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Edwin McCain "Walk With You"

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Edwin McCain "Walk With You"

  • Talking with your fists - Edwin McCain
    "When would a woman stop being a womanShe turns to the lines on the pageSo you say that it's overI think it's time you act your agePlease don't take him for a footholdBecause five years old is not a time"
  • These Are The Moments - Edwin McCain
    "Edwin Mccain - These Are The Moments Lyrics Lying here with you, Listening to the rain. Smilingjust to see, The smile upon your face. And theseare the moments, I thank God that I'm alive. Andthese are"
  • Get out of this town - Edwin McCain
    "It's time to get out of this townTheres no more fun to be foundIm rolling thunder with the top downIts time to get out, get out, get outCrescent City high-lifeDancing with the devils wifeJust like some"
  • Jesters, Dreams & Thieves - Edwin McCain
    "Looking back on younger days the view stretched on for miles We charged into our futures with laughter and smiles As we traveled blindly the road became so thick No chance to change direction and we've"
  • Jesters, Dreamers, And Thieves - Edwin McCain
    "Looking back on younger days the view stretched on for miles We charged into our futures with laughter and smiles As we traveled blindly the road became so thick No chance to change direction and we've"
  • Jesters dreamers & thieves - Edwin McCain
    "Looking back on younger days the view stretched on for milesWe charged into our futures with laughter and smilesAs we traveled blindly the road became so thickNo chance to change direction and we've laughed"
  • Bitter chill - Edwin McCain
    "Sweet love is keeping a very close scoreShe's cheated death more than one timeThe tears roll down her face and on to the floorThe psychic's been reading her mindWomen with secrets men with their rageThe"
  • Anything good about - Edwin McCain
    "Rolled in last night To the dawn, the porch, and both our floodlights No excuse But we were having such a good time Why, oh why Can't I just walk the straight and narrow So ashamed But I'll do it all again"
  • Alive - Edwin McCain
    "Al, he sells records down on old St. Charley's StreetHe's cleaning up Fat Tuesday's mess he keeps the sidewalks neatAnd he just lost his father and he just lost his wifeAnd if it wasn't for the music he"
  • Radio star - Edwin McCain
    "I tell you my story on VH1And all of my personal hellAnd how my dad beat me and how much he drankDo you think it'll help my records sellCause Im the radio star with the cars and the clothesThe fancy guitars"
  • Shooting stars - Edwin McCain
    "We keep our love in a plain brown boxWe keep it tied with a simple lockWe hold it close 'cause it's all we gotWe think it's ordinary but it's notIn a world that's starting to fadeA little love could pave"
  • Working man - Edwin McCain
    "With brand new heart strings that shine like goldAnd a neck and back that's new and strongThat sweet simple freedom he called his friendFretted easily as he played life songsSo don't leave those gold strings"
  • I could not ask for more - Edwin McCain
    "Lying here with youListening to the rainSmiling just to see the smile upon your faceThese are the moments I thank God that I'm aliveThese are the moments, I'll remember all my lifeI found all I've waited"
  • Life in the storm - Edwin McCain
    "The rip of thunder it splits the dayIt's jagged proof for the strength of chaosThere's a strange music in the rumbleIt's like the anger and love's lossSo you ask me to seek shelterAnd with you I know it's"
  • Sun will rise - Edwin McCain
    "I know the sun will riseJust like the stars in the skiesHey there busy boy why are you so blueWalking around in your Armageddon shoesYou say you got nothing, you got nothing left to loseBoy if they were"
  • I'll be - Edwin McCain
    "The strands in your eyesThat color them wonderfulStop me and steal my breathAnd emeralds from mountainsThrust towards the skyNever revealing their depthAnd tell me that we belong togetherDress it up with"
  • Prayer To Stpeter - Edwin McCain
    "Let them in, Peter For they are very tired Give them couches where the angels sleep And light those fires Let them wake whole again To brand new dawns Fired by the sun Not war-times bloody guns May"
  • Take me - Edwin McCain
    "I pull my boots off, throw my weapons on the floorCry my eyes out, in my private little warWell it seems I've been a soldierHeaven knows I've been no saintIn my camouflage and armor, cold heart and grease"
  • Say anything - Edwin McCain
    "(featuring Maia Sharp)Say anything, save everythingIf we say nothing this love will dieGive me just one word, you can scream or whisperIf you want to stay with me, tell me whySay anythingIt's not that"
  • Sorry to a friend - Edwin McCain
    "Sittin' on the edgeLooking for songs in a bottleTalking with strangers who don't know my painBlurry eyed and burned outChoking on more than I can swallowCrack in a little voice called out my nameShe said"

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