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Eels Lone wolf

  • Lone Wolf - eels
    "I am a lone wolf I always was and will be I feel fine, I am resigned to this I am a lone wolf I am a lone wolf Got my cares Wrapped up all nice and neat In my suitcase I'll take it down the street To"
  • Lone wolf - Corey Hart
    "Don't like the weatherWhen it's always the sameDon't like a candleWhen I can't start the flameSlow boat to China to get next to youMy heart's shipwrecked babyCross the ocean blueJust for you, o-o anything"
  • Lone wolf - Hank Williams
    "There aint no man gonna invade my territory there aint nobody out there gonna mess with meBecause i'm big and hard and battlescarred and getting long in the tooth desperate and hungry and got nothing to"
  • Lone Wolf - Hank Williams Jr.
    "There aint no man gonna invade my territory there aint nobody out there gonna mess with me because I'm big and hard and battlescarred and getting long in the tooth desperate and hungry and got nothing"
  • Lone Wolf - Cancerslug
    "shall i walk in darkness rise or fall im just another motherf**king worm not fit to crawl but i still i breathe the air in deeply dig my heels into the ground and wait for what is about to come there is"
  • Lone Wolf - Glay
    "Blues ni akogaretsuzukete uragiri no machi minami wo mezashita Buddy Holly yo imawa no kiwa dewa donna shout wo sora ni nageta no ka? Dare mo doukeshi ichiya no namida nuguisaru dake no Ai wo motomete"
  • Lone Child - Frank Black
    "I don't like you much I am like a wolf I'm not full of your hate I'm full of my grace See here my face I am a king See the empty stage See there's nothing there Save your ounce of despair Your once-wasted"
  • Strolling Wolf - The Creatures
    "At dusk, though wheat field Through the olive groves and vineyards Insects like aeroplanes fly past the strolling man Crackling spike plant hovering hawk All on the ground alive Take a swig of moonshine"
  • Wolf & Fear - Ulver
    "Snacket blandt Folck vaer til Bestandighed Om Fuldmaanens Vee & Grue Naar det klagede op mod hendes Skiaer Fra Vintrens kolde Eensomhed Da frycktede de at Vargen vaer nr Vakt vaer dends gamle Mayestet Der"
  • Sleeping like slectric eels - Kill Hannah
    "Oh no, how the thrill has gonejust age and carry onhello, hello, hello, hellowere sleeping like electric eelsand looking like a psyco in a real good dreamOh lets go 'a the controlswe all want to be safesafe"
  • Wolf - 999
    "The last thing up but thats no excuse, Drown the state in self abuse, self abuse. Let it get out of hand, You go off the rut Know that your just just a living shame! Cancel the tape, more lies thrown at"
  • Sign Of The Wolf - Pentagram
    "A lone soul at night sits and bays at the moon Though sometimes he's a man it's a Pentagram Shogun blasts as he runs with the wind But he just can't win it's the Pentagram And now don't know how but it's"
  • Lone Ranger - George Jones
    "I'm tired of sittin' home sick of bein' all alone thought I'd just go for a drive I's headed downtown when I did me a turnaround when I saw the neon sign Happy hour two for one sounded like a lot of fun"
  • Lone Pilgrim - Bob Dylan
    "I came to the place where the lone pilgrim lay And patiently stood by his tomb Went in a low whisper I heard something say: How sweetly I sleep here alone. The tempest may howl and the loud thunder roar And"
  • Lone Palm - Jimmy Buffett
    "My garden is filled with papayas and mangos My life is a mixture of reggaes and tangos Taste for the good life, I can live it no other way While out on the beach there are two empty chairs That say more"
  • Lone Ranger - Nate Sallie
    "I don't ever want to be alone again now that I have found a love that never ends everything you are is all I hope to be yaayyaa I used to walk around and be a lone ranger never needed love from a stranger always"
  • Lone Justice - Anthrax
    "There's two kinds, of people in the world The outlaws, and the lawmen that prevail The bounty hunter's job is on the wrong side of the law Intentions, of the truth and nothing more Burn'em, clear the"
  • Lone Warrior - Pandaemonium
    "(Music and lyrics: Lorenzo Zirilli) (Solo: Alex Niall) Screams of pain 'till morning comes to face the night, but dark's still calling. From right to wrong My soul has been wondering all this time. The"
  • Wolf - Iced Earth
    "Innocence tainted by pure lunacy Cursed by the slash of a shape-shifting beast Oh no, this can't be Demonic infection, a doomed changeling His future concealed as he begs to be told A kiss from the gypsy,"
  • Wolf - Joe Walsh
    "Woke up again this morning To play another game It comes without a warning It's nothing you can name, nothing you can name It's raining in the meadow Shepherd's gone to town Wolf has finished breakfast No-one"

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