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Eddy b underdog

  • Underdog - Giorgio Moroder
    "Been in this place for just a short time up from the country to have a good time - in the city. Every job he takes he's used and abused by boss-men want him to lick their shoes - in the city. Underdog underdog you're"
  • Underdog - Anastacia
    "I know how it feels to expect to get a fair shake But they won't let you forget You're the underdog and you got to be twice as good (yeah) Even if you're never right They get uptight when you got too"
  • Underdog - Sly & The Family Stone
    "Hey dig! I know how it feels to expect to get a fair shake But they won't let you forget That you're the underdog and you've got to be twice as good (yeah yeah) Even if you're never right They get uptight"
  • Underdog - Sigma x Śliwa
    "nikt nie dawał mi tu szansy sam musiałem o to walczyć choć sił mogło nie wystarczyć dla nich szok wracam z tarczą, nie na tarczy Underdog! nikt nie dawał mi tu szansy sam musiałem o to walczyć choć sił"
  • Underdog - BANKS
    "Don’t want it don’ts want it cause i;d fake it but you better hurry for you and I to take a real good story if you come back as a underdog if you come back as a underdog I’ll call it your drunker words"
  • Underdog - Imagine Dragons
    "Early morning take me over Father, father, father Take me to the top Early morning wake me up Father, father, father This is not enough Hey, that sounds like my luck I get the short end of it Oh I love"
  • Underdog - Lisa Loeb
    "I like things that are so good. you are so so good. I like you. but I am the underdog, I am the last in line. Don't be the enemy, don't stand in back of me. Freezing, boring, wondering where I'll be on"
  • Underdog - Zyklon
    "When telling the fable of men The Demise of lies Let the Underdog be the narrator Behold the kingdom's rise Always being held down, the weaker part You see, that's the state of the art Father from truth,"
  • Underdog - Audio Adrenaline
    "I am so weak and I'm so tired It's hard for me to Find enough strength to Feed the fires That fuel my ego And consequently all my pride Has all but died Which leaves me Down on my knees Back to the place"
  • Underdog - Testeagles
    "Bring it! I am the underdog I am one of many faces in a room full of people I wouldn't trade any places You think that I look like That I couldn't squash playdough But inside this body I'm a MuthaVolcano Drop"
  • Underdog - Anne Heaton
    "What is the price that I will pay for my affair with the underdog? The underdog was my love So much more handsome and deserving And so me too You pulled me up by my suspenders So I could fight alongside"
  • Underdog - You me at six
    "I know something you dont, It comes and goes, like the strength in your bones, oh So keep your mind at rest Id never let the two of us be friends Does it hurt? Underdog, just look at the mess you made Its"
  • Underdog - Murmurs
    "i use to be scared of being myself afraid to know what you would really think i'd look in your eyes, but i couldn't tell we hung out all summer and we drank and drank and drank drank and drank you didn't"
  • Underdog - Mudmen
    "Day close purple sky Somehow nothing seems real Cigarette sunset Has the world forgotten how to feel? Can you feel? Can you feel? I believe in the underdog I stood in the rain I believe in the lost cause I"
  • Underdog - Lacuna Coil
    "You are going down You are going down You are going down Down At the bottom I have found I cannot wait to get back in the fight And send you straight to the ground Hide and seek When I'm on the"
  • Underdog - Alicia Keys
    "she was walking in the street looked up and noticed he was nameless he was homeless she asked him his name and told him what hers was he gave her a story about life whit a glint in his eye and a corner"
  • Underdog - Jonas Brothers
    "(1st Verse) She's an underdog Lives next door to me She's always heard you won't amount to anything And it kills me to watch the agony beyond her eyes Tragic the way people pass her by But now I realize"
  • Underdog - Exilia
    "I got my dreddlocks A hole in my lip And it might be strange, but I got my brains My baggy pants and I've got strong legs For jumping around in the mudd You know I found myself You know down on my knees You"
  • Underdog - Kasabian
    "Kill me if you dareHold my head up everywhereKeep myself right on this trainI'm the UnderdogLive my life on a lullabyKeep myself riding on this trainKeep myself riding on this trainLove in technicolour,"
  • Underdog - Yellowcard
    "One more trip down To the lost and found To find your heart That the quarterback Punk dropped on the ground One more trip down To the lost and found To find your heart Left out The one they picked"

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