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Editors Barricades

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Editors Barricades

  • Barricades - Editors
    "how long could you wait for someone you love? just looking for the tunnels of light coming down form above I was waiting by the phone the moment you call the moment you gave just tell me all your secrets"
  • Broken Barricades - Procol Harum
    "It was all once bright jewels And glittering sand The oceans have ravaged And strangled the land Waste fills the temples, Dead daughters are born The presses are empty The editors torn Whose husband"
  • Barricades - Against All Authority
    "You can break our bodies, But our will, it just cannot be broken, Still you hide behind these barricades, You will never know. Just how it feels when the air's stinging your eyes, Watching your friends"
  • Barricades - Jim Carroll
    "By jim carroll We should have left at once We should have never stayed Now they have drawn the line Now there is a barricade Now there's a barricade A barricade Who makes promises? Who makes promises"
  • Barricades - Custard
    "They always say that you have to live their way You never see your own chance And why don't you try to break free right in time? Don't be their fool anymore. Walk on with pride through all darkness and"
  • Barricades & brickwalls - Kathy Mattea
    "Barricades and brickwalls won't keep me from you You can tie me down on the railroad track You can let that freight train loose Iron bars and big old cars Won't run me out of town Well, I'll be damned"
  • Barricades In Time - Adema
    "Eyes are still red Coming apart Lies won't take me far Body aches These hands shake Dealing comes with scars It's hard to sleep with all that's questioned Can I find, peace of mind Barricades in time Can"
  • Through The Barricades - Sasha
    "Mother doesn't know where love has gone She says it must be youth That keeps us feeeling strong See it in her face, that's turned to ice And when she smiles she shows The lines of sacrifice And"
  • Through the barricades - Spandau Ballet
    "Mother doesn't know where love has gone, she says it must be youth that keeps us feeling strong. See it in her face that's turned to ice, and when she smiles she shows the lines of sacrifice. And now I"
  • Barricades and brickwalls - Kasey Chambers
    "Barricades and brickwalls won't keep me from you You can tie me down on the railroad track You can let that freight train lose Iron bars and big ole cars Won't run me out of town I'll be damned if you're"
  • Barricades De Paper - Feliu Ventura
    "Pels carrers de l'experincia em trobava foraster d'una nafra per herncia com metralla de morter. Companys que ja no estan per sempre estaran. El vell em parl amb urgncia perqu no acabs amb ell el desig"
  • Breathing Room Barricades - The Bled
    "and then there was one with sharpened grin a home i was never meant to find. the wound was exposed and i fell in a curse i was blessed with as a child i spent my life waiting for this i knew i even bore"
  • To The Barricades! - Secret Lives Of The Freemasons
    "Confusion left you with broken mind, love picked you up and left you low like the tide, throw pictures in, try to forget all the time she spent showing love to him time we spent, All the breaking news"
  • The Barricades Of Heaven - Jackson Browne
    "The Barricades of Heaven Running down around the towns along the shore When I was sixteen and on my own No, I couldn't tell you what the hell those brakes were for I was just trying to hear my song Jimmy"
  • The Weight - Editors
    "Nowy Editors. Nowy teledysk. Dodajcie tekst piosenki, please!"
  • Lights - Editors
    "I still love the light on baby It keeps me awake but I don't mind Everything I always wanted Is right here but soon it won't be Oh, if fortune favours the brave I am as poor as you come Well I've got"
  • Munich - Editors
    "I'm so glad I found this I"m so glad I did I'm so glad I found this I'm so glad I did People are fragile things You should know by now Be careful what you put them through People are fragile things You"
  • Blood - Editors
    "This wicked city just drags you down You're with the red lights, your side of town Don't say it's easy to follow a process There's nothing harder than keeping a promise Blood runs through your veins, that's"
  • Fall - Editors
    "With my eyes closed I look closer I'll aways remember Juggernots Screaming to a stop Sound like devils Are laughing I wanted to see I wanted to see I wanted to see this for myself I wanted to see I"
  • All Sparks - Editors
    "You're answering questions That have not yet been asked All sparks will burn out in the end You burn like you're bouncing Cigarettes on the road All sparks will burn out in the end All sparks will burn"

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