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Edward maya feeling

  • Edward - Dariusz
    "Premiera utworu Dariusz 'Edward' odbędzie się 14 kwietnia 2021 roku"
  • I'M IN LOVE (feat. Eliza & Avalok) - Edward Maya
    "Why don't you love me like you always lied You thought you had me doing what you like You've been refusing. Oh, I didn't deny And now you took it I don't know what is right (Right right right) I wanna,"
  • Edward - Shannon Thomas
    "I tried to tell myself he got a good impression I tried to make myself ask him one simple question But I did not know how he felt, it wasn't easy So I let him slip, I let him slip away But did he know Did"
  • Exit (ft. Edward Snowden) - Jean Michel Jarre
    "Technology can actually increase privacy The question is: Why our private details that are transmit online Why our private details that are store on our personal devices Any different And details and private"
  • Poor Edward - Tom Waits
    "Did you hear the news about Edward? On the back of his head He had another Face Was it a woman's face Or a young girl They said to remove it would kill him So poor Edward was doomed The Face could laugh"
  • Hurricane Edward - The Fall
    "(taped narrative): Awake at 5am Mr Hughes was right in retrospect He knew the climate I was a farm hand in Ross County Then he came The Hurricane (MES): This cleanliness won't take your brass Mr Greaves"
  • Hurricane Edward - Fall
    "Awake at 5amMr hughes was right in retrospectHe knew the climateI was a farm hand in ross countyThen he cameThe hurricane(mes):This cleanliness wont take your brassMr greaves was right in retrospectHe"
  • Edward Mordake - KaeN
    "Znowu nowy dzień tu mam Budzik budzi Ciebie nie Znowu nowy dzień tu mam Chory wrócił – ciebie chce! Aaaa, nie kumam Co ty, co ty robisz tu Czego znowu nie kumasz? Chce ci pomóc Robin znów! Domowe wypieki"
  • MAYA - donGuralesko
    "Okiem rozwartym pochłaniam horyzont Klisza wspomnień płodzi mętny film Księstwo tego świata, Paradiso Stąd do drzwi – 5 zielonych mil MAYA To tylko To tylko MAYA Przecie, to tylko MAYA"
  • Maya - Ramses Shaffy
    "Draai om en om en alsmaar om De bergen van de Himalaya Moet zien hoe ik daarboven kom Want boven op de berg woont kleine Maya Oke, beginnen bij de onderste tree Oke, misschien valt het wel heus wel mee Maar"
  • Maya - Church
    "When, how did you noticeWhy, what can't you seeYeah, if that's all the difference it makesYeah, it makes it all different for meNow you're lost in this momentNow outside of timeNow, now you remember it"
  • Maya - The Church
    "Where, how did you notice Why, what can't you see Yeah, if that's all the difference it makes Yeah, it makes it all different for me Now you're lost in this moment Now outside of time Now, now you remember"
  • Maya - Vandroya
    "I close my eyes, kissed by the morning sun, it's first rays of light Wondering why I am walking in this earth There was dark night, the deepest pain, why I've been so blind? Winters of ice, illusions of"
  • Maya - The Incredible String Band
    "The dust of the rivers does murmur and weep Hard and sharp laughter that cuts to the bone Ah, but ever face within your face does show Going gladly now to give himself his own And twelve yellow willows"
  • Maya - Sugababes
    "Maya this song's for you I have your name print tattooed upon my skin There's so much to say to you And where do I begin? Cos all these prayers must be going somewhere Somewhere I can never trace But"
  • Maya - Zapato 3
    "Como canto de sirena Es tu voz que me envenena Hoy sent que me mirabas Eres fuego y yo soy nada Puedes ver dentro de m Tu nombre es un perfume La ilusión que nos une Hoy sent que me mirabas Eres fuego"
  • Maya - Garret
    "Who can see what is hidden behind the fence Who will tear off the blinds and bring some sense Into this world that became a threat to men Where even prejudice can be blessed with amen? Save all that you"
  • Come May - Tom Wehrle
    "Woke up with this feeling yesterday That I have no reasons left to stay I'd be better off gone Then sit here too long With my suitcase packed Down a one way track I wanna see the world Like a bird I"
  • Best Feeling - Keller Williams
    "I woke to the world one morning I did not really know what was going on I didn't care about tomorrow I'll worry when tomorrow comes I went outside that night set the ole imagination a flight set the imaginiation"
  • Feeling Sad - Holly Tree
    "sitting here all alone, i'm thinking of her i feel like a crap, cause she's not here as she was and all alone, i try to do something day after day but it's impossible cause she's now so far away phone"

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