, the world is dying. But if they continue crying, Their wings will break, that's bad for flying. I'm going through my crisis, my crisis, Paying prices"
  • Crisis - Dirt
    "So this is the crisis they knew had to come, why do they act so surprised? you know they've been warned often enough, we wont take any more lies. And this is the crisis they tried to ignore prevention"
  • Crisis - Creeper Lagoon
    "When I wake up Throughout I start up Guess I miss the heart you tore up Wait a minute, you didn't finish There's still something you couldn't reach I don't want to be a midlife crisis I don't want to"
  • Crisis - Sebadoh
    "Story of water stronger than a man Town crier: day of the dam! More than a hundred years ago The flood raged on fast and cold Smashed barrels and broken chests Bridgework carried along to rest Crisis;"

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